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Weekend Work Continues

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The HealthCare.gov team continues to make technical enhancements to the site over the weekend.  Last night’s maintenance window allowed a successful installation of new servers to support a critical system database which is already allowing more users to move through that part of the system more quickly than before.  The site is performing well today with low overall error rates and response times despite heavier than usual weekend traffic.  We are making additional hardware upgrades and software fixes tonight as part of a planned set of improvements to improve speed and reduce errors.  With upgrades last night and those planned for tonight, the team is continuing its ongoing work to make HealthCare.gov work smoothly for the vast majority of users.


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Submitted by H on
the website is continuously showing for last 2 weeks. "verification system is temporarily unavailable". What's going on. How you are supposed to finish the application?
Submitted by beth on
Please make it to where we can apply online with our cell phones.
Submitted by Immigrant on
Have had the verification system unavailable since October. Chat is worthless, as are phone calls. What are we supposed to do now?
Submitted by Anonymous on
Remove your application (clear cache/cookies after) and then, during normal business hours (7 a.m.- 7 p.m. Mon-Fri), begin a new application and enter your name IN ALL CAPS consistently throughout the entire applicaiton. It is so crazy it just might work.
Submitted by BOB on
anyone tried this?
Submitted by Richard on
I keep apply this stupid website application since October 2013. I keep getting verification system is temporarily unavailable message. I dont think verification system is exist or never available. I tried everyday 2 time at different time a day. Now, the news are talking about insurance payment system failed. Hello! The application is not fixed yet. Don't skip the step, please. Finish the application step first then move on payment system.
Submitted by Iris C. Tillman on
The systems really does work. Try again after 5:00am
Submitted by ITnotIT on
I have been trying to submit the application for over 4 weeks now. Every time I went to the last page I got that "verification system is temporarily unavailable" message. I spoke to numerous marketplace agents and some of their supervisors. None could help me. I even asked one of the supervisors if he could call somebody to have it checked, he replied he can't. Four weeks time is really not acceptable that the issues is still not fixed, this issue appears to me a more pressing concern that is preventing a lot more people like me from submitting his/her application. I would like to know if anybody from the HHS is reading this page and taking necessary measure(s) to fix this, or is this page just a place to vent and forget. The main question is now, what will happen when the deadline is reached end of March and the system still says "verification system is temporarily unavailable"? Do we pay the penalty? I need to buy the insurance and DO NOT WANT TO PAY THE PENALTY. PLEASE FIX THIS.
Submitted by Alexander on
I's nice to get upgrades and new servers. How about fixing yellow screen of death the "verification system is temporarily unavailable"?
Submitted by Anonymous on
but our verification system is temporarily unavailable, I keep getting this. I have been trying since october. My wife is pregnant and we need insurance. Called in and they told me they couldn't help
Submitted by Leila on
My application is caught in a "loop" that I can't get past to complete the enrollment process. My application status is "Submitted", but I have been told the application is "Completed". Any chance of the "loop" being addressed and fixed?
Submitted by Richard Schilling on
Can we get the source code please for both the front end and the back end portions of healthcare.gov?
Submitted by James on
The website worked just fine for me, but I am an IT professional. Perhaps most of problems are user errors.
Submitted by Anonymous on
Where is the delete button located?
Submitted by Glynis on
on the "what would you like to do?" screen there is a "Remove" button to the right under the "view my current applications" heading.
Submitted by Louise on
I actually thought my info was saved...until I got to the review app section. my address, phone, et. al. were all wrong. Re-answered all the questions only to FINALLY get to sign off when the verification process is supposedly unavailable. My bad for smiling and thinking I was actually gonna get to finish :( I appreciate Glynis giving tips, however, really? whenever you get error messages delete cookies , logout, restart browser and login again? How many times? I do need to work to pay my future premiums!! On my THIRD application - and still waiting for advanced resolution specialist to call - twice - since Nov. 5. Frustrated.....
Submitted by Calli on
After choosing a plan and arriving at the Confirm Page, it displays the total cost "with tax credit"---but the amount is actually the total cost BEFORE the tax credit. Did the site lose my application information with my income (LOW)? I know I'm eligible for a tax credit. No matter, I suppose, because clicking on Confirm takes me nowhere. That's where my enrollment is currently STUCK. Still wondering if this will be fixed, or should I start a new application?
Submitted by Anonymous on
Thank you for the delete button for applications.
Submitted by Slightly Hopeful on
12/01/2013 Plus: A ' delete' function for stuck applications! Minus: The mysterious "Our verification system is temporarily unavailable and we expect the problem to be resolved in the next 24 hours" message is still there and blocks a brand new application at the last step.
Submitted by John on
I'm encountering the same. I get all the way to the end of the application only to get a "verification system is temporarily unavailable". I even deleted my application and walked through a new one with the Healthcare.gov call center rep only for her to encounter the same message at the end of the process. I've been trying for 6 days and still get that message. Icing on the cake? I get an email saying there's a notice about the availability... but I can't view any notices on the site. This is ridiculous.
Submitted by Michael on
I've been stuck on that "Our verification system is unavailable" since October 8. I've never been able to get past it. Now with the changes December 1, I'm stuck on the Login page. If I enter the wrong password, it tells me it is wrong. If I enter the correct password, it just brings up the login page again as if nothing happened. I have noted many things are getting fixed. It always used to swap the primary/secondary phone numbers. It didn't support Firefox or Chrome before. And, in early October I would get random Red error ID messages. Some things got broken, then fixed again - for a while, it ***'d out the social security number, but then that would cause an error, so now it shows the social security number again. For a while, they put in a 21 second delay between every page, then they took that out again.
Submitted by Glynis on
If you delete an application, make sure you also delete your cookies, temporary internet files, and history then logout of the website, restart your browser, and login again before starting a new application.
Submitted by Michael on
Yes, I have tried deleting cookies and browser history, etc. How can I delete an application? I can't even log in any more. The system was getting better until around Dec 1 when it got completely broken.
Submitted by K on
Thank you for creating a delete button for applications. That way if you are stuck in the applying process you can start over.
Submitted by Corliss on
As of this morning I continue to be unable to complete my application. I am forced to go through the data I have already entered every time I try and am eventually rewarded with Error Id: 500.108107. What gives?