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HealthCare.gov: 3.7 million visitors this week

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Today, we are providing weekly metrics on the stability and performance of HealthCare.gov.

As of noon today, more than 3.7 million consumers have visited HealthCare.gov this week (from midnight Sunday until noon Friday) to learn about their health insurance options, create an account, learn about financial help, compare options and select a plan.

This week, the site remained stable and experienced no unscheduled downtimes.   The average error rate was 0.77% and response time averaged well under 1 second, two of our key metrics in determining site performance.

The queuing system was deployed twice this week, once on Monday morning when our operations team monitoring traffic patterns saw response times slow and error messages rise for users in the process and once on Tuesday, proactively, in advance of the President’s remarks on health care.

During these two periods more than 16,000 consumers were put into the new queuing system to request an email notification on when to come back to the site. All were invited to come back in on the same day. Over 93% of those people who did receive the email to come back in did return and had high levels of engagement across the site, browsing 30% more pages and spending 15% longer on the site.

We have made progress. But as we have said, this is an iterative process.  We will continue to perform scheduled maintenance to the site.  During these maintenance windows the Marketplace will be offline and there will be periods when the federal data services hub will also be unavailable. These schedule maintenance windows are done during off-peak hours and designed to increase the consumer experience and functionality of the website. This weekend, CMS is scheduled to perform maintenance in the usual 1-5 AM windows.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by JEP on
It took 2 months of trying to get my ID verified and Eligibility Results. On 12/2, I was finally able to delete my old applications, complete a new application, find out my eligibility results and enroll for coverage. I thought everything was finally working okay, but today I called BCBS to confirm enrollment and find out where to send my premium payment. Unfortunately, BCBS has no record of my enrollment. They did confirm that a premium must be received by 12/23 in order for coverage to be effective on 1/1, but they wouldn't have anyway to match my payment to a policy that hasn't yet been issued. With so little time left to get this thing working, I really doubt that I'll have HC coverage on 1/1/14. Great Job Barry, you force my carrier to cancel my current policy and then you make it almost impossible to get new coverage.
Submitted by Glynis on
You need to call the 800 number, ask for an ARC (Advanced Resolution Center) Supervisor and tell them BCBS is saying they don't have your enrollment. They will be able to resend the information to them.
Submitted by RAJANIKANT PATEL on
Submitted by Glynis on
People getting that message are those who don't have a credit history or have a unique circumstance with their citizenship. This is what someone else who had the same issue did: "I put in a fresh application with as little information as possible for the system to check. No SS#s for anyone, no green card info for the wife, even no racial information. .. Without any bait out there to create a conflict, the system let me through. Near the finish line I was able to read a pdf explaining that I would have to provide at some point ID docs for myself & family confirming what they need to know, passport, green card, social security card".
Submitted by Greg on
When asked to create a password (from the homepage link) It did not say that I must include a number in the password. I kept getting an invalid password. Check the instruction box under the password input box. However, I learned that I must include a number from a separate instruction link from a help page.
Submitted by Mary A. on
Why does the website show 103 different plans available for my state and county, yet when I login and actually try to apply, there are only 17 plans available?
Submitted by Anonymous on
Because that's what you qualify for silly.
Submitted by Robert on
You may have inadvertently selected a category of plans, for example Silver, rather this clicked view all plans.
Submitted by Denise M. on
Once we do electronic signature, cannot seem to get past "Profile page identity verified." We don't get a eligibility report. Have logged in several times and re-entered info and it seems to be looping and not going through. What's the problem? I am a broker and have ALOT of people to enroll.
Submitted by Heather on
I am a CAC and ran into this problem yesterday afternoon. I deleted the application and started over. When through fine the second time. Appears to happen during high traffic time.
Submitted by Glynis on
agents and brokers can call 1-800-706-7893 for help.
Submitted by Alan on
After 7 weeks in "ID verification pending" limbo, I finally started over with a new account and I "finished" an enrollment last Friday. However, the plan I choose doesn't accept online payments through healthcare.gov. So far, I haven't heard a peep from the insurer, not even an automated acknowledgement email. Is the backend reporting actually working now, or is the insurer simply ignoring my enrollment since I'm over 50!? The saga continues...
Submitted by Glynis on
contact the insurer.
Submitted by Alan (update) on
The backend is working, the insurers are a little backlogged and following up with snail mail. I was able to pay over the phone and the insurance company already had my information from the healthcare.gov website. So the saga is almost over, all I need now are my insurance cards...
Submitted by Mark on
I had no problem enrolling today, except that I need to wait for my info to be transferred to the insurance company via 834 form so I can make my payment. Hopefully, that part of the process will go as smoothly as the rest has gone since my old corrupted applications from October were deleted and I was able to start over with a fresh application on December 3. We shall see, but I am hopeful.
Submitted by Glynis on
Don't wait for the insurer to contact you, call them.
Submitted by Anonymous on
Through Healthcare.gov the link the assess whether you would qualify for a subsidy and how much it would be takes to you the Kaiser website and their subsidy estimator. I have tried it about 10 different times today, and it has never returned a result for me. Everytime I click on submit, the page just resets. Can we please inform Kaiser of this error and request that they fix it, or perhaps use another subsidy estimator that might actually work as experienced at this link: https://www.ehealthinsurance.com/ehi/resources/subsidy-calculator#subsidyEstimator Don't know how accurate it is, as it is not "endorsed" by Healthcare.gov, but at least it does work. Thanks.
Submitted by Michael on
Frustrated and disgusted. Spent countless hours trying to submit market place application but in vain. Followed all recommendation regarding browsers, browsing histories, cookies, removing applications and so on but still hit the message "You have started an application for health coverage, but our verification system is temporarily unavailable...". Talked several times by phone but result is the same. 2014 election will be a tough choice between Republicans, who can't offer any reasonable alternative to Obamacare and basically want to leave everything as is, including 47,000,000 uninsured, and Democrats, not capable even to build a functional website despite several years head start time, majority in Congress and President on their side...
Submitted by Computer Expert on
Delete all of your existing applications (if any) and start over.
Submitted by Robert on
It is frustrating but this is not just a simple website, as I'm sure you know. Nothing has been done on this scale before involving the integration of legacy computer systems, etc. Have you ever tried to buy health insurance before Obamacare? Submitting years of medical records for review, trying to deal with insurance customer service, etc.? Things are improving.
Submitted by Glynis on
Is there something unique about your verification? The only people that seem to be getting that message are those who don't have credit histories or who are not natural born citizens.
Submitted by Kathy on
I chose the wrong Marketplace plan for myself. I need to change to a different one but am unable to do so. Please help.
Submitted by Ben on
Thank you for providing progress reports about www.healthcare.gov. The details and statistics that are included not only help users, but are important for citizens, voters, and elected officials to better understand the process for securing health care and understanding ObamaCare in general. Would it be possible to provide these updates daily or multiple times each week? Thank you, Ben C.
Submitted by Jolene on
Wow! We have to let our employer know by tomorrow what goes on with our application here. What a disaster it has been. I have been on the computer for over 3 hours getting error messages and having to start over again. I even called and the rep was having the same issue. How can we tell our employers what's going on when we can't even do the application?
Submitted by Doug on
Why no report on the back-end fixes? Are insurance companies reliably getting all the information people submit through the front end? Private insurance companies are still allowed to keep 20 per cent overhead. True national health insurance through public administration manages to function on three per cent overhead.