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Missing 834s as Percentage of Enrollment Now Near Zero

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

As the technical improvements to HealthCare.gov continue making a difference to consumers using the website, our attention remains on addressing issues with the more “back end” parts of the system, including the creation and accuracy of 834 transaction forms.  These transaction forms are processed by health plans when consumers choose a product in the Marketplace, and our priority is working to make sure that every 834 form – past and present – is accurate, and that consumers are able to successfully enroll in the coverage of their choice.

Our dedicated 834 team – led by our General Contractor QSSI and working in partnership with issuers nationwide – is laser focused on ensuring we’ve made improvements to the system for the long term, and as we move forward, addressing any issues that could potentially impact consumer coverage.  This integrated team works on reconciliation issues 24/7, and maintains a telephone hotline for issuers who have questions. 

Our analysis indicates that between October 1st and December 5th, the number of consumers for whom 834s were not produced was fewer than 15,000.  But as the graph shows, since the beginning of December, missing 834s as a percentage of total enrollments has been close to zero.  These significant improvements are due to the technical fixes put in place by the end of November. 

Graph showing that missing 834s is declining. Missing 834s as a percentage of total enrollment was at 9.77% for the period October 1st to October 12th, 15.02% for the period October 13th to October 26th, 7.74% for the period October 27 to November 9th, 3.77% for the period 11/10 to 11/23, and stands at 0.38% for the period November 24 to December 5th.

For most Marketplace consumers, 834 creation or accuracy has not been an issue.  The majority of issues occurred between October 1st and the first few weeks of November when some of these transactions were either not being generated, or had errors due to larger technical system issues.  More than 70 of our software fixes over the past several weeks have focused on correcting software bugs related to 834 issues.  We’re assisting health plans in dealing with inaccurate 834s as efficiently as possible. 

To make sure that no consumer falls through the cracks because of earlier pervasive troubles with the site, we are contacting every consumer who has selected a plan through the Federal Marketplace to remind them to pay their premium and connect with their insurer. 

We continue to work with health plans Exit Disclaimer Icon undertaking a very focused process to verify 834 information. We are double and triple checking all enrollment data across systems.  This week, we securely sent data files to 300 issuers participating in the Federal Marketplace—and we’re reconciling 834s with the issuers. Every issuer’s health plan in the Federal Marketplace now has CMS files for the consumers who enrolled, or tried to enroll in their respective plans through early December.  After December 23rd, issuers will receive new files.

This thorough process will continue as we move forward, so that as open enrollment continues we are able to process back end financial information as needed between CMS and issuers, so that consumers who have selected affordable health plans from the Marketplace and paid their premium to that plan, are able to access the coverage they want and need.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.


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Submitted by nhdad on
I keep checking w/ my insurer but as of yet they have no record of me in their updates. Fingers crossed...insurer said not to worry yet. Today's surprise was that I received in the mail 106 (I counted them) notices from The Healthcare Marketplace with the same warning that my ID documents are missing. I did upload plenty of copies to the site and I understand that this function is only recently fixed, though not for me it seems. 106 paper updates? [And I opted out of all snail mail.] Maybe this site will keep the Post Office in business.
Submitted by jim on
how about an answer for Error ID:500.300588 ?
Submitted by Abigail on
I did an application by phone on Dec. 7. I was told to wait 24 to 48 hours, which I did, because I could not get to the enrollment screen. Finally, after not being able to get to the enrollment screen, I had an agent enroll me by phone, on Dec 12. It appeared that I was enrolled according to what the agent told me. Now, I keep checking with Anthem and they have no record of my application ID. I need to make a payment by Dec. 23, or, I will not have health coverage on Jan 1. My employer is dropping our health coverage on Dec. 31. I have called sooooo many times, trying to see get the agents to help me get 'unstuck', but no one seems to be able to help. I would like to speak to a more technical person, because I believe the agents at the 800 number cannot help...this is obvious because of how long I've been waiting. Because of all the wait 24 hours for this or 48 hours for that, the deadline for premium pay will be missed, and like I said, I won't have coverage. HELP!!!
Submitted by Glynis on
According to newspaper reports insurers will accept payment until Jan. 10 for policies beginning on Jan. 1. Insurers have a hotline number to call about this issue. Insurers are backlogged with the flood of applications as well.
Submitted by Dale on
Same situation. Call to Marketplace Representative yields "Your application is complete, system says it is transmitted to Anthem, but no way to confirm". Anthem tells me they did not receive information. TRYING to purchase MANDATED insurance via a unresponsive, incoherent system! Good luck if we need medical care!
Submitted by Colleen on
My things are beginning to improve for the people that need it the most.Good work.
Submitted by Travis on
I'm an Agent, just received this error:Error ID:500.300588, called the help center, was placed on hold for the ARC, the agent came back on the line occasionally and said "I'm still here", after an hour, my call was disconnected. It seems they have been trained to cut someone off after an hour as this has happened before. Agents/Brokers/ and everyone else need a way to submit a ticket online to have someone look at an application. I have been working on this clients application for 5 hours, it had to be keyed in 8 times because it did not add a premium tax credit,, then I deleted it because of the error and was able to get the credit again on the 3rd try. It seems like the credit will not show up when the address doesn't verify with the USPS, but that's just from experience. The Error ID:500.300588 was new for me today, and nothing seems to fix it, it even came back after I deleted the application and rekeyed it.
Submitted by Yvonne on
Same problem here! No one at the Help Desk can assist. They seem to have the blanket IT statement "You will need to delete your application and start over". We'll five tries later, same issue!
Submitted by Hillary on
Get same error code. Agent says to try again in 24 hours... Sounds like that will not be helpful.
Submitted by Glynis on
Agents and brokers can call a different number for help: 1-800-706-7893
Submitted by Jerry on
Hey, Glynis - are you the good fairy of Healthcare.gov? You to be constantly helping out people having trouble here. Is this just a hobby, or do you have an official position?
Submitted by Agarn on
Very likely "glynis" is a website employee. If so it would be nice if that were disclosed.
Submitted by Glynis on
I've stated multiple times that I'm not an HHS employee. Nor am I a 'he'. I'm simply a person who is very familiar with software implementation having worked for both a software company and a large health care system where my job was doing training and go live support for rollouts. It bothered me to see people so frustrated and seeing that nobody from support was monitoring this site I simply jumped in to help people get through it.
Submitted by cathy on
glynis I cant get past the check your eligibility results screen keep getting error code 400. been like this since the end of oct.
Submitted by Doug on
Thanks for the good work that you do for others. You've made many people feel better. For the suspicious, I have nothing to do with the health web site. It would have turned out worse if I had worked on it.
Submitted by Glynis on
You're welcome. Nice to know that I've been able to help.
Submitted by Anonymous on
You'd think that he was. :P
Submitted by Glynis on
I don't have an official position. I'm just helping out. I used to do training and support for software rollouts and I know how frustrating it can be when people are having problems.
Submitted by Orlando on
Please give us some information on the 888 issue error.
Submitted by Glynis on
If you're still having trouble with the website, you should check with insurers to see if they can do direct enrollment. The 'see plans before I apply' button on the healthcare.gov home page now includes the subsidy credit that you may qualify for and all the details of the plans available to you. You can decide which plan you want and go directly to the insurer to see if you can apply and receive your subsidy credit directly from them. More insurers in more states are now offering this option to enroll.
Submitted by Glynis on
this is advice from someone who kept getting the message that the ID verification system is down that is working for others: "I put in a fresh app with as little information as possible for the system to check. No SS#s for anyone, no green card info .. Without any bait out there to create a conflict, the system let me through. .. If you have primary ID verification in your profile (green) the secret is .. Go minimalist, but make income as honest as possible. You can input the ID info at the very end AFTER choosing a plan. You will get past that Yellow Screen of DEATH if you just wait untl the very very end with anything that could cause a conflict for the ID program."
Submitted by Lynn on
I'm having the same problem. I haven't' received my packet. The insurer BC/BS has no record of my enrollment. My application is complete and I have submitted my w-2. All I need is my packet and and address of who I send the check to and no one seems to be able to give me that information. We are supposed to have it in by Dec 23rd to be covered Jan 1. I'm freaking out!
Submitted by Glynis on
According to the AHIP representative, insurers are extending the payment deadline to Jan. 10 for coverage beginning Jan 1. Insurers are backlogged too. If your application is complete then I'd call the insurer and ask them to call the hotline number referenced in this blog post to reconcile your enrollment if they still don't have the information.
Submitted by Anonymous on
Helpline: 1-866-837-0677
Submitted by Yonnie on
I received your email reminding me to pay for my policy and to contact my insurer if they had not contacted me. Unfortunately the Insurer is not able to handle the call volume. Enrollment was supposed to be automatic so I really can't fault them. When I do get through they are unable to confirm and they refer me to the Marketplace CSRs, who refer me back to the Insurer who says I will get a welcome packet if my enrollment was successful. The Insurer say that packet would be mailed in a mid-December time frame. Apparently my only option is to hope and wait.