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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yesterday marked the final day to enroll in quality Marketplace coverage that begins on February 1st, and HealthCare.gov continued to perform very well under heavy consumer demand.  We had more than 618,000 visits to HealthCare.gov in the past 24 hours, and almost 1.9 million visits this week so far.   Site traffic and volume represents the highest since our December enrollment surge -- showing that there continues to be strong demand for affordable health coverage.  Consumers are applying, shopping and enrolling in coverage every day. 

HealthCare.gov now works for the vast majority of users: System error rates are low (averaging less than 0.5%); response times are consistently less than half a second; uptime is 99+%.  Our December enrollment surge demonstrated that existing system capacity can handle more than 1.8 million site visits per day – we even serviced over 83,000 users at once.  As we enter a new year and new phase of open enrollment we welcome consumers to come to HealthCare.gov and find quality health coverage that’s right for them.   

Our efforts last fall were laser focused on improving the overall online consumer experience. As we enter the next phase of our work, our tech team remains vigilant in our focus –continuing to make improvements that will enhance the consumer experience—but now prioritizing functionality for HealthCare.gov that was less immediately needed for consumers to apply and enroll in coverage in the early days of open enrollment. 

Work remains on back end systems to automate and smooth intersections with third parties including health plans and states -- enabling them to connect more seamlessly to and from HealthCare.gov as needed – and to handle more complex consumer transactions important now that new coverage has begun for millions of Americans.

Our work continues to be led by QSSI, who ably provides integration and technical oversight and is continuing to support our overall efforts in a senior advisory role – with a dedicated team from CMS and our business partners in place 24/7 to monitor the system in real time.  This team is handling live site issues and tracking them from start to finish from our Operations Center, identifying new bugs as they arise, and putting in software fixes that will continue to enhance the consumer interface and system performance as a whole.  We also now have significant consumer feedback from the past few months that is built into our ongoing work plan. 

We will approach this next round of work with the same focus and execution that our team is now accustomed to –with daily meetings led from our operations center and reports to senior leadership; ongoing dialogue and technical assistance with our partners in states and health plans; input from consumers and stakeholders; prioritization of key issues; and focus on accountability for those helping do this work. 

As CMS moves forward in our efforts to help consumers access quality, affordable health coverage, QSSI will work with us to oversee a smooth transition in work--where needed--among all of our contract partners to ensure that HealthCare.gov continues to serve consumers well for the duration of open enrollment and is further enhanced to meet future needs.

We are pleased that HealthCare.gov has helped millions of Americans access health care. But, our work is not over. We have accomplished a great deal, but we have much left to do. We are keeping our eye on the ball to make sure HealthCare.gov works well--and steadily improves--as we invite new consumers to sign up for affordable, quality health coverage in the months ahead. 


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by John on
"I handed my cirtificate of citizenship over at the time my passport was issued to me many many years back." Did you make a copy? Why did you surrender your original document? Depending on your income, you may qualify for a waiver so that you do not have to pay the $345 fee for the N-565 (Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document) by filling out the Form I-912, Request for Fee Waiver. The standards are pretty strict though, you can't make more than 150% federal poverty line which is the income guideline. A full list of acceptable documents are here: https://www.healthcare.gov/immigration-status-and-the-marketplace/
Submitted by Anonymous on
CSR as day job here. Actually, you can get an application without putting in any certificate of citizenship info in -- just click 'save and continue' again AFTER the red text error pops up once, and it will let you through. This just means that you will have to mail in a copy of some sort of immigration info, which is a bigger list of things to mail in than the simple 'certificate of citizenship' that has the numbers the actual application asks for.
Submitted by Doug on
In November this blog used to give details. Now it gives p.r. blather.
Submitted by Susan on
I have been trying to get a correct application because of Healthcare.gov errors since December 15th. Because of the errors and them not getting back to me and correcting it I missed the deadline for January. Now I'm at risk for missing February because they have still not submitted my correct application to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. I call every day to try and get this fixed. I have spend 12 + hours on the phone so my children and I can get healthcare. We have no insurance and this is ridiculous they have not resolved errors and my family has no coverage. It is a simple fix but can't get the Escalation Department to take care of it or call me back.
Submitted by John on
Did you complete the application online/over the phone and did you enroll in a plan? Did you pay the insurance company the first month's premium? Did you receive an invoice from the insurance company? If you didn't enroll in a plan (pick a plan) then you may benefit from removing your application and making a new one. Old errors get caught up with older applications. Since you completed an application previously, it shouldn't take you that long to complete a new one. Call the marketplace 1-800-318-2596 to ask about you application status. I also don't know of an "escalation department".
Submitted by Anonymous on
Anon CSR as day job here. The escalation department is a thing that the CSR's use when certain very very particular events happen, to send it to a call center that can make outgoing calls and stuff It has a different name than 'escalation department', though. But if this person is getting errors, he should delete his app and start a new one. Lots of the errors happen on old apps don't happen on new ones.
Submitted by Summer on
I have consistently been logging into my Marketplace account, filling out applications and when I get to the very end it says the verification systems are down. We are a family of four with two small children and recently learned that their current insurance is being terminated. We desperately need coverage and it is very frustrating to have this issue, seeing as the open enrollment is ending very soon and I don't want my children going uninsured!! I really hope this gets fixed soon!!
Submitted by John on
Are you a naturalized citizen, u.s. national, or have other immigration status? Check here: https://www.healthcare.gov/immigration-status-and-the-marketplace/ Try to do an application over the phone (with the same information as your online application). It may benefit you to even read off what you have on your online application as you speak with a Marketplace representative so they are entering everything correctly. This may also bring to light any issues if they notice you're entering something incorrectly. If they get the same error, follow the next steps. Make sure that you put all of your identifying information in correctly. This includes date of birth, social security number, etc. You may have to mail your documents in to the marketplace. Write your application ID on each page and mail to: Health Insurance Marketplace 465 Industrial Blvd. London, KY 40750-0061
Submitted by Anonymous on
CSR as day job here. Actually, there HAS been a known issue with the verification system of late... the issue is that, for a while any app where you put in green card or naturalization certificate information (as in, alien numbers and such), doesn't go through, getting a verification system is down error. The tech people DO know about it and ARE working on it, but in the meantime it might be a good idea to try a new application and just not put in the immigration status information, and just mail it in once the application is signed and goes through.
Submitted by Anonymous on
This solution does not work. Once you specify that you are legally here because of a green card, you have to enter the A-number and card number.even to proceed to the next question. These information are not optional.
Submitted by Anonymous on
Did you keep clicking on the "continue" or "next" button with that info left blank? It says they are not optional, but I was able to get past that screen just by clicking on the button until it let me through. It won't let me through if anything is entered in the number parts though.