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I like the idea of taking health issues to the people wherever they maybe it's time to get away from pamphlets that no one will see hidden away in doctor's offices, just as you advertise a new car or iphone, you must approach outside of the ill informed closet that medicine typicality through out bits and pieces of information requiring a potential patient to search on there own to look up unfamilar terminology to understand that it's me they're talking to and those are the symptoms that I am experiencing.. invite Spiritual Leaders or go to they're worship places leave signage and other forms of media that are large enough to be seen from a far, live with colors that invite the eyes in and ask the questions, inform the reader and send in nurses and Doctors to teach, enlighten, challenge and implore. paint stores, schools, neighborhood gyms, gas stations, Drug and Grocery stores, emails, voicemail, twitter and Facebook, creative writing inserts for movies, television and radio...Beauty and Barbershops are key meeting places in most communities. approaching all small and large businesses so information becomes inescapable
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