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Thursday, February 27, 2014

As we head into March and the final weeks of the first ever open enrollment period for the new Health Insurance Marketplace, HealthCare.gov is working and ready to serve millions more consumers seeking quality, affordable health coverage.

The site continues to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors each day creating accounts, completing applications, shopping and enrolling in coverage.  System improvements made so far have helped many of the four million people currently enrolled to find quality, affordable coverage, and we keep working to make the site even simpler and more user friendly.  The site continues to perform well – serving consumers with response times of less than half a second and error rates of less than half a percent.

The tech team continues to monitor system performance in real time, 24/7 and take steps to improve the user experience.  We do this taking lessons learned from the site’s visitors and feedback from the thousands who have responded to our request for what we can do to continually improve.  A few recent enhancements include:

  • New account creation screens – streamlining the number of screens users complete to begin the online application process from five to two.
  • Additional Help content at various stages of the application process –especially supporting more complex family situations and immigrant populations.
  • The ability for consumers to now report life changes that could impact their eligibility and coverage –like having a baby or getting married.

As we anticipate a surge of activity in March we are also taking steps to make sure our customer service representatives are even more prepared to help consumers understand their options and enroll in coverage.  This coming weekend we will transition 1500 service representatives from web chat to direct telephone assistance where they can help consumers with enrollment 24/7; we have added an additional 800 Spanish speaking representatives to our call center operation; and we’ve provided additional training to call center staff as well as in person assisters.  We have approximately 14,000 call center personnel and more than 25,000 trained in-person assisters across the country ready to enroll consumers every day.

Open enrollment ends March 31.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Jenna on
My application is complete and as far as healthcare.gov is concerned, my enrollment is complete. However, BCBS doesn't have any information from them and it's been two months. I've called multiple times, and although the CS reps are very cordial and seem helpful, nothing is getting accomplished. I still have no insurance.
Submitted by leospittles on
Americans need affordiable, and reliable health care, not jut for the rich people in the USA!
Submitted by Alissa on
I am getting the same error id (Error ID:500.000888) like many of those commenting below. Can someone PLEASE tell us what is being done to solve this?? I went through the application process over the phone since I could not create an account. Now, I have the account, but cannot log in - I've tried with different browsers and different computers and the error is the same. PLEASE can you let us know how we can bypass this?? I've been trying to get insurance through this system since OCTOBER.
Submitted by Eduardo Garcia on
I have been trying to finish the process and to pick up a plan and I have been getting this error message everytime I attempt to login. Error ID 500.000888 I have called and tried to get Customer service to report this issue and all they can do is pick a plan for me....! ther is no contact access or number to report a technical issue other than customer service.
Submitted by Anonymous on
You should have a question on the application that asks if you want your application sent to medicaid or state agency . Then you can click "yes" or "No". They should not send your application to Medicaid or state agency for health insurance, just basis on some answers to certain questions.
Submitted by jcb on
I could not pay for my selected plan until I unchecked 'block popup windows' in my browser! There wasn't anything I read on the site that said this was a requirement--and it SHOULDN'T be a requirement, but the handoff (to Humana) would NOT work unless popups were re-enabled--and no error message told me this either.
Submitted by brent on
We're unable to retrieve your premium tax credit information. Try again. If you're still having trouble, log out and log back in. are you going to fix this?
Submitted by Ken on
I give up, website is either being updated or down. I have been attempting to create an account for the last 5 hours and am getting no where. Very frustrating, and now I get to pay a penalty tax.
Submitted by Anonymous on
Can not start an account due to website being down.
Submitted by Scott on
Continue to try to apply for coverage and have been on the site for hours tonight. CANNOT get past error code Error ID:500.000888. phone line won't give the option to hold, just says call back later or over the weekend.
Submitted by Marrie Smith on
We are trying to complete an application, the system has been down for several times everytime I start a new application I can NOT finish it... HOw do you want us to complete if the system is out of service we only have until the dead line.I think if you create a system the goverment has to be good to work it for the people. Thats do not sound fair to any body on the United State.
Submitted by JT on
After phone calls to Marketplace Help and to number they suggested next which is not picking up during open hours, and too little info in online Help I CANNOT get past verification of my info to input my healthcare application. Error ID:500.000888 for the past week - HELP! Thanks, JT Frenchu, Belle Mead, NJ
Submitted by Casey on
Do you and your husband file taxes jointly or separate
Submitted by Bridget on
After a huge enrollment hassle- both with healthcare.gov and Blue Cross Blue Shield- I finally was enrolled in a family plan effective Jan. 1. My plan is called Bronze 5500. Healthcare.gov info says the deductibles are $5500 per person/$11,000 for family total. The info I got from Blue Cross Blue Shield says my deductible is $11,000 per person and that is also the family total. I called both healthcare.gov and BCBS and they both told me that I needed to contact the other. I explained that I enrolled in and agreed to purchase the plan with the $5500/$11,000 deductible not the $11,000/$11,000 deductible. In short, BCBS told me "tough luck." Now, this is unbelievable to me. I assume their is no consumer protection included in this process... I also asked (both healthcare.gov and BCBS) ahead of time, the pros and cons of my husband and I being on separate policies vs. a family plan and was told that there would be no difference. Trying to change the policies now, after my previous experiences, would be a disastrous, nightmare. I have contacted the State Insurance Commission. Why should I have to go that far? I can't imagine that in the United States of America that we would allow and enforce a bait and switch tactic on a government mandated and supported program. Very disappointed in this process that I thought was going to be such a benefit for Americans.
Submitted by Lea on
Continued error message says "you've tried to access your application too many times" after completing application on the phone with agent and being told would take 24 to 48 hours to upload. It is now five days later and still can't access. Told to create a new account - now just two different accounts that can't access application to complete enrollment. Then told you are working on the issue and trying to resolve as soon as possible.
Submitted by bryan on
this is so stupid, how do i find the button to click for an extension?
Submitted by azra on
waited 40 mintues at 2am and rep hunup on me. getting code Unable to access HUB Error ID:500.100. website is messed up and over teh phone rep are rude and don't care about general public.
Submitted by Pamela on
Why are these comments being ignored. I am having the same issue with the verification process as a lot of others and no answers. I have tried several different methods and nothing works. Will the deadline be extended until this site is fixed.
Submitted by Roger on
I need to find a Medicare Insutance thats affofdable n fits my long term needs
Submitted by Sherry on
How can you send a fine if the website is not working? I have been trying to get the insurance for a month and i cannot get passed the application. I have done 15 applications and when i want to choose to use my tax credit i get error "unable to access HUB 500.100". i have been doing it everyday and the deadline of march 31 is almost here. What do I do??
Submitted by Linda on
Yea...I am a huge Obama fan and have been rooting for healthcare.gov since the beginning. However, after spending hours trying to enroll on the website due to getting kicked out multiple times, I can definitely see how one can get frustrated with the website. I consider myself a computer savvy health care professional and yet, I still felt very very frustrated with the entire process. Even now with everything filled out, I received a message saying the system was down and for me to return to complete the application. (Big giant sigh of exasperation)....I'm crossing my fingers that this botched ACA rollout is temporary and will continue to greatly improve over time. Hopefully by the time it does run smoothly, the GOP will not have revoked ACA.
Submitted by Luis A lopez on
Yo tengo el numero confirms de la aplicacion lD 331109831
Submitted by Travis on
This site is a piece of crap! Ive been waiting for a response in "24 Hours" for 3 months! Signed on again, filled out everything including the electronic signature. Submitted it logged out. Received an email to link me to plans and pricing. That page loops from home page back to "see plans" back to home page etc!!! Now that you have my information, please send me my fine for not having coverage you ass clowns!!!!
Submitted by kIm on
created log in today and have spent the last four hours trying to log in...page is blank white with no messages
Submitted by Caitlin on
This website is ridiculous. What's more ridiculous that I even considered paying for health insurance because I cannot afford it! I'm a full time student with a part time job, doing as much as I can, knowing full well that I AM eligible for medicaid and yet all I am offered is a tax credit of $182. Then, when I go to claim said tax credit, the website gives me an error. I'm so over this.