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An Update on HealthCare.gov

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Today, we provided an operational update on the status of HealthCare.gov.  In terms of the user experience today, we are seeing slowness in the Marketplace application and some users are having difficulties with log-ins.  We are working now to identify the root causes and put in place repairs as soon as possible.  

There is still a lot of work to do, but our efforts to improve and enhance HealthCare.gov continue to progress.  Overnight, the team added a new software release that included dozens of fixes. These focused on improving the user experience and agent and broker processes.

Specifically, these fixes included:

  • Improvements to the HealthCare.gov Marketplace application. For example, enabling consumers to input and properly save income and citizenship information so that they can smoothly continue through the process. 
  • Improvements that allow individuals and agents and brokers to locate partially completed applications more easily, and complete the process more efficiently. 
  • Enhanced notifications to consumers to help them know whether they have correctly input their information. 

Last night’s software release was another important step as the team continues to focus on making the site work better for consumers who are looking for affordable, quality health coverage, as well as addressing key punch list items that improve the site’s backend functionality.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Crystal on
I still cannot complete my application on the site. I'm enthusiastic about the changes in the legislation, but geez, after a month and a half, it'd be nice to have a working website. Just sayin. PS the chat support is worthless.
Submitted by Jim on
Coverage is available with a paper application, just call. Lets all calm down. Use a paper application if you must but get your insurance. I'm bothered by all the political negativity by those who like junk insurance. Yes the web site is not working. That is no excuse, just call. Insurance covers pre existing conditions, no life time benefit cap. This is the greatest chsnge in healthcare. Insurance comannies can't take your money then deny coverage. No more junk insurance.
Submitted by Dan on
Thank you. The issues with the website do NOT represent the new healthcare law. They'll get the site fixed. Let's not forget the crappy system we all had prior to Obamacare.
Submitted by Rhonn on
Thanks Jim for your comments! I too feel the same way! Instead of complaining, Gee...we hold be thankful! THAT finally we going to have a system that won't drop US for pre-existing conditions (as an example)!!! It just drives me crazy hearing about "how people are going to get dropped"! Chances ARE...they did not really like the insurance they were carrying! I'm sure if you really asked them about their so-called insurance... They probably told you that they got it because they need something for their family, or because it was the cheapest plan their company offered....and so on! WHAT I haven't heard is WHY are these insurance companies actually canceling their existing policies!! I wouldn't be surprised if the big giant insurance carriers along with the lobbyist in DC, where in this together....simply to put a flaw.....to make the A.C.Act simply put look bad as it is being spread today! Either way....I'm happy for it, and eventually this too shall pass!
Submitted by Janice on
Cancelling mine because it doesn't meet ACA standard requirements (Doesn't have Pediatric Dental, or Maternity coverage). I don't need either, I'm over 60 years old.
Submitted by Ramanathan on
Since 11/6 there are no updates. Does that mean no work done? No progress made?
Submitted by James on
Let the participating insurance carriers completely enroll people without having to used the defective healthcare.gov. They can also award the subsidy(the only thing healthcare.gov does anyway)and any discrepancies can be addressed in the enrollee's 2014 tax return.Get us off healthcare.gov .
Submitted by James on
There needs to be internal tech support. Once logged in, if you try to research any issue, you get taken to a page where... you're logged out. There also needs to be compitability for all browsers. There's a reason tech savvy individuals shy away from Explorer.
Submitted by Anonymous on
My application remains in the "pending " state....my profile says that I too have a message regarding verification, shows I submitted all I need to but that's it, step 4 says to select dental coverage but cant even do that... and step 5 is locked
Submitted by Brittany on
it shows I have summited my income and citizen status and it has been 4 weeks and cannot go any further..have not heard anything back....I click on application status to resolve issues they say I have it nothing shoes up..
Submitted by sgm on
Ms. Bataille you said in post and i quote: "... For example, enabling consumers to input and properly save income and citizenship information so that they can smoothly continue through the process..." Unfortunately, it is this section that is NOT WORKING!!! Please check your comments before posting them online...The mess continues...
Submitted by Doug on
Anyone who has worked on a major software system release or upgrade that has gone badly (I have) is right there with you on this. (Ask Western Digital how the Apple OSX Mavericks upgrade is going.) As we all know, it's not a matter of whether it will get fixed, but when. Keep at it. Slow down to avoid rework, and keep informing people at responsible intervals. Not all of us out here are freaking out. Keep up the good work.
Submitted by Will on
I got through the whole application and submitted it. I promptly got an "Eligiblity Notice" which is completely wrong! The Notice denies me the use of tax credits and doesn't allow my wife to purchase through the site at all! The Lead Navigator for Alaska assures me that this is due to a glitch which miscalculates when couples enter their incomes and ages. According to CNN the glitch registers that you are both single instead of married and enters your age wrong. So, now I had to send in a paper Appeal form by snail mail! I'll never hear back from them in time! DON'T APPLY ON THE WEBSITE TILL THE GLITCHES ARE FIXED!
Submitted by Layla on
I was finally able to get my log in information where I could come back on and finish my application, and save it hopefully. (This is the fourth time since Oct,1 that I had to start a new application) I was unable to see any plans available in Texas based on my application information and unable to enroll. I was notified that I should be available for Medicaid and my application info would be sent to them. I very much doubt that Texas will ever accept the Medicaid plan and would like to start an insurance plan on January 1st since I have a pre-existing condition (Diabetes) and can not get other insurance in Texas. It now says I can have only one application pending in my State (Texas) is the Medicaid application stop me from seeing and/or buying a Marketplace plan. Will I have to wait longer?
Submitted by Brian on
Again, the login page just refreshes without actually logging me in when I attempt to login. This is occurring in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. I give up and I doubt the site will be up and working by Nov. 30th.
Submitted by Dot on
I filled out the application and it got stuck during my review and wouldn't advance. I called the Marketplace number and the representative accessed my application and supposedly completed and submitted it. While she was in there she noted that some of the fields were empty even though I had not left any unanswered. I got an email saying I had a message and found a red bar with a link to Application Details but the link didn't work. The hand showed up but nothing happened when I clicked on it.
Submitted by Kathy on
UPDATE on MY progress. I did what some have suggested and started another account with my husband's name and an alternate email address. Everything went right through, I got my eligibility info and hopefully I'll be able to get into the plans and prices as soon as I update something they asked for. IE kept crashing, so switched to Firefox and it was much better. I truly believe that all of our applications waiting for identity verification will never be able to be retrieved. Try starting over if you're still stuck waiting to be verified.
Submitted by pat on
I haven't been able to log on since 10/29/13 how the heck can 17000 peoples a day get registered am I unlucky or the political lies are never going to stop.Please shut down site and start over again or give back my old policy.
Submitted by Rebecca on
I have not noticed ANY improvements in the last ~ 30 of the 40 days the Marketplace has been functioning! Screen is still freezing up after any info is entered,& info is NOT being saved. Really, how dare there be any deadlines in place for people to sign up! I did a telephone application on Oct 4 & have(of course) not received any kind of acceptance through that means. I have logged into my account every day since Oct 1, re-inputing data & have gotten nowhere!! Improvements??? Come on..........nonsense!
Submitted by Mac on
Thank you, I like the Subsidy Calculator you now have on the site! As a single 30 year old person in Northern Wisconsin working for $7.25 per hour, I will be able to get health care Ins for $302 per year or $25 per month. I have never been able to buy health insurance before. At this time, I am not able to login to my account that was created in August! I will continue to check the site every day!
Submitted by Malcolm on
I created an account before the site went live on Oct 1st. Now when I try to login it returns me to the login page. Is this issue being corrected? Are others having this problem or is it just my account?
Submitted by Anonymous on
Keep up the tough work to make things better!
Submitted by Anonymous on
They say that the ObamaCare web site and database can be easily hacked, and that there is no security for our Social Security Numbers, Credit Cards, and all the rest of our personal information. Why would anyone give out this information to a web site that has a broken front door, and a back door that is wide open?
Submitted by Jon on
Great topic! None the less, any data that travels through the ether can be hacked by any competent computer geek. Just ask the federal Department of Defense, AT&T, Sprint, federal VA , the CIA, the Pakistani Security Service, Chinese Intelligence etc. There is no question that the HealthCare.gov web site is a mess. It WILL get fixed! When it does, I feel the front door/back door concerns will be no riskier that any other computer based service-federal or otherwise. What's inside the web site is too important to allow technical issues (big ones!) to be politicized by politicians so far to the right that they could be convinced the earth is flat. Cheers
Submitted by Jack on
Your message sounds like you need to turn off Fox News and get correct information from this website! You should live in Wisconsin where our Gov will not help anyone!