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Weekly Wrap-Up: the Latest Fixes to HealthCare.gov & Open Enrollment by the Numbers

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

As we continue to improve HealthCare.Gov, we wanted to provide you with a wrap up of the fixes we’ve made to the site over the last week and an update on open enrollment.

Yesterday, Jeff Zients provided an update on the status of our efforts to improve HealthCare.gov. As Jeff said, we’ve made measurable progress in the last few weeks, clearing over 200 items from our punch list. This week the site was very stable. Here are a few of the major fixes:

  • We've improved response time (how fast the system responds to user’s requests) from an average of 8 seconds at launch to under one second for most users.
  • By eliminating glitches and executing bug fixes in the software, we’ve driven the error rate on pages down to under 1%.
  • To improve the user experience, we added visual cues to plan compare screens to help consumers select the best plan.

For next week, we’re prioritizing a list of 50 additional fixes and improvements. As always, we will continue to provide updates on our fixes as we have them.

While we make improvements to HealthCare.gov, Americans all over the country are shopping for coverage and enrolling in the new Marketplace.

On Wednesday, we released our most detailed report to date on our first reporting period of Open Enrollment. Between October 1 and November 2, 106,185 individuals selected plans from the Marketplace and another 975,407 applied and received an eligibility determination, but are still shopping. An additional 396,261 were assessed or determined eligible for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

That means, in total, 502,446 Americans are positioned to have health coverage starting in 2014. As more and more Americans enroll, we’re starting to hear their stories about what getting coverage means to them:

Paul Vlosich from Uniontown Pennsylvania initially had trouble with HealthCare.gov but was persistent and eventually selected a silver plan that has a lower cost, lower deductible, and lower co-pays than his previous coverage. With tax credits, he will be paying $60 per month. Paul’s mom recently passed away from cancer. Before she passed away, Paul promised her that he’d always take care of himself and have health insurance.

Lara Imler from Anchorage switched careers in 2004, trading in her accountant’s calculator for a new career as a hairdresser. While she loves her new job, she missed the insurance benefits of her old job because they helped her treat a thyroid disorder. On October 24th, Lara gave HealthCare.gov another chance and was able to enroll in a silver plan that cost $100/month—substantially lower than the $1,200 she’d been quoted before the Marketplace.

While we’re still not where we want to be with HealthCare.gov, the site is getting better and better. As Secretary Sebelius has said, we won’t stop until every American who wants it gains access to these new options for quality, affordable care. 

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Submitted by Frustrated on
I have tried every up-to-date browser under the sun, clearing cache & cookies each time and using multiple userids and emails, the first of which I setup prior to October 1st. One of my attempts has been stuck in the id verification step since the first or second week of October; I had uploaded my drivers license. My id is still not verified. With my more recent attempt (from about a month ago), after I submit my electronic signature, it briefly flashes an Oops error message and returns to my main screen, my profile shows that my ID has been verified. I am never presented with plans to enroll in. So for some of us, it is not merely needing to be pseudo-fluent in the ways of web browser, cacheing and cookies. The app is simply not working correctly and is not user error.
Submitted by Glynis on
The design definitely isn't user friendly. Are you referring to the "what would you like to do?" screen as your main screen? In order to get to the plans you have to click on the words "Individual and Family Coverage" under the "View my current applications" heading. It will take you to a page that has a "Resume Enrollment" button. You can also review your eligibility by clicking on the "Eligibility and appeals" link on the left side of the page. After you click on "Resume Enrollment" you go to an "Enroll To-Do List". In order to see the plans you click on the green "Set" button. The red banner implies that something is missing but that is misleading because it is only a reminder. You set your subsidy on that page and you proceed to the plans by clicking on "Set".
Submitted by Anne on
I successfully completed the application, got eligibility results and picked a plan but have not been able to complete my application (tried every day since October 20 because last page asks me to enroll in health plan 1 and health plan 2. I only need 1 plan!!! Have called, talked to advance resolution center technicians and they can't solve this either because they can't go in and correct this problem. I guess I am just at the mercy of Jeff Zients personnally to fix this glitch!!! If this is not fixed, how can you offer insurance to people who successfully got all the way through the enrollment process as of January 1, 2014 nd not offer insurance to someone who has been caught up in glitches since October 20th and who has logged on every day since then to complete the enrollment!!!
Submitted by s on
I have had the exact same problem for WEEKS, I selected one paln but it wants me to select 2 or it will not let me proceed. I have even tried that but the buttons don't work to do that, so I have been stuck for weeks. I have contacted thru "live chat" and the help call line numerous times, I have been told it was elevated to advanced resolution and someone would contact me by phone withing 2-5 business days- 4 TIMES -no one has called EVER! I have been told to use the "report a life change" link to see if extra people were somehow added to my account, that the link would be working on Nov. 15, it is now Nov. 18th and it still is not working, but has a note saying it will be working on Nov. 15. I have tried different computers, difference browsers, and assistance. As of today, I have spent a full 46 hours on the website just trying to buy my plan, and as of today there is still no progress, no help, and no end in sight.
Submitted by Glynis on
Sounds like something got corrupted in your application. The only thing you can do is start over by creating a new account with a new username, password, and email address. First clear your cookies and temporary internet files. And use either internet explore, chrome or safari browsers.
Submitted by Roger on
"...clearing over 200 items from our punch list,,," 200 out of what? 300?, 1000?, 5000? What percentage of your punch list is done?
Submitted by Glynis on
I've heard from many people that they had success by starting over from scratch with a new username, new password, and new email address. They just ignore the first one that caused many errors and getting stuck in loops. Once they did that they moved right through the application and verification steps. Before they created the new account they deleted their cookies and temporary internet files. I've also heard that internet explorer and chrome browsers are working better than firefox.
Submitted by Joe on
It's the opposite for me. Firefox works GREAT with healthcare.gov whereas Chrome has problems. But then again, Chrome gives me problems with various websites!
Submitted by Anne on
I was told to start a new application when I called the Healthcare call center. Still the same glitches and when I called and actually got to an advanced resolution center technician, he told me that I had only made the glitches worse even though they told me to start another application!!! I may not ever get problems resolved because the technicians can't go in my application to fix information and get enrollment unlocked!!!
Submitted by Glynis on
If you started a new application using the same username and password that won't help. You have to create an entirely new account with a new username , a new password, and a new email address.