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An Update on HealthCare.gov

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Today, we provided an operational update on the status of HealthCare.gov.  In terms of the user experience today, we are seeing slowness in the Marketplace application and some users are having difficulties with log-ins.  We are working now to identify the root causes and put in place repairs as soon as possible.  

There is still a lot of work to do, but our efforts to improve and enhance HealthCare.gov continue to progress.  Overnight, the team added a new software release that included dozens of fixes. These focused on improving the user experience and agent and broker processes.

Specifically, these fixes included:

  • Improvements to the HealthCare.gov Marketplace application. For example, enabling consumers to input and properly save income and citizenship information so that they can smoothly continue through the process. 
  • Improvements that allow individuals and agents and brokers to locate partially completed applications more easily, and complete the process more efficiently. 
  • Enhanced notifications to consumers to help them know whether they have correctly input their information. 

Last night’s software release was another important step as the team continues to focus on making the site work better for consumers who are looking for affordable, quality health coverage, as well as addressing key punch list items that improve the site’s backend functionality.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Jonathan on
I've been trying to sign up for months, spent countless hours on the phone with a 'Navigator' in person. No one can get our application through. Tonight, I discovered that the system is giving a bogus message about the verification system being down, when in fact it is glitching on verifying my wife's identity. She is a legal permanent resident with a drivers license, social security card, and tons of credit cards. Experian is also no help. Pathetic, epic fail! All we want is coverage, and we can't get it!
Submitted by cathy on
eligibility results screen still does not work, getting error code 400
Submitted by Buck on
My application was competed in mid-October. The 'view eligibility results' still does not work. I spoke to their representatives countless times without results. Their Advanced resolution center never called back. I was eventually told the results on the phone. I asked for the results to be sent to me by email. Nothing has occurred. It is very clever on their part. Without a hard copy to view their reasoning behind a rejection, you cannot effectively appeal it.
Submitted by caine on
"You have a notice available about your identity verification." Really? How do I view that? Can't fill in Profile required info without getting the "try again in 30 minutes" error note either. Who there thinks this is an improvement from day one when I had the exact same problems? This site design is horrible. Why do I have to create an account, fill out an app and have my ID verified BEFORE I can even see what my options are? Shouldn't I be able to shop and then pick an option and then send my app directly to the Insurance company? WAY OVER-THOUGHT!
Submitted by netmeg on
This is positively Kafkaesque. I have had five phone conversations and four online chats. I've spent over 90 minutes on hold over the past 24 hours, only to be disconnected when I finally get an agent. I've created three accounts now (because for some reason it couldn't verify my identity until the third account, even though they all were exactly the same except for the user id) I've created and removed five different applications, all to no avail. I simply can't spend anymore time on this. I keep getting a message that I have a notice available about my Marketplace eligibility, but I can't access it (after Googling it, it appears to be related to a question about smoking - but I was never asked any questions about smoking, and there's no way to go back to the application and find a question about smoking) I click on my application, and it tells me it's incomplete and needs to be completed. I click that and it tells my my application is complete. When I click on the next step there, I go back to the blue screen that says I have application details issues. But I click on THAT and it says my application is complete. How am I supposed to get out of this tenth circle of Hell? I can't even reach an agent - and the last "chat" agent I talked to said that what I was describing to her wasn't possible. I've been developing ecommerce sites for almost twenty years, and specialize in usability issues - and I've *never* seen anything like this. So I've given up. I just can't spend any more time on this. And I won't be paying any fine either. I support the ACA, I was really hoping this would work, but ... it's WAY not ready for prime time. Hope I don't get sick.
Submitted by Roy on
I see the notification that "You have a notice available about your Marketplace eligibility", but I can't see how to view that notice.
Submitted by Anonymous on
I had the same problem. When I asked about it in the live chat they told me I can call customer service and they can tell me what the notice says. Customer service has a minimum 40 min wait time. Once I waited an hour only to find out I needed tech support who had their own 40 min wait time. I gave up then and there.
Submitted by Debbie on
I find this the most frustrating as it seems like an easy fix. Why aren't they noticing?? It now says I have two notifications and there is no way to access them that I can find. When I ask the live chat, obviously it is not live as they have pat answers - apply over phone. get an app mailed. sorry for the inconvenience.
Submitted by Kathy on
trying for over 8 wks now- I finally got to the end to comform and it would not-they said I had an older application and had to start over got to idenity and was blocked again. Deleted that one ad made new account put in my husbands name and they know him but got to eligibility and it gives error messages-was told to log out and try in 30min. yea I am on day 4 of that
Submitted by Lambaya on
I managed to get thropugh the application, and get eligibility notice online. The first one said that I am NOT eligible but my dependent son is eligible to buy insurance (with no subsidies or cost sharing). No reason how it was determined that way was given. I know that I am and my son are eligible to buy with subsidies and cost sharing, so something was wrong with the evaluation. Using exactly the same information a month later, the eligibility result says BOTH are eligible to buy insurance from the marketplace with NO subsidies or cost sharing, and they ask for documents for my citizenship / immigration status. I supplied the information while I was filling in the application. This tells me that for some reason, the server to check the immigration / citizenship status is not working, and how they calculate subsidies is not working either... I filed appeals for both, and they indicate it takes up to 90 days for them to come back to me. With the way that the things are going I would not be surprised if they do not respond at all. I wish they acknowledge each and every problem and when they will be fixed, so I do not waste my time going through the same application torture again.....
Submitted by karen on
husband has 2 plans thanks to the ACA website and no tax credit. Household income $32,000. which includes wife's social security disability. Been waiting since Nov.16. for paper application (actually was told it would be mailed on the 16th when I asked for it Nov.2.) Now am waiting for someone to call to correct errors in his account...was told 2-5 days...Good Lord, Where is the DELETE button on this website nightmare?!??
Submitted by karen on
The following case mentioned by someone is exactly what I am going through with my application. Is there anybody who might be able to give advice about case like that? "My application has been pending awaiting identity verification since week one. A phone call every week to the Advaanced Resolutions Center has acheived nothing. This morning I did as the site instructed and deleted my application. I completed a new application in less than twenty minutes and then got the message about identity verification. I successfully transmitted a copy of both sides of my drivers license and am now back to where I as eight weeks ago, waiting for my application to be accepted. I don't see that anything has changed. You just get to nowhere faster than you did eight weeks ago.''
Submitted by Jeebus on
"You have a notice available about your Marketplace eligibility." Blank plan page. This is really, REALLY poor.
Submitted by Nancy on
Glad to hear I am not the only one. My application was successfully submitted but when I click "view eligibility results" I get a blank page on firefox and an error 400 on internet explorer. Any suggestions?? Do not want to do a phone application....I like to study options and would much prefer online. Any advice???
Submitted by Steven on
My application has been pending awaiting identity verification since week one. A phone call every week to the Advaanced Resolutions Center has acheived nothing. This morning I did as the site instructed and deleted my application. I completed a new application in less than twenty minutes and then got the message about identity verification. I successfully transmitted a copy of both sides of my drivers license and am now back to where I as eight weeks ago, waiting for my application to be accepted. I don't see that anything has changed. You just get to nowhere faster than you did eight weeks ago.
Submitted by Brenda on
And the morning and evening were the 60th day and still no results. The one and only time I was able to access the website I created an account and 1/2 of the application before getting an error message and disconnect. In mid October I spent 45 minutes doing a phone application. Nov 1st I started calling every few days for status because I had not received a letter of eligibility, always being assured that it was 'in process'. This week I called and asked to speak to a supervisor who informed me that my phone application had an 'error' that they could not fix and I would need to start over again with a phone application. She could not tell me why I was repeatedly told that it was 'in process' with no mention of a fatal error. If there are others out there who are past due for an eligibility letter I would encourage you to demand to speak with a supervisor and get the real scoop on where you stand -- which in my case is apparently at the back of the line. This system is never going to work because they are relying on 'navigators' and volunteers to do work that should be done by trained staff in local offices. The poor pitiful volunteers are having to work on a "space available" basis at public facilities with variable space, equipment and privacy. This is not just a six month enrollment problem as there will be continual updates for life events such as births, deaths, moving to a different state, and next October we will all have to attempt to 'shop' once again as the policies and premiums will change. For the segment of the population that does not have high speed internet and a laptop the obstacles are daunting. Many do not have the resources to hit the two hour window on Wednesday afternoon when help is available at the local library. What I see is a plan written by someone who has no clue about how the world operates outside the beltway.
Submitted by Rachel on
Same problem. This message: You have a notice available about your Marketplace eligibility. Can't find the notice, and every time I click to enroll I get an error message.
Submitted by William NC on
I have successfully verified my identity three times and am still locked out because (wait for it) my identity needs to be verified. Experian agents will not even talk to you without some mysterious "reference number". Some of the phone and chat agents at Healthcare.gov are aware of this thing called "reference number" but they don't have a clue where it might be found. So in summary - we are required by law to buy health insurance - insurers have priced policies out of range for many without benefit of subsidies - subsidies are only available through the Marketplace - access to the marketplace is only possible with identity verification - identity verification is only possible with a reference number - reference numbers do not exist. Good job!
Submitted by Brandon on
Wow, you covered my problems and thoughts word for word!
Submitted by howard on
I cannot view eligibility results. Always get a blank screen
Submitted by Katie on
My application has been processed and I can pull up an Adobe file that is supposed to have my results. On the page where the results should be, there is a table and it says you results are listed below. But the table is empty... It's been over a month now.
Submitted by larry on
Same problem. Every time I try to View Eligibility Results, I get a blank page. Tried several different browsers, made sure pop-ups weren't being blocked, still no go. What a mess!
Submitted by Voter53 on
Count me as one of the "eligibility detail deprived". Got the app done on Oct 25. 30+ days of the same damn blank screen! How about sending us an update? Even airlines do! How difficult would it be to communicate to us how to work around the block? The President is disappointing us again by not making heads roll for this level of incompetence. His legacy...
Submitted by Adam on
Hi... Submitted application on Oct. 23. Had an application status of "in progress" for a month. Finally got a status of "complete" but when I click "View Eligibility Results" button it brings me to a blank screen. I've been trying a few times a day for a few weeks. Always blank. I called the support line and the said that when they try to access my results they get a blank screen too and there is nothing they can do about it and then they thank me for my patience. I am starting to not have any patience left. My results are in limbo. Is there another agency to contact? Someone has the results somewhere.
Submitted by Anonymous on
The deadline is approaching- I am a healthy young adult and want to buy healthcare! But all I get, day after day, is a blank page where my results should be. So how am I expected to sign up when the site still doesn't work?!