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HealthCare.gov: 3.7 million visitors this week

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Today, we are providing weekly metrics on the stability and performance of HealthCare.gov.

As of noon today, more than 3.7 million consumers have visited HealthCare.gov this week (from midnight Sunday until noon Friday) to learn about their health insurance options, create an account, learn about financial help, compare options and select a plan.

This week, the site remained stable and experienced no unscheduled downtimes.   The average error rate was 0.77% and response time averaged well under 1 second, two of our key metrics in determining site performance.

The queuing system was deployed twice this week, once on Monday morning when our operations team monitoring traffic patterns saw response times slow and error messages rise for users in the process and once on Tuesday, proactively, in advance of the President’s remarks on health care.

During these two periods more than 16,000 consumers were put into the new queuing system to request an email notification on when to come back to the site. All were invited to come back in on the same day. Over 93% of those people who did receive the email to come back in did return and had high levels of engagement across the site, browsing 30% more pages and spending 15% longer on the site.

We have made progress. But as we have said, this is an iterative process.  We will continue to perform scheduled maintenance to the site.  During these maintenance windows the Marketplace will be offline and there will be periods when the federal data services hub will also be unavailable. These schedule maintenance windows are done during off-peak hours and designed to increase the consumer experience and functionality of the website. This weekend, CMS is scheduled to perform maintenance in the usual 1-5 AM windows.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Angie on
I have tried multiple times to apply but can't even get past the first confirm your identity page! I keep getting an error code 500.000888, although all of the information I have entered is accurate. Tried calling the Marketplace phone number and got an automated message saying I will receive a return call from a representative within 5-7 days. Help!!
Submitted by Kyra on
Solution for Error Message 500,300588: Use the "Report Change in Life" option in your application. You may also need to erase your browser history or just use a different browser (Optional). A lot of us who were experiencing endless 500.300588 error messages found success by using the "Change in Life" option. Good Luck!!!
Submitted by Michael on
Error ID:500.300588 at healthcare.gov today. Unable to enroll?
Submitted by stephanie coleman on
Sorry, an error has occurred. Please try again. If that doesn't work, log out. Error ID:500.300588 Been there and done that x's 100, now what? Any ideas? I've been trying to get covered by March 1, 2014
Submitted by Tim O'Connor on
My solution to the Healthcare.gov ERROR 500 problem was this: 1-created new account with different email address 2-used a computer that did not have windows 8 3-used chrome 4-prayed hard After 12 attempts under older user id and windows 8 laptop I was successful!
Submitted by kristen herring on
I am wanting obama health insurance
Submitted by Tammy on
We're on the phone with a 'supervisor' and he's telling us "yes, keep trying each day to get past the 500.300588 error code". He's also saying we can speak with a case manager to see if we can the original 01/01 effective date rather than 02/01 (as a result of all the bologna). HOWEVER, we can't get to the case manager until we get past this error code! GASP!
Submitted by Kate on
The site is a mess. The info keeps chaning and it will not allow me to send income verification and every time I log in I get the same code Error ID:500.300588 . Who is blaming Republicans (see other comments below) How can that be? It is the folks who designed and programmed this web site. I am an independent voter but it seems to me a program should be up and running well if they expect folks to enroll. Amazon, EBay, etc., have no problems and they have many more visitors each day. Maybe this was designed not to work after all.
Submitted by judi on
Yes people are spending more time on the site since they have to try four or five times for the application to go through. Try adding Error ID:500.300588 to your list to fix. It is December 29th and this has not been fixed.
Submitted by Anonymous on
I have tried easily over 50 times to get past the last step (confirm), and no luck. Same error 500.300588. In the meantime, even given the many complaints to this site, not one comment by HHS as to what this error represents in real terms so we as users can try to make a correction. Phone support can't get by this error either, as I've walked through the application twice with them...They get the same error on their end, and they can't proceed. I've never had such a bad experience over something this important.
Submitted by Doug on
No posts for nine days. Has the transparency and information "surge" disappeared? Earlier there was a count of the 600 fixes on the "bucket list". Have any others been fixed since the last update long ago?
Submitted by M on
I was on the last stage of the application, but the site will not process the final confirmation. Error ID:500.300588 appears with red banner when I press "CONFIRM" for my chosen policies and payments. Phone support has no idea what causes it, and couldn't even process it themselves without getting the same error. WHAT IS THIS ERROR CAUSED BY?
Submitted by David on
It is February 18, 2014 and I have the exact same problem. However, I have noted that other problems show the same error number which makes me think that nothing, to date, has been done. Unfortunately, if over 90 days has passed and the issue at the "Sign and Confirm" button exists, they neither acknowledge the problem exists nor are going to fix it.
Submitted by Tray on
Same here. I've been trying to enroll since October. Thought if I waited until the last minute all the bugs would be worked out. I'm told to do a paper application. Really? Paper?
Submitted by Luiz Januario on
Julie, That's a beautiful Statistics, but clearly your site has issues on the scalability. I did some troubleshooting while submitting my request (which is failing with error 500.300588), and after deploying Java application application for more than 15 year, I can tell you that your JBOSS Java Engine is not configured correctly to handle Load Balancing, failing to provide the web services /ee-rest/auth/FL/en_US/PlanCompare/confirmEnrollmentTransaction/171065059 The engine is responding with error HTTP 500, which is clearly on this case that your server is not being able to respond request due to a) excessive number of requests b) BAD configuration to handle Concurrent Users c) Bad configuration of Load Balancer with JBOSS Since to resolve a) you just need more servers, B) only need to read the documentation C) is the Only Alternative here.
Submitted by JG on
The system kicks me out every time I try to confirm my home address when making an account. This has happened since day 1 of the site launch.
Submitted by Glynis on
Either get in person help with a navigator or broker, do an application by phone, or contact the insurer to see if they can do direct enrollment. You can see plans without an account by using the 'see plans before I apply' button on the home page. It gives you subsidy information now. You can select a plan that way and either apply by phone or go to the insurer and ask about direct enrollment. More insurers in more states are now able to do direct enrollment with the subsidy credit.
Submitted by Rich on
To all you whining about this site. You should blame your republican governors who decided to dump you at the mercy of this federal site. The smart states that have implemented their own exchanges are doing just fine.
Submitted by jdf on
Your definition of just fine is not the same as the average person. Check Oregon for one.
Submitted by scott on
as the application processes is set up now you can not cancel your application but if you use a different e-mail address you can set up a new login and then can do a new application
Submitted by Sub-Standard on
Oh make no mistake people with obama care will NOT be given the same treatment from doctors and hospitals! What do you expect for nothing. The people I feel sorry for are the 5% who have been cancelled by their providers and now have no choice other than donate to obama care. These hard working folks are now not able to afford the 300% ++ increases that obama care is charging for their new policies. These policies have a 700% increase in deductibles and the co pays went from 20% to 40%.
Submitted by C on
I don't think doctors & hospitals care whether they get paid by individuals, or by tax funded government. If they turned their noses up at money from the government, they wouldn't be taking huge amounts of Medicare money - not just from medicare patients, but to fund their medical school programs, etc.
Submitted by Stacy on
Submitted by Glynis on
The insurance cards people get don't say "obamacare" on them but are from private insurers so doctors and hospitals won't know the difference. And your claims about increases are not based in reality.
Submitted by Sarah on
You can lead a horse to water, Glynis.