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HealthCare.gov: Meeting the Mark

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Friday, December 27, 2013

December 24 and the days leading up to it were critically important for enrollment in Marketplace coverage.

There's no question that, over this past weekend, Monday, and Tuesday, HealthCare.gov met the mark and did exactly what it was supposed to do--helping Americans from across the country find secure, quality health insurance coverage at an affordable price. 

Over this four-day period, response time averages held steady at about a half second and page error rates were low at less than half a percent.

Monday, December 23, was our peak day. On Monday, the site was supporting 83,000 concurrent users while our queuing system was up, and it performed as designed.  For those queued, wait times were generally less than five to ten minutes and users were given the option of receiving an email telling them when they could come back and get right in. There were 129,000 people who took advantage of this opportunity and were invited back the same day to finish their applications.

On Christmas Eve, the site had a total of 880,000 visits, with no queuing.

The call center also received a high volume of calls on Monday and Tuesday, with 317,000 calls received on Christmas Eve alone.

We're going to do everything we can to ensure a smooth transition period for consumers whose coverage begins on January 1. And we're going to continue to work to ensure every American who still wants to enroll in Marketplace coverage by the end of the open enrollment period is able to do so.

If consumers have any questions regarding their coverage, they should call the insurer of their choice to, among other things, confirm enrollment or arrange payment of premiums, or the Marketplace call center at 1-800-318-2596. They can log in to their account to find out their insurer’s customer service line or browse through a directory on HealthCare.gov

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services also has developed a number of consumer tips and fact sheets (under "Fact Sheets") to help consumers understand their new coverage such as what consumers should know about going to their doctor or getting emergency care.

We’ve seen the important progress made on HealthCare.gov, and we are going to keep working to make sure the consumer experience continues to improve throughout the open enrollment period. 


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Diego on
I was told that the applications needed to be entered in CAPS or you may get an error. I had to delete my application and have one entered by phone. I lost my job and insurance because of downsizing in my company. No I'm collecting unemployment so I was told I qualify for medicaid. Problem is my state is not taking anymore applications so I have no insurance. The good news is that I will not be charged for this year so they say. I still want to buy insurance by I can't login. I have reset the password several times and nothing. I get a temporary password and it lets me login to the page that forces you to change your password. When I do it says that my temporary password is invalid. What the hell. So I qualify for free medicaid but I'm not allowed to apply. I want to buy but the system will not let me login. If I do another account it will not verify me so I have to enter it with a rep. And full circle again. Great concept but poor planning and NO TESTING??
Submitted by Anna on
Same issue. Error ID:500.100 been trying to complete the enrollment. Getting this error every time for the past two weeks. Done the application over the phone and many times online. Same error. Sometime is seriously wrong with the portal.
Submitted by Julia on
same message today unable to access hub error 500.100 argh….
Submitted by AC on
Been at it for 5 hours tonight. Already spend 3 days on this, over and over because the numbers were not adding up - the websites calculations, not mine. (I do not have an income of $0...ugh!!) Finally getting through this and finally the application is reading my tax credit. I am pretty much ONE click away of finishing this nightmare...a simple click of "YES" (if I want to apply credit..etc) Nope, same thing, a red bar the " ! " and Unable to access HUB - 500.100" I get the site has heavy traffic..Wow...I expected problems, but nothing like this. One of the most frustrating experiences I have ever had.
Submitted by Amanda B. on
Every time I try to enroll I keep getting this error message. Unable to access HUB Error ID:500.100 I've removed my application twice and still getting it. I've been trying to enroll since November.
Submitted by Lauretta on
you should hear my horror story...applied oct 9 accepted but no credit applied after re applying Jan 24 on the phone marketplace thinking I enrolled it is now March 13 and still no word from Marketplace advanced resolution department and florida Blue has no record of anything...I am on the phone daily and have talked to supervisors at both places. this is a total joke and would sure like to sue the marketplace. Oh and I am a 2 time cancer survivor who gets medicare in 4 months what a joke this is they say the enrollment is at 7 million right. as far as I am concerned I am one of those seven million.
Submitted by Lara on
I keep having problem with enrolling r/t error 500.100 at tax credit applying toward premium. I need help. I have tried removing the application and reapplying more than 6times.
Submitted by Meagan on
I'm Experiencing The Same Error In The Same Step As Well.
Submitted by Cristina on
I believe the whole system is a mess. I have been dealing with this issue since december! I called because my choice was not selected correctly. Then it was suppose to have been fixed but it wasn't it was changed to the same plan. How does that happen? You change something to the same name? Anyways, then I had an escalation to resolve my issue and I called a month and days after and I have been told that my effective date is set for March 1, tomorrow but who ever did the escalation did it wrong? So now they are doing another escalation on my case to get it fixed. It is easy for them to keep making mistakes and I am the one paying for them. I am waiting for my insurance to get fixed for my my kidney transplant. If they only knew how awful pd dialysis is I am sure they would have had that issue resolved weeks ago like I was told. This is a nightmare!!!!!!!
Submitted by Brittany Napoleon on
Someone messed up on my whole application. Now I am being told that I am stuck and no can help me. I need to know how I can canel everything and talk to someone who will actually escalate my issue. Thanks
Submitted by John on
For everyone encountering Error ID: 500.****** or similar errors. Remove your application. You may be able to create a new account (user name and password using a DIFFERENT email address to sign up). You can then create a new application on that account. I have run into this error and it happened at different steps: Choosing how much in tax credits to apply to monthly premium Confirming enrollment Other times Remove the application and reapply until it goes through correctly. I have heard that it may be a capacity issue. Going on the website at different times may help. Sometimes these errors will follow you with each application. If you are signing up for family coverage, try to create an account in your spouse's name and then complete the application as normal. The system can be difficult to navigate. Please consider seeking assistance in person. www.localhelp.healthcare.gov
Submitted by PissssedOffff on
I had signed up in Oct, paid my premium in Dec. , policy cancelled Jan 29th after I paid jan & feb premiums. Ins co and healthcare.gov point fingers at each other. There is no method to correct this. Who creates a web site that cannot fix error? If anyone else did that, they would be stoned to death.
Submitted by Sam on
Went through all the process and signed up for Blue Care network of Michigan on Dec 19. Called the insurance to pay premium and they tell me they have no record of ever receiving enrollment information from Healthcare.gov. Called 1-800 number several times, even got the situation escalated and still nothing...as of today insurance company has no information on me from healthcare.gov. How difficult is it to re-issue the information and send it to the insurance carrier...really disappointed...
Submitted by UGH on
Keep getting error message: Error ID:500.301578
Submitted by HHHHAAAA on
Agreed with Angry Oklahoman, cant get pass this error message in last 3 months Application ID: Date: 2014-02-01 22:14:03Sorry, an error has occurred. Please try again. If that doesn't work, log out. Error ID:500.100
Submitted by Maryo on
Same here. Have you got it fixed?
Submitted by Angry in NC on
Same here! Doesn't anyone know what's wrong? This Obama Care crap needs to be repealed if they can't get the site to work properly! We are in risk of being charged a tax for not having insurance when we are trying to comply with this new law and their stupid site won't let us! This is ridiculous!
Submitted by judy on
need to be able to bring yp up screen with security coverage included for the state of kanas
Submitted by Angry Oklahoman on
Submitted by John on
You can send in a paper application. You can download and print them here: http://marketplace.cms.gov/getofficialresources/publications-and-articles/publications-and-articles.html It must be frustrating with that error. You may be able to create a new account (user name and password using a DIFFERENT email address to sign up). You can then create a new application on that account. Otherwise, it may benefit you to complete the paper application. You should look into getting help from an assister at: www.localhelp.healthcare.gov
Submitted by Jane on
This is a joke! Trying to sign up for over a month. Spent counless hours, chat with online help ( no help), called in ( no help, they use the same website). As many others below, I got caught in a loop of either system down, error code, veryfication tool down etc. I once got to the point where I was able to submit the appication, get a PDF back with my elligibility and even tax credit, selected the plan and provider and tried to submit for the coverage. Error code 500.300588. Search online! Could not overule it for a couple of weeks. Deleted application, started again multiple times with 4 different email addresses, different times of day and night - all in vain. It actually gets worse as I can't even finish application now. Who will pay me for the hours spent on this circus? Today was the deadline for February 1 coverage. I tried again 5 times. From different computers. Forget it!!! Thank you for a wonderful experience! It just makes people angry.
Submitted by John on
Sometimes there may be something that you are missing. Sometimes the issue is not on your end. I would encourage you to seek an in person assister to help complete your application and enroll you in a plan. Check here: https://localhelp.healthcare.gov/ Bring in all of your identifying documents, income documents, and anything that you think will help support your application. Also, bring user names and passwords to all Healthcare.gov accounts. Also make sure you have the name and passwords for each EMAIL account that use you for that account. If that fails, complete an application over the phone with the Health Insurance Marketplace at 1-800-318-2596
Submitted by Grant on
What a joke. The assisters and people on the phone use the exact same system to do the application. I've done my Va state application several times over, both by myself and over the phone. Each and every time we get an error message 500.100. After a few times of this disaster one of the people on the phone had the sense to appeal me to the advanced resolution center to see if they could help. They couldn't do a damn thing that hadn't been tried before. I don't blame these workers as they just simply didn't have the tools to help me. The healthcare.gov system is just a buggy disaster that it's sheer luck whether you are one of the few to actually successfully receive coverage through it.
Submitted by John on
The call centers do have a different system than assisters do. Assisters, navigators, and certified applications counselors all use the same access that you have at home though. Did you try to create a new account? Use a different email address and create a new application on that account. I have had this error a few times before. The only way I was able to get past it was to remove and redo applications or to make a new account with new application. It seems like you have spent a lot of time trying to resolve this issue. I wish you the best.
Submitted by Anonymous on
Hi John, The FFM Contact Centers use healthcare.gov in order to process consumer applications. I've seen your posts on here, and it is clear you work for HHS. Instead of advising consumers misleading information, how about you provide actual information on what you are doing to fix these errors? Just a thought....