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Submitted by Ann on
What nobody seems to be talking about with this Obamacare debacle is that many (l’ve heard hundreds of thousands of people) who had health insurance and were paying for it, are now losing it because it’s been cancelled due to the “Affordable Care Act.” To get re-insured they’re supposed to go on those non-working exchanges. If the tax penalties for not having insurance are delayed because the Obamacare website is not ready, that's one thing, but it only delays the tax penalty kick-in date. What about the people who had health insurance that has now been cancelled, the ones who believe in the wisdom of having health insurance in the first place, the ones who were paying for it all along. Even if the tax penalties are delayed these people will now be without health insurance as of January 1. What about these people? Here in Wisconsin my son was insured by HIRSP, a high-risk insurance plan, because he was rejected coverage by conventional health insurance due to a diagnosis of sleep apnea at a sleep clinic in Minneapolis while he was a student at the University of Minnesota. His HIRSP insurance has been cancelled due to Obamacare. What do you suggest he should he do now? Angry in Racine, Ann
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