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HealthCare.gov: 3.7 million visitors this week

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Today, we are providing weekly metrics on the stability and performance of HealthCare.gov.

As of noon today, more than 3.7 million consumers have visited HealthCare.gov this week (from midnight Sunday until noon Friday) to learn about their health insurance options, create an account, learn about financial help, compare options and select a plan.

This week, the site remained stable and experienced no unscheduled downtimes.   The average error rate was 0.77% and response time averaged well under 1 second, two of our key metrics in determining site performance.

The queuing system was deployed twice this week, once on Monday morning when our operations team monitoring traffic patterns saw response times slow and error messages rise for users in the process and once on Tuesday, proactively, in advance of the President’s remarks on health care.

During these two periods more than 16,000 consumers were put into the new queuing system to request an email notification on when to come back to the site. All were invited to come back in on the same day. Over 93% of those people who did receive the email to come back in did return and had high levels of engagement across the site, browsing 30% more pages and spending 15% longer on the site.

We have made progress. But as we have said, this is an iterative process.  We will continue to perform scheduled maintenance to the site.  During these maintenance windows the Marketplace will be offline and there will be periods when the federal data services hub will also be unavailable. These schedule maintenance windows are done during off-peak hours and designed to increase the consumer experience and functionality of the website. This weekend, CMS is scheduled to perform maintenance in the usual 1-5 AM windows.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by jdf on
What reality are you talking about? I bet 50% or more are going to get increases in premiums and have higher deductable. The whole rollout has been one lie after another.
Submitted by hellen on
Submitted by Lori on
Really, is this the only down time the system experienced? Really? Hummm.. or is this the only down time you are admitting to? Kind-a like the keep your plan, keep your doctor statement. A lie from the start.
Submitted by robin on
It seems as though some people are still experiencing issues with the website. This site was created to help people are without healthcare. These people are trying to utilize the website to sign up for affordable healthcare. These people are doing their part. The website seems to be working better than it was before the re-launch. But how long will it take for it to work completely properly? We are have elected a president to help lead us and the statement he made about healthcare and working on making that better for us as citizens. But unfortunately the website we are trying to use to make the steps we need to make is not still working properly. So where will that leave families are going without the proper healthcare coverage? When will the site be fully functionally for people who really need to work properly? Most of the people who really will benefit by this website are under poverty levels. It most states the weather is brings a cold winter and with that comes mores sickness and possibly hospital stays. I recently have been to the hospital in the last month and my bill was 1600 just for the emergency room. I am one of few lucky citizens that I do work and I am benefiting from the company insurance that I pay for each pay check. But for a family or single parent that is not an affordable price. All I am saying is that just because a person will be going with “Obama care” they still will deserve to be treated like a first class citizen. This is the website created by our government and it just seems like it cannot be produce the outcome that was promised. Just for it to work.
Submitted by Steve on
The verification system doesn't work. I have tried 5 days in a row to sign my application to be told each time that the verification system is down. Is it down or does it simply not work at all? The system can't deal with any oddities of names. It tells us not to put in any apostrophe, blanks etc but the system can't find our names correctly (but you can find our address!) even when you have the SS number and our address. I note I fly frequently and file my taxes so the IRS, Homeland Security and everyone else can find us why can't Affordable Care? How do you plan on signing up everyone by 1 March? I have been trying since 1 Oct to sign up but you still haven't fixed the verification. My completed (I was told) phone application was in for more than 60 days with no verification, no letter, no email nothing. I talked with more than 40 different people over that period not a single one gave me accurate information. They all claimed I would be notified with in 3 - 5 days and that I would be notified by both post and email.
Submitted by Glynis on
The verification system does work. If it doesn't work for you from an account from Oct you should remove the application you have and start over either with a new application or with a completely new account with a new username, new password and different email address. This does work as many people have commented previously. And you have to be very careful with the format of your answers and follow the examples they give exactly as they look. Also, don't add any decimals to any place they don't, like to hours worked, round up or down. And your name should be exactly as it appears on your Social Security card. Whenever you call you should immediately ask to speak to an ARC (Advanced Resolutions Center) Supervisor.
Submitted by Anonymous on
That is inaccurate, ARC does not have any further access to the Healthcare.gov site than any other agents at the Marketplace. I agree though on the input of data into the application, that has to be exact.
Submitted by Randall on
I've made my application online at your site BUT can't get any further since December 8th. It's still not working for me to get to the plans to choose from. The website is still in failure mode.
Submitted by Glynis on
Remove that application, restart your browser and start over.
Submitted by Anil on
What is the tel # of Advanced Resolution Center? I need to delete my application as my wife's name does not appear in the plan I selected. When I call market place help line- I am told that only advanced resolution center can delete the application and they will not put me through.
Submitted by Glynis on
There is no separate phone number. If I were you and someone told me that I would hang up and call back and immediately ask to speak to the ARC supervisor. If you have already selected a plan, have you tried to contact the insurer to see if they can add your wife?
Submitted by BC on
MY SUCCESS STORY in Illinois ... but it has been a very long and frustrating road, which began on October 1st. Today I received my insurance card in the mail with my first month coverage to begin on January 1st. On November 30th .. after all attempts were made to gain insurance via the marketplace, I decided to do something a bit different and obtain insurance directly from the insurance company. This was the ONLY way I was successful. I was fortunate that BC/BS of IL had all the plans listed on their site. I created an account there, using a NEW EMAIL ADDRESS. I chose the plan I wanted, which then linked me to the marketplace. From there create a NEW account and include all the info requested. Once completed you'll receive your tax credit and plan selected. The insurance company will send you a 'welcome' letter followed by additional info and invoice. The only problem I had was receiving a lower tax credit, as I forgot to apply the deductions from my estimated annual income. The marketplace personnel were overall great ... but they can only do so much, INCLUDING the ARC [Advanced Resolution Center] reps. Do NOT wait for calls back. Time is running out ... frustration levels are high ... two major holidays are rapidly approaching and the insurance companies will be closed for each one. So, if you're seeking insurance to start January 1st, please check the insurance company's website and see if this method works for you. [Side note ... it makes no difference what browser you use, if you download Chrome, or if you clear your cookies/cache ... it's the site that's got problems, not your computer.]
Submitted by Steve on
The new improved web page works better and allowed me to delete the old application that could never be fixed. It is also faster and remembers most of the entries (but no all). However, every time I log in I must go through the entire application to get to the final signature, where upon it says that that verification system is down. Since, the verification system is down all of the time nothing moves forward. The email notification now works; again an improvement. But it looks as if I will not be able to purchase insurance before the 1 January deadline, the verification system is now the problem. I have been at this since 1 October but on 18 Nov gave up until they actually fixed the site so that it works - nothing worked especially the phone people who had no idea what they were doing and continually passed on bad information - my phone application was never acted upon despite being "completed" now more than 2 months later. At least now I can fill out the application on the computer and don't have to be concerned that the spelling is correct and that the phone person checked the right box. The web chat system is still a total waste of time (and money).
Submitted by Obama lies on
ACA Update The Obama administration has hired Todd Hoffman of the discovery Chanel's Gold Rush program to over see the healthcare marketplace website repairs.
Submitted by cathy on
when is the see eligibility results screen being fixed. keep getting error code 400 when I try to advance
Submitted by Glynis on
Remove that application, restart your browser and start over with a new application.
Submitted by Dan on
I have one I haven't seen on here. My first app went south. After a month and a half I did a second one , new account etc... and it seemed to go well. Not so apparently. The HCM says my app is completed and processed but after multiple multiple phone calls (and hours) I finally discovered Coventry received my application but it was in my wife's name as primary and of all things it shows "canceled". Both HCM and Coventry blame each other for the problem, both say wait a while and call back, there might be an issue and it will eventually get fixed. It has been stuck and in this tangled mess between HCM and Coventry since 11/26. Any suggestions?
Submitted by Glynis on
I would keep calling the insurer. There is a specific team working on these issues and a hotline number that insurers can call.
Submitted by Joel on
Why when I log in does it say "You have a notice available about your Marketplace eligibility." but there is no way to see that notice? I reported this a month ago. I have asked in chat. I have asked on the phone. All they say is "we have bugs, we are working on it." Also, in "Communication Preferences" under "Notices" I have "Message Center" checked. But where is the message center? On chat I was told there really isn't one. When I change it to "Paper notices sent by mail" it says "Success! Your changes have been saved." but when I log in again Paper notices has been Xed out again. How, after all this time, can these BASIC problems still exist?
Submitted by Glynis on
You can find eligibility notices by clicking on the Eligibility & Appeals link.
Submitted by June on
A warning to everyone who has actually gotten through an application and been told it is complete: DON'T BELIEVE IT!!! I was told I was Medicaid eligible and that my information was being forwarded to my state. Since I received this message around November 30 and had supposedly submitted my application on November 19, I called the state to find out when I would receive more information and if there was anything else I needed to do. They informed me that I still had to fill out the state application! I would never have realized this if I had not called since there is no information on either the state or federal sites explaining the next step after filing an application on the federal website. I am still not sure if I will be eligible and enrolled in Medicaid. My insurance runs out January 5th and I can not afford the new premium of $1259/mo. DON'T BELIEVE YOU HAVE INSURANCE UNTIL YOU HAVE CONTACTED THE INSURANCE COMPANY OR STATE DIRECTLY.
Submitted by Rose on
On the phone now with a lovely and patient rep. trying to complete ANOTHER application yet again. we have been on now for over an hour and still crawing. Cheerfully she tells me that we are almost at the end. I do not have the heart to tell her that, I have been in this scenerio with 6 other reps and that right when we get to the end "review and submit" the system kicks you out and makes you start over ??? Please someone, anyone! please just smash my little toe with a huge hammer as that would be better that this torture Ground Hog day movie, scenerio
Submitted by John on
Did you schedule an outage at 10:24 12/6! I was on the phone with the call center when the rep reported that the system just died with 'Error message 500.00888? I just experience the same issue!!!
Submitted by Milan on
It is sad when someone is trying sooo hard to keep her job with useless statistical numbers. I cannot tell you how many colleagues of mine including me go through most frustrating experiences in their lives! Majority of my friend are musician here in New Jersey. I have been starting and ending huge number of app (I have already memorized the whole application) It always end unsuccessful on the last step when I am suppose to sign, when is says that the VERIFICATION SYSTEM IS UNAVAILABLE!!!! Every one of us has experienced this. People on the phone are totally useless in this situation. As a matter of fact, every one of them that I talk to told me that my computer was moving through the app faster that theirs. I would really be careful about YOUR NEED TO PRESENT THIS WEB SITE as if it's a successful tool to get health care coverage. It simply isn't true!
Submitted by ched on
I've also been stuck in this loop for weeks in Pennsylvania. I can't even count the number of times I've come back to re-try, having to go through the whole application again, only to be told that the alleged "verification system" which was to be up and running "within 24 hours" is in the same state. If anyone is listening, it would be helpful to provide some guidance on this issue to the operators, on the website, or here. Also, saw a new glitch appear this week, in which my three kids disappeared from the application. After entering their info in part 1, got to the question in part 2 that asks if I'll be claiming them as dependents, and while previous versions of the app included their names in a list along with the option to add other dependents, the new and improved version did not list them. When I call the 800 number, I was instructed to answer, falsely, that I would not be including them on my 2014 tax return. Very frustrated.