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Missing 834s as Percentage of Enrollment Now Near Zero

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

As the technical improvements to HealthCare.gov continue making a difference to consumers using the website, our attention remains on addressing issues with the more “back end” parts of the system, including the creation and accuracy of 834 transaction forms.  These transaction forms are processed by health plans when consumers choose a product in the Marketplace, and our priority is working to make sure that every 834 form – past and present – is accurate, and that consumers are able to successfully enroll in the coverage of their choice.

Our dedicated 834 team – led by our General Contractor QSSI and working in partnership with issuers nationwide – is laser focused on ensuring we’ve made improvements to the system for the long term, and as we move forward, addressing any issues that could potentially impact consumer coverage.  This integrated team works on reconciliation issues 24/7, and maintains a telephone hotline for issuers who have questions. 

Our analysis indicates that between October 1st and December 5th, the number of consumers for whom 834s were not produced was fewer than 15,000.  But as the graph shows, since the beginning of December, missing 834s as a percentage of total enrollments has been close to zero.  These significant improvements are due to the technical fixes put in place by the end of November. 

Graph showing that missing 834s is declining. Missing 834s as a percentage of total enrollment was at 9.77% for the period October 1st to October 12th, 15.02% for the period October 13th to October 26th, 7.74% for the period October 27 to November 9th, 3.77% for the period 11/10 to 11/23, and stands at 0.38% for the period November 24 to December 5th.

For most Marketplace consumers, 834 creation or accuracy has not been an issue.  The majority of issues occurred between October 1st and the first few weeks of November when some of these transactions were either not being generated, or had errors due to larger technical system issues.  More than 70 of our software fixes over the past several weeks have focused on correcting software bugs related to 834 issues.  We’re assisting health plans in dealing with inaccurate 834s as efficiently as possible. 

To make sure that no consumer falls through the cracks because of earlier pervasive troubles with the site, we are contacting every consumer who has selected a plan through the Federal Marketplace to remind them to pay their premium and connect with their insurer. 

We continue to work with health plans Exit Disclaimer Icon undertaking a very focused process to verify 834 information. We are double and triple checking all enrollment data across systems.  This week, we securely sent data files to 300 issuers participating in the Federal Marketplace—and we’re reconciling 834s with the issuers. Every issuer’s health plan in the Federal Marketplace now has CMS files for the consumers who enrolled, or tried to enroll in their respective plans through early December.  After December 23rd, issuers will receive new files.

This thorough process will continue as we move forward, so that as open enrollment continues we are able to process back end financial information as needed between CMS and issuers, so that consumers who have selected affordable health plans from the Marketplace and paid their premium to that plan, are able to access the coverage they want and need.


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Submitted by Tri Nguyen on
How do I resolve this problem?
Submitted by Anonymous on
I keep getting this error of "You have started an application for health coverage, but our verification system is temporarily unavailable...."
Submitted by vic on
Same here
Submitted by Cherison on
I have been running into issue with the system since early December. I keep getting stuck in the same spot in which the system error states: You have started an application for health coverage, but our verification system is temporarily unavailable. Calling a representative or going to a certified application specialist does not help one bit.
Submitted by Michael on
I've been having the same problem since 12-25-2013. And I filled out the application again now (1-8-2014), and still the same problem. This is very frustrating !!
Submitted by Bremini on
I am getting the same message too.... I have tried more than 25 times. I call the 1-800-318-2596 so many times.. They are complete waste getting paid for doing nothing. I just don't know what to do with this application.
Submitted by Daniel S. on
Same here. Everyday in the last three months i've wasted 30 minutes "reviewing" my Application only to get to the dreaded "Yellow Box". Chat and helpline are clueless on this error: "You have started an application for health coverage, but our verification system is temporarily unavailable. Without completing verification, you cannot submit your application for an eligibility determination. We will save your information and expect to resolve the problem within 24 hours. When you return, please review your entire application from beginning to end in order to receive your online eligibility results".
Submitted by Jorge on
I feel really frustrated
Submitted by ann on
After 3 week trying to set up my account,( no one on the web sites end no anything ,what a surprise ),and three in half hours on the phone finally got it set up.Go to log in the day ,sorry we lost your application..Why is web site even up ,doesn't work,can't vwork...back to square one .
Submitted by K on
I can not pay for my health insurance plan I choice through healthcare marketplace.I do not have the orange screen telling me I need to pay for my health insurance. It just shows a status of initial enrollment for the plan I chose.
Submitted by Nefertiti on
I've had the same issue for weeks, cannot confirm my selection after choosing a dental plan. I click set and the page never finishes processing. Customer service can't fix anything, all they say is we're working on it. Why is the site up if you can't complete enrollment.
Submitted by Nicole on
Please address bug to "Verify immigration status" by uploading a relevant document. The button isn't working properly to get to the next step - if I hover my cursor over the button I see the file name popping up but there is no way to know what to do next. Basically you can't move on. I have tried it in the main browsers with two file types: PDF and jpg.
Submitted by M on
Getting this same error now. It *used* to work and now it doesn't.
Submitted by Tray on
I have been trying to enroll in Florida since October. I decided to wait last minute so the good folks working for Obama had time to get the bugs out and I could enroll. BUT as of today, Sunday the 22nd, no luck and no help from chat. Still get: Sorry, an error has occurred. Please try again. If that doesn't work, log out. Error ID:500.300588
Submitted by Leah on
I have been getting Error ID:500.300588 for 2 1/2 weeks. I called the 800 number a week ago and was told it was being fixed and to keep trying everyday. Still no luck.
Submitted by Paul on
I won't be able to enroll to start on Jan 1. Error 500.300588 when I try to confirm and when the call center tried. They said hopefully it will get fixed last week. What are we suppose to do?
Submitted by Steve on
Well isn't that nice. After trying now for 82 days to sign up the system still send me a message that the verification system is down therefore I can't submit my application by the web page. I submitted an application by phone on 12 Oct which when I followed up had so many spelling errors it had to be resubmitted on 21 Oct. I follow up on 24 Oct still more spelling errors found and resubmitted. Now word despite daily calls on the status. Finally on 11 Nov they checked on the phone application was till not submitted. They assured me on 11 Nov it was finally submitted and I would be notified by mail and email. To date I have never received notification. On December 12 I went to the web page and had the old web application discarded (it could not be updated and kept listing me over and over amongst other things). Since that time despite trying every day, the verification system is always down. Today was no different and it does not matter what time one submits via the web site.
Submitted by David on
If you're having trouble getting past verification and have an apostrophe in your name, try it without the apostrophe. I made at least 30 attempts with the apostrophe but the 2 times I tried it without the apostrophe, I got past verification. I'm in Missouri, not sure if that might be part of the issue with this.
Submitted by Nancy on
I have been trying to confirm enrollment but it does not let me continue after denying dental enrollment. Is it mandatory to have a dental coverage also? I have also been getting an error ID . When is this issued going to get fixed.
Submitted by Carmen on
Dear Ms. Bataille. This e issue with Error Id 500.300588 is still there. I have uploaded all documents from required and they show up SUBMITTED. I'm at the page/step to confirm my plan choices and getting the below error. I have chatted and called in and they have no answer to why. Customer service has also duplicated this with my application. My concern the Dec 23 payment deadline in order to be covered 1/1/2014. I have also contacted the new dental and health plan provider and they can not look me up by my application ID (as suggested by Customer Service), yet they need my plan enrollment confirmation number. Will I be still covered by 1/1/2014? Sincerely, Carmen from Florida. Dec. 21 2013 @10:32 AM Sorry, an error has occurred. Please try again. If that doesn't work, log out. Error ID:500.300588
Submitted by Sandy on
Is anyone at HealthCare.gov addressing the Error ID:500.300588 problem?? I've been trying for over a week to confirm my enrollment. Live Chat can't help and told me to call the 800 number. I talked to representatives there with no positive results. I talked to my current insurer and they can't help because I'm eligible for a subsidy and therefore have to enroll through HealthCare.gov. I've tried all hours of the day and night and get the same error message. The deadline for 1/1/14 coverage is the 23rd and I've heard nothing about a fix to this issue...
Submitted by Ron on
I have been having the same problem. I did the CHAT option and was told I would have to call HealthCare MarketPlace for assistance. I finally got a representative online and she got the same error. I was told the system was BUSY and to try back later. Can someone please at least tell us what the problem is so hopefully "The User" can figure out a work-around to the problem? I have tried three different web-browers with no help. How can we register if the site won't accept our application?
Submitted by Cale on
I have today 23 Dec 2013 that same problem! NOW WHAT!!! HELLO GEEKS ANYBODY OUT THERE!?!
Submitted by Deb on
1:05am on 12/23/2013 and I'm still getting the same Error message. I too have been trying all times of the day & was on hold for 48 minutes at about 5am yesterday and suddenly the nice automated lady said something like, "thank you for calling...." and the call ended! I finally went to bed with the phone on speaker and after an hour or so a nice lady told me that they knew about this Error message and it would be fixed in 4-24 hours. Aren't there multiple ways to sign up INCLUDING the nice people on the phone? Why can't they just sign me up that way??? I'm sitting on hold again.... ready to ask them to please just enroll me in the program I chose. If I were only getting paid for the time spent on this.
Submitted by Leah on
I have been having the Error ID:500.300588 problem for 2 1/2 weeks. was told a week ago that it is being corrected and should work in a day. I have still not been able to select my insurance.