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An Update on HealthCare.gov

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Today, we provided an operational update on the status of HealthCare.gov.  In terms of the user experience today, we are seeing slowness in the Marketplace application and some users are having difficulties with log-ins.  We are working now to identify the root causes and put in place repairs as soon as possible.  

There is still a lot of work to do, but our efforts to improve and enhance HealthCare.gov continue to progress.  Overnight, the team added a new software release that included dozens of fixes. These focused on improving the user experience and agent and broker processes.

Specifically, these fixes included:

  • Improvements to the HealthCare.gov Marketplace application. For example, enabling consumers to input and properly save income and citizenship information so that they can smoothly continue through the process. 
  • Improvements that allow individuals and agents and brokers to locate partially completed applications more easily, and complete the process more efficiently. 
  • Enhanced notifications to consumers to help them know whether they have correctly input their information. 

Last night’s software release was another important step as the team continues to focus on making the site work better for consumers who are looking for affordable, quality health coverage, as well as addressing key punch list items that improve the site’s backend functionality.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Charley on
I agree w/Richard. Please FIX the View Eligibility Results. I've been waiting since Oct 9
Submitted by Harvey on
Invalid links to Keystone or Independent Blue Cross: Page of Plans: (Logged on for PA Montgomery County) Summary of Benefits Provider Directory Result in Sorry We Cant Find... Error from: https%3A//www.healthcare.gov/marketplace/auth/PA/en_US/www.ibx.com/ffm/directories However, the URL at the end works: www.ibx.com/ffm/directories
Submitted by June on
I STILL can't get through the application. I am stuck at the Additional Information section and the "next" button does not function. I can't open a new application because the system will only accept 1 application for IL. I can't delete my current application and start again. Don't the tech people get that forcing people to keep trying their own attempts to fix the problems by making multiple accounts or applications is only clogging the system and making a bad situation worse?? Either shut down the whole system and don't re-open until you have it fixed or work on a way to delete old applications and let everyone who is stuck start over, perhaps on a rolling basis so that the system won't overload and crash. Hello? Hello? Is anybody listening (besides the NSA)?
Submitted by FRANK on
I have completed the application process and am waiting to see if I am going to be accepted on Medicaid or need to purchase insurance. I am still not sure if I can see what it would cost me for insurance before I hear about acceptance into Medicaid. I am not trying to get Free stuff, just willing to pay a lower monthly premium.
Submitted by Tracey on
I sill can go sp far up to my income and its stuck up at that page so please fix this I need my health insure.
Submitted by Tommy on
When I click "verify now" to verify my identity and it takes me to a page that says, "Sorry, we can't find that page on HealthCare.gov" -- how am I ever going to be able to use this site? I have FIVE WEEKS to get a new policy because mine has been cancelled and I can't get any further in the site than I could five weeks ago. I support the ACA, but this is awful...
Submitted by GEORGIA on
Submitted by patricia on
I viewed my eligibility results and I may be eligible for Illinois Family care but I have to wait for a final decision. That was Oct 11th. I want coverage by Jan. 1st even if I have to pay but now when I go to the site I can only look at plans. I can't pick any plans apparently until this determination is made, but I'm scared it won't be in time. I'm paying for substandard insurance and don't want to pay for it through January. I'm probably going to receive one of those notices I heard about but what to do now?
Submitted by Ann on
My incomplete application "thinks" that there are 3 members of my household - all of them me! I cannot delete the ghost members. The best thing they could do for all of these applications that are caught in loops is to create a "start over" button that would delete the erroneous cookies that are a part of the log in. Phone support urges the applicant to give up and submit a new application by phone. Based on this experience, it is hard to trust that approach.
Submitted by Twisty on
My application is "in progress". When I click on the link to view my application, I am told that it is incomplete and that I need to finish it. I re-do the application. I get all the way to the end, then am told that I need to be "verified." My profile page, however, says that I AM verified. I attempt this every couple of days when I have 20 minutes to waste, but am stuck in a continuous loop, and have yet to view a single insurance plan. So frustrating for a model American citizen whose only wish is to comply with the laws of my beloved homeland.
Submitted by Heather on
I am also stuck "in processing"
Submitted by Sherry on
I have entered and completed my application three times! Screen says your eligibility results are ready yet it wont allow me to open! Yet every time I click on Application Results it says more information is needed and hasn't saved ANY of the information I have entered repeatedly!
Submitted by Wanda on
It says I have unresolved issues on my application but I have been trying for weeks to see what they are and fix them. I need to get insurance this month for my daughter and myself to avoid increases in her old policy that is now incrreases 75% in premiums with less coverage because of obamacare.
Submitted by Saul Lugaro on
I Created an account on October 1,2013. After that time, I get an access denied by the wave site, telling me that I don't have permission to access this server. Trying to find the problem I discovered that there are millions of people having this problem. It sounds like someone is sabotaging the marketplace wave sites. Saul Lugaro saul
Submitted by janice on
have tried numerous times since oct. 1 to complete application, tried by phone numerous times, completed an application today only to find out at the very end that the system was down...why dont you just tell people at the beginning that its not working instead of wasting their time.
Submitted by Name withheld on
Why in the world can't we see the deductibles for the plans on the browse function pre-enrollment?
Submitted by R.W. on
After clicking the " show cost reduction plans " and saving that option, I went through the process and picked out a plan. After completing the application, it now shows that the option was not saved and we now do not have the tax credit applied to our premiums. We have tried online and call support mulitiple times a day for a week and get a different story each time. One told us to cancel the coverage, yet the link to do that is a dead URL so we couldn't. The next one told us that if we cancelled it, we would not be able to reapply til Oct. of 2014. The next 10 told us the would escalate our case and they would fix it. After 2 hours on hold, I was told there is no way to fix the errors caused by the website and we are now stuck with coverage and no tax credit, which we need to afford the policy. They said to contact our new insurance provider and they might be able to fix it since the ACA cannot correct an error caused by their website.Our new insurance company informed us that not one new ACA member has been added to their database due to website issues and they cannot apply the tax credit either and only the ACA website agents can fix the mistake that the errors in the ACA website caused.
Submitted by Helen on
Another strong argument for a "Delete & Start Over" button. I am sorry to hear that you are stuck and wish you the best of luck.
Submitted by Louis on
Still broken. When I log in, I click on the "Get Insurance" tab. I get redirected to the Home page and I am being asked to log in again. One big circle... When I go to live chat, they tell me to call for assistance. I call the number provided and all they tell me is to try the site at a latter time. Suggesting I call when most people are asleep. The run around is what is agravating... If it broke, say it is broke... don't keep telling people to jump through hoops. We get enough lies from our Government as it is..
Submitted by felix on
i get this error at login.... tfeUser ToolGetFFE User PrincipalGetFirstName...please help thanks
Submitted by JEP on
Hello, is anyone listening? Unless you get this thing working, come Jan 1st, I won't have any HC insurance. My application has been hung up since 10/8 as "pending". I've called the 800 number and spoken to representatives at least 10 times and each time they tell me to be patient and to try back again. The last time I called, they said they would have a "specialist" call me in 2 to 5 days. I'm still waiting for the call. For those who say this site is getting better, they're either very lucky or they're working for the Obama administration. Have to wonder if this is like the IRS and they're targeting people based on their political beliefs. Whether true or not, one has to wonder based on the lies that have been told by these people.
Submitted by Alan on
I filled out the paper application and sent it in a few weeks ago. Today I get an e-mail from healthcare.gov telling me I have a message on my site and to log in and read id. I click the link to log on enter my user name and password site opens but nothing is diaplayed. Just show my profile my application and coverage is nothing and does not open, Hoe do I get my message?
Submitted by pat on
I am convinced that there is never going to be a fix.
Submitted by Kathy on
Here I am again to say I'm still stuck in the incomplete application, identity verifying, pending verification zone. Am I damned to this place forever? My insurance runs out in 22 days. I need to be onboard for January 1st. Can anyone there PLEASE acknowledge if this is being worked on at all or if we should start all over? The call center said my application went through, just waiting for verification. I'd hate to start over only for the first application to finally be verified. I can see progress being made, thank you!
Submitted by Richard on
Please fix the ability to open "View Eligibility Results"