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An Update on HealthCare.gov

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Today, we provided an operational update on the status of HealthCare.gov.  In terms of the user experience today, we are seeing slowness in the Marketplace application and some users are having difficulties with log-ins.  We are working now to identify the root causes and put in place repairs as soon as possible.  

There is still a lot of work to do, but our efforts to improve and enhance HealthCare.gov continue to progress.  Overnight, the team added a new software release that included dozens of fixes. These focused on improving the user experience and agent and broker processes.

Specifically, these fixes included:

  • Improvements to the HealthCare.gov Marketplace application. For example, enabling consumers to input and properly save income and citizenship information so that they can smoothly continue through the process. 
  • Improvements that allow individuals and agents and brokers to locate partially completed applications more easily, and complete the process more efficiently. 
  • Enhanced notifications to consumers to help them know whether they have correctly input their information. 

Last night’s software release was another important step as the team continues to focus on making the site work better for consumers who are looking for affordable, quality health coverage, as well as addressing key punch list items that improve the site’s backend functionality.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Mike on
Here is the message embedded in a red background that I have gotten each time after logging in since Monday . There is NO "error ID" or "Application ID" with which to call in!! There's a problem. Try logging in again after 30 minutes. If you continue to get this message, call the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596. TTY users should call 1-855-889-4325. You'll need the Error ID and Application ID shown below. Error ID:
Submitted by Nick on
Some observations per Nov. 7. As a side note, these are all personal observations, others mileage may vary: - It is now possible to reset passwords for accounts created before Oct. 1. I created an account on August 2, and for the first time now I have been able to log on again using that account. Getting nowhere at ID verification, still REST errors while updating account address and phone number though. - I noticed something new since Nov. 6: Error messages implemented! Now when a REST call times out or ends with an error, the user actually gets to see an error on the screen - and the advice to try again after 30 mintues. Great. As there are still a lot of REST errors, this may lead to a worse end user perception initially. The thing is that we are witnessing a site in development, while trying to use it. - Ms. Bataille, is it too much to assume that HHS considers communications a two way street? I sure hope that the user feedback provided on these pages is forwarded to the team that is managing the development process. I would suggest that it would be very helpful to identify the most pressing issues.
Submitted by James Wimberley on
The "software release" is good optics. Why not number them? When can we expect some responsiveness on this site? Hello? Hello? Is anybody there? Not a reply to everything - "hung up since October 1" is too big - but a lot of the comments here are quite specific questions or suggestions that could and should be answered..
Submitted by george on
and we as people who have wasted our time with a site that is still broken should care (i know its the site because i have a kickass i.s.p, and i'm on a brand new computer with absolutely no corruption) perhaps the site will be useable in august of 2020
Submitted by mitch on
What a republican thing to say!
Submitted by Ted on
I have been stuck at Identity Verification Pending since Oct.2. I called Experian and was assured that the next time I logged in verification would be done, it wasn't and continued to show pending. I have repeatedly submitted the required documents and received the response that I will be notified by email when the process completed. I see on my Profile that I have a message regarding verification but where is the message available to view? Frustrating because I'm one of the ones insurance is dropping because my policy had caps that didn't comply.
Submitted by peter on
I am experiencing the exact same problem!! Identity verification has been pending since the first week of Oct. Have submitted documents multiple times but nothing has changed...Now that I am able to finally log-in again, after weeks of trying, My application remains int the "pending " state....Also, my profile says that I too have a message regarding verification, but the message is not there. I will also lose my coverage as of 12/31/13 because it does not comply. Maybe someone should work on each case individually to identify specific problems and try to get applicants moving forward and out of this state of limbo that a lot of us seem to be in.
Submitted by Dan on
My Application is back and allowing me to populate it. The site is still slow to save and progress, but it is progressing and my app process is finally moving forward
Submitted by Boehner on
Keep up the good work. American people are behind you 100%. I for one am looking forward to signing up for Obamacare. - John Boehner
Submitted by mitch on
Submitted by Anthony Weiner on
I'm with you, John!