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An Update on HealthCare.gov

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Today, we provided an operational update on the status of HealthCare.gov.  In terms of the user experience today, we are seeing slowness in the Marketplace application and some users are having difficulties with log-ins.  We are working now to identify the root causes and put in place repairs as soon as possible.  

There is still a lot of work to do, but our efforts to improve and enhance HealthCare.gov continue to progress.  Overnight, the team added a new software release that included dozens of fixes. These focused on improving the user experience and agent and broker processes.

Specifically, these fixes included:

  • Improvements to the HealthCare.gov Marketplace application. For example, enabling consumers to input and properly save income and citizenship information so that they can smoothly continue through the process. 
  • Improvements that allow individuals and agents and brokers to locate partially completed applications more easily, and complete the process more efficiently. 
  • Enhanced notifications to consumers to help them know whether they have correctly input their information. 

Last night’s software release was another important step as the team continues to focus on making the site work better for consumers who are looking for affordable, quality health coverage, as well as addressing key punch list items that improve the site’s backend functionality.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Patricia on
I'm stuck at this point also. When I open "View Eligibility Results" I get a blank page with a web address that has the word /null/ as the last word in the address. This has been my situation since my application was processed in the middle of October.
Submitted by JenMarie on
I have the exact same situation. Processed on the 16th of October, and every single day since then have had the /null link open. The people in the call center can't even deal with it. It's been a month now....what gives? :/
Submitted by Dennis on
Agree the team should be getting user feedback. I have been trying to get ID approval since uploading drivers license Nov 2 having started app process Oct 2. Call center said it would take 24 to 48 hours for approval. Now saying it will take 1 to 2 weeks. Was offered opportunity to create another application. Tried that and now the call center says they have no record of the app. In my opinion the system is terminal.
Submitted by Beverly on
I am stuck at the verification process. I am ready to purchase insurance and can't get past the verification. Even the chat people cannot help me. I keep being told to try again. Very frustrating.
Submitted by paul on
There should be a place where you can ask questions and get some answers, the phone line and live chat are worthless. They have no answers only scripts. I am signed up, been through all the plans, got my eligibility email and pdf and the marketplace gives me prices without the premium tax credit. Do I start over or what? Who can help us figure out what is wrong?
Submitted by Doreen on
Yes - the famous red error box that tells you to call with the Error ID listed, only THERE IS NO ERROR ID LISTED. My insurance is going to run out on DECEMBER 31. I can log in with user ID and password. My applications is "IN PROGRESS". I have already received five communications giving me my subsidy amount that I cannot access any longer on the site. My insurance is going to run out on DECEMBER 31......
Submitted by Randy on
I can't even create an account, let alone an application. The system will not accept my security question answers. All three answers are different and distinct, but the error message says they are not and an account cannot be created at this time.
Submitted by Jim on
I applied on Oct 7th after approx 10 hours of computer time, and was given a verified ID and told my application was approved. I could see the plans avail to me in Pa. Tonight I tried to see the plans and couldn't get them, also told my application was incomplete. Tried to finish application and had to start from step 1. After getting to the summary of the 1st section (after waiting about 30-90 seconds between each save), the system crashed. Start again. Another crash. Start again. Tried online chat. Got excuse of tech glitches (again), apologies (again), and promise of working to resolve (again). Suggested I contact CSR. CSR recommended re-doing application and working with online chat. Gave excuse of tech glitches (again), apologies (again), and promise of working to resolve (again). I dutifully tried to resume my application (again). I was told there was site problems, try in 30 mins. After 3 hours of wasted time (again) I decided to write back on this grand design while waiting for things to start working, sometimes (again).
Submitted by Dan on
TypeError: this.modelIndApp is undefined https://www.healthcare.gov/marketplace/auth/MS/en_US/myAccount.js Line 8449 on page https://www.healthcare.gov/marketplace/auth/MS/en_US/myAccount?appId=?????????#applications where ? is replacing my appld.
Submitted by Gary on
Can't log in after advanced control unlocked my account and reset my password. After entering the sign in name and password the program returns to the log in screen. I was supposed to get return call today about this but did not get the call. Very frustrating. Been at this since Oct 1st
Submitted by Cindy on
I have completed the application, and now that I have chosen the plan I want to enroll in, everytime I log in and click on the Get Insurance tab, it tells me I already have an application on file in my state, which is correct. If I click again on the Get Insurance tab it takes me back to main page, and I am logged out. When I have been logged on it also states I have a message waiting for me, where is that message? It seems I checked the box that stated I wanted all correspondence sent to me via email regarding my application. I have called the help line and they cannot get any further than I do. GET WITH it People!!!!
Submitted by Tom on
Technical problems aside, you could reduce your server load by a large percentage by serving your static content (i.e. images) from a CDN like Amazon S3. It would enable you to accept a larger traffic load with much less memory overhead.
Submitted by John on
It's been 3 weeks since I uploaded identity AND mailed in identity. And I STILL have not been verified ! If the connection to Experian would have worked, none of this would have happened ! Now I have a incomplete application, LOST in the verification world. GOD knows when I'll be verified, or maybe it's just lost in the jumble of garbage that is Healthcare.gov
Submitted by Maryam K on
I would like to know what happen with my application. I apply on November 2, 2013 after two week trying to get in. Finally I did it.
Submitted by Jess on
When you tell me my Eligibility Results are ready, don't have me download an 11-page, BLANK pdf.
Submitted by ANA on
Excellent Reply. Just comment will be review, and MAYBE will be published. We do not need Publishers, just send it to right people at IT department.
Submitted by ANA on
I just Log In, 3 times, always I see ANA in the right upper corner.next to Log Out. About 2 hours ago, i was in the middle of the application process and suddenly stopped, and it reads STATUS: In progress.and ID # , I Chat In, but she said I have to wait. My question was for What? She said, don't worry it is SAVED. Wait 30 minutes. I am still waiting. I hope tomorrow I will be able to finish it. Sweet dreams.
Submitted by Richard on
According to Sebilious, felons may be taking this info as part of their duties at HHS. When can we be assured that information provided will be privacy protected. Will NOT apply until we can be assured that information will be shared by other governmentagencies.
Submitted by jdf on
and you're going to believe anything they say?
Submitted by carlos on
I fiil out the application and when I got to the "end" I was directed to review the info entered; that consisted of going over each and every page that I filled out and click "save and continue', when I got to the page that shows the ss #, it displayed it x-out showing only the last 4-digits; when I clicked on the "save and continue" the system rejected the page indicating and invalid format for the ssn...the software is still not working and the "fix it" efforts are but a spit in the ocean. Hard to believe that this is the result of 3-years of work
Submitted by Sally on
I almost completed an application online in October--but my identity wasn't verified. I did complete an application by phoning the call center. I still cannot log in to the website. I am kicked back to the login page--no matter what time of day or night.
Submitted by Karen on
Why are they even leaving the site "up". It doesnt work. Ive been trying since day one, and even if you get through the application process, the information is messed up. Why wouldnt they just shut the site down for 2 weeks or so, and work on it 24/7 , to try and get it working better, sooner! Why Wouldnt they do that?
Submitted by joe on
Wow, you guys are geniuses. Keep up the good work!
Submitted by Arlene on
Is there a specific fix being worked on for individuals who have a Marketplace account but have received an identification verification error? We received this error on 10/6/13 and mailed a copy of the required state ID card which should have been received at your office in London, Ky. on 10/11/13. A copy of this was also uploaded via the computer on the Marketplace account on 10/17/13. When we log into our account, the application status is still shown as "in progress". We were advised that an E-mail would be sent to us when the ID problem had been resolved. So far we have heard nothing else. Can anyone give an estimate of how much longer it will take to clear up this ID error? I am starting to feel like that people with these ID problems are getting "lost in the shuffle" and all the corrective action emphasis is being given to speeding up the new application process.
Submitted by Mike on
I am still stuck on the dental option. This has been the same for a couple of weeks now. It won't let me opt out of the "optional" dental coverage. Please get this fixed soon, I'm getting tired of logging in every day to see if it was fixed.