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Submitted by Monica on
The software and hardware was not her hands on job. The problems should have been caught by the technical team who took the contract. I think she did an excellent job responding to blowhard Republicans that cannot seem to understand the answers to already posed questions. I have to wonder how many Republicans hold stock in current healthcare insurance providers. The reason people have been dumped is because healthcare is no longer profitable and never should have been. The only arrogance I saw was Republicans who asked questions they clearly were not interested in the answers to. As to Kathleen's commitment to the people, I think she did a stellar job with little time. Any new large program will have bugs that have to be worked out; it you doubt that just look at the smart phones and software problems that require patches. As to the original question asked: Use computer literate professionals and organizations that back the new healthcare exchange to reach populations that cannot read, afford cable television, and operate in survival mode. It is difficult to get the word out to those who have to work two and three jobs to put food on the table. Why not make a mandate that all healthcare organizations see their share of uninsured or under insured based on the percentage of insured population seen? This would spread out the risk pool.
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