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Thursday, February 27, 2014

As we head into March and the final weeks of the first ever open enrollment period for the new Health Insurance Marketplace, HealthCare.gov is working and ready to serve millions more consumers seeking quality, affordable health coverage.

The site continues to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors each day creating accounts, completing applications, shopping and enrolling in coverage.  System improvements made so far have helped many of the four million people currently enrolled to find quality, affordable coverage, and we keep working to make the site even simpler and more user friendly.  The site continues to perform well – serving consumers with response times of less than half a second and error rates of less than half a percent.

The tech team continues to monitor system performance in real time, 24/7 and take steps to improve the user experience.  We do this taking lessons learned from the site’s visitors and feedback from the thousands who have responded to our request for what we can do to continually improve.  A few recent enhancements include:

  • New account creation screens – streamlining the number of screens users complete to begin the online application process from five to two.
  • Additional Help content at various stages of the application process –especially supporting more complex family situations and immigrant populations.
  • The ability for consumers to now report life changes that could impact their eligibility and coverage –like having a baby or getting married.

As we anticipate a surge of activity in March we are also taking steps to make sure our customer service representatives are even more prepared to help consumers understand their options and enroll in coverage.  This coming weekend we will transition 1500 service representatives from web chat to direct telephone assistance where they can help consumers with enrollment 24/7; we have added an additional 800 Spanish speaking representatives to our call center operation; and we’ve provided additional training to call center staff as well as in person assisters.  We have approximately 14,000 call center personnel and more than 25,000 trained in-person assisters across the country ready to enroll consumers every day.

Open enrollment ends March 31.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by jenny simmons on
when are the computers going to work? I have been trying for over a week. all I get when I call in is "wait 24 hours" today is day 6 of "24 hours"....I am getting tired of it..
Submitted by Jane on
When not enough people sign up who will pay for this all this?
Submitted by JW on
U.S. Government Healthcare Not Available For Low-Income or Unemployed Part of the reason why the healthcare.gov website does not work for some as opposed to others is due to the household income level and the size of your household. The Quick Check Chart on HealthCare.gov’s website gives the income threshold that determines whether you qualify for lower costs on health coverage or not. For example: If your estimated annual household income for 2014 falls below $11,490 and there is 1 person in the household and your state isn’t expanding Medicaid or you do not qualify for Medicaid, you may not qualify for any Marketplace savings programs. You cannot get Medicaid unless you have a disability or are over 65 years old. The most recent error message that I am getting now when I click on the link to choose a healthcare plan is: "We're unable to retrieve your premium tax credit information." I did some more research and found the Quick Check Chart with the income threshold: Quick Check Chart: Do I qualify to save on health insurance coverage? https://www.healthcare.gov/how-can-i-save-money-on-marketplace-coverage/
Submitted by Karen James on
I need assistance to be able to pay for.a pkan that is feeasible for my budget. I would like an agent assistance, please...after 2 months of attempts and waiting for thw agebts.to get back.to me. Thanks, Karen
Submitted by Raushi on
You can believe that BS if you want. This application is a disaster. It should not take 5 days and 26 hours on the phone. Only to receive error message 500.000888. If any company on the planet worked this way they would be out of business!
Submitted by Warren on
Sign In
Submitted by Jacmo on
Damn application is skipping me on the 'current insurance coverage' quesitons. Going to husband. But using Son's name and telling us to fill hours we work but it won't let us enter anything in the fields!!!!!!! This is infuriating. We've tried multiple ways!
Submitted by The Horror on
We're unable to retrieve your premium tax credit information. Try again. If you're still having trouble, log out and log back in. If you continue getting this message, call the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596. TTY users should call 1-855-889-4325. Error ID:500.300520 Still unable to choose a plan v_v
Submitted by Angel on
First I couldn't make an account. Finally the website starts working and I can get in and make an account and get about half way through and wait to decide on a plan. Then I decide to look at the plans but can't get back in the account after a few phone calls I can get back in review the plans again. The next week I finish the process and choose a plan. 03/02 After not hearing anything from the plan I decide to call the market place (because I can't log in again, with any browser) I ask for the plan name (it's the only platinum plan in my state) and phone number but the agent can't find my account he finally finds my account. We go back and forth over which plan I chose because I forgot the name I tell him its the platinum plan and he says am I sure, I say yes I want the platinum plan. The agent gives me a number and I call get another number and make my payment. The payment processes on 3/3 and I get an email reciept. Then I get an email from another provider saying i need to make my first payment. I put off calling the marketplace because it's a headache until today. The agent said I or someone who has all of my information cancelled my plan over the phone and picked a different plan. I didn't pick a different plan I needed information that I can't get from that useless website. Dealing with this is going to give me more health problems than insurance can fix.
Submitted by Kevin on
Can anyone confirm that the website login is down?
Submitted by Lou Mack on
System will not allow me to retrieve my application once I log out or the system goes down. Help!!!
Submitted by Maria on
You guys need to work seriously on your web site. This is the most frustrating experience ever. Nothing works! I'm so disappointed as a big Obama care supporter I have to shut up and hear all the comments from my conservatives friends who thought this would be a big fiasco. It has been. It is taking me over 15 days to get somewhere, and I'm still not there!
Submitted by Joe on
Have an Error ID:500.000888 that comes up and will NOT allow me to login. Any ideas?
Submitted by Anonymous on
you were misinformed you have till the 15th of the month to get coverage to start on the next month otherwise the coverage starts on the next month
Submitted by Mary on
Maybe someone here can help me? I started applying for coverage on January 31st, needing march 1st coverage. I went to finish my application on the 15th, but there was a message saying that the system was undergoing maintinence and if I was trying to get March 1st coverage, call on February 18th to get the March 1st coverage. I called February 18th and the gentleman that I spoke with helped me finish my application and said that I qualified for March 1st coverage and that my application would be expedited in order to have coverage starting march 1st. I have since called multiple times and have been told to "operate as if I have insurance" even though my member card has an effective date April 1st. I have paid my bill for March to the insurance company, but they were unable to change the date on their end. In the meantime, my husband needs to have emergency surgery and the hospital refuses to operate under the assumption that I will have insurance coverage for the month of March. I have called the health insurance marketplace and they say that there is no way to speed up my application process. It is March 3 now and my family and I are uninsured because the marketplace says that they are unable to speed up the process on their end. Surely there is someone who can get my application over there completed so that I can have insurance as of March 1st, as promised?
Submitted by Kathy on
I did everything as I was supposed to do in the application process, and still the start date was somehow pushed out to April 1 instead of March 1. (My application was approved on Jan. 28, well before the Feb. 15th deadline for coverage effective March 1st). Rep at healthcare.gov said to me in early March not to call back again about my problem until 30 days have elapsed. In the meantime, I am uninsured for March and feeling very vulnerable! They did not keep their promise. So, feeling cheated, I said screw them and went and got my own insurance outside the marketplace. But I wish I could have gotten it within the marketplace, if only they had followed through on their promise. So not cool. Can't be trusted.
Submitted by Kourtney on
I too am in the same predicament having signed up for coverage in February to be effective March 1. I patiently waited on my invoice, which never came and whenI contacted Humana they had no record. The marketplace says that my app was sent in February and would escalate my claim. I had emergency surgery in January, which now requires occupational therapy. I am paying out of pocket weekly to a tune of up to $500 for my therapy & they are telling me to wait 30 days for a resolution. This is senseless!!
Submitted by Nicolae on
I am running into the same issue...I was told the same and now I just find out that it takes up to 30 days from case the case being ESCALATED, for the provider to consider this issue. I asked them to email me the confirmation of the second such escalation action, I was told that they can't send outbound emails.
Submitted by terri on
every time I log in the system is just sitting there authorizing the log in. Is everyone having this problem?
Submitted by johnny sims on
I am look for some health care coverage I am a bus driver
Submitted by Jan on
I tried everyday for over 2 weeks to submit me healthcare application(Feb). At the end each time I got a message their verification system was down. Then I tried calling in. This time I was assured it went through and to log into the website again. I was given a new ID number. When I tried again it said my ID number could not be found. I tried a couple of times. Called in again, got a different person. She said everything was there and OK. Tried again, same response, said I had tried too many times! I'm just about in tears, but too mad to cry. Today is March 3rd and I've tried over 20 hours to comply with this mandate for insurance I feel is worthless anyway but I wanted to be lawful. n
Submitted by Maria on
Jan, I feel the pain. I have the same happening to me. It has been about 15 days. I get this message that the system was down. To try it later. Now I got the same messages saying that I tried to many times to find my application!. I finally got someone in the phone to assist me she had to input a new application. New application number and that is not loaded on my page for about 3 days. I still get only the messages for the prior and now non valid application. What a frustrating mess! I'm too mad to cry but really, I have no choice. I have to have health insurance! But this is very frustrating. and really very disappointing. I truly expected more from this government and their web site capabilities, and I'm a big defensor of Obama care. Too bad that this is getting to be such a frustrating experience for everyone! It is on big fiasco. Even when you get help over the phone, you can't see your application, someone wants very kindly help you to select the plans via the phone, you can't see the doctors that are listed on each individual plan. Big frustrating mess!
Submitted by Rebecca on
Cannot log onto system since the new changes last Thursday. Where the user name is also the email address.
Submitted by Anonymous on
I have been trying for 2 days to get some prices. Can't get any! Improvement? Where? Called and they get the same thing on their screen!!
Submitted by Don Sumner on
Bull shit. Read the papers: Feb.2, 2014: First, Amy Goldstein of The Post reveals that the appeals process guaranteed in the Obamacare law does not actually exist. The story outlines an almost comical process that requires citizens who seek a fair hearing to have an innocent, HealthCare.gov-generated mistake corrected to fill out a seven-page paper form that is then inexplicably shipped to Kentucky, where it is entered into a government database that isn’t actually connected to anything. It’s a digital dead end for those who dare to complain. Typical.