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Ongoing Software Fixes to Improve User Experience

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Last night, we added several dozen software fixes to the HealthCare.gov website, as we continue to make steady progress towards ensuring that the site works smoothly for the vast majority of users by the end of November. These fixes address key functions of the site:  improving user experience; improving the enrollment process; and improving the workflow for agents, brokers and call center representatives.

Here are a few examples of last night’s fixes in each category:

  • First, to improve the user experience we’ve streamlined the site by removing potentially confusing screens and displays and adding helpful icons and calendar functions.
  • Second, to improve the enrollment process, several fixes focused on ensuring that information is correctly provided to  users as they navigate through the site, so that people can move more efficiently and effectively through the enrollment process, and can be assured that the input they provide to the system is displayed properly.
    We’ve also made changes to the summary and the review sections of the application so that information is displayed in a more user friendly manner. For example, records now show which coverage is being cancelled for a member—something particularly important to ensuring accuracy of 834 notices.
  • Third, to improve the workflow for agents, brokers and Call Center representatives, we undertook further improvements overnight to make it easier for them to work through the site.  For example, now Call Center representatives can get to Plan Compare without going through the entire application, again.  Additionally, Call Center representatives now no longer receive error messages when a search result does not return any records.

We experienced a 3 hour outage on the site on Wednesday afternoon, as well as a brief outage of 10 to 15 minutes Tuesday afternoon.  We understand how frustrating this is for users.  But it’s important to note that while HealthCare.gov is working better every day, there will be times when, like every website, it will not perform as it should. These were examples of those times. But in each instance, the team was able to fix the issue and get the system back online. Such occasional slowdowns and unscheduled outages may continue. 

We expect to make further progress in resolving high priority issues in the coming days. We still have work to do, but as progress to date demonstrates, HealthCare.gov is getting better and improving performance and user experiences each week.  We will continue to make improvements, and we won’t stop working until every American who wants it gains access to new options for quality, affordable health coverage.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Rose on
WOW! this is so frustrating, defeating, disappointing! I have tried multiple, multiple times and am getting no where. The Call Center is completly useless. Why is the 800 number even part of the website???? Today's call was number 12 just hoping against hope that they could help me. They tell me that they can see my app but can do nothing. I can not complete my application at all. It's there and partially completed but everytime I try to complete it, I can only get so far before the site shuts down with and erroe telling me that the site is down try again. So I do, but I have to fill everything out all over again. Today, I went through the filling out over and over nightmare 9 times PRAYING each and every time that PLEASE SWEET BABY JESUS HELP THIS ONE GO THROUGH only to have that error message come up again. WHY?? WHY??? WHY??
Submitted by cathy on
cannot get past check eligibility results. clicking on it gives me an error code 400 ip address wrong. why cant I get beyond this point? says application completed check eligibility results. I have a application id number that says completed.
Submitted by John on
I get an error message every time I get to the income portion of the app. It as happened at least 6 to 8 times and I also talked to reps 3 times but they could not help. Is this a problem you are currently working on or is just my app.
Submitted by Brian on
@Glynis, I have tried multiple times to clear my cookies and cache and history from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, and I have tried a new username and email address and I have NOT been able to register a new account despite changing the spelling of my real name when trying to register a new account. I have not been able to login to the site since 11/1/13, so now going on 22 days. The customer service reps are no help, they only tell me to try back later. I seriously doubt this website will be up and running without issues by 11/30/13. I also think that it is a load of crap that we lose 2 months in the open enrollment period to sign up and are only being given and extra 8 days within the already existing timeframe for open enrollment. If I get stuck having to pay a penalty for insurance that I can't sign up for or because I couldn't sign up during the open enrollment due to these glitches, this government is going to hear about it. I cannot afford anything extra out of pocket right now, and that goes doubly for something that is caused by circumstances outside of my control.
Submitted by Glynis on
If you are having so much trouble then I'd suggest you go to a navigator for in person help. Find one at localhelp.healthcare.gov. Walgreens, CVS and RiteAid pharmacies nationwide are also helping people sign up. If you live in TX, OH, or FL as of Friday there is a pilot program allowing direct enrollment with insurers who will be able to give you subsidy credit when you apply. Check out valuepenguin.com or healthsherpa.com to compare plans and decide what insurer to work with in those pilot states. Those sites have plan details.
Submitted by Tricia on
Since October 19th, I've been trying to get an application correctly submitted. On November 13, I finally got an application submitted, however, due to a glitch in the system at the time I was on the phone with the rep, not all of my income was entered. I've called the toll free number for assistance, but NO ONE WILL CALL ME BACK. They keep promising to get back with me, BUT THEY LIE, LIE< LIE. My ID has been verified and I'm ready to enroll, once the application is corrected. The marketplace is a black hole!
Submitted by Tek on
Still seeing a blank page for plans. Now status has changed from in progress to completed. Sitting on this page below: https://www.healthcare.gov/ee-rest/auth/NJ/en_US/DocumentManagementEE/DocumentFromECM?fileIdentifier=null
Submitted by Dan on
Apply by Phone - IT DID THE TRICK FOR ME (but only the 2nd time around), while my 1st & 3rd Internet applications are still hung up. Yes, some bugs have been fixed, but still not all. Thankfully last nights fixes were just enough to get my phone application across the finish line, while my 2 Internet applications are still pending.........or what ever. So give the phone a try, and just maybe you'll be rewarded as well, for which I am very grateful.
Submitted by Adrian on
I have had a good experience with the Marketplace. Because of website tech-problems, I filed a paper application, which took a little longer, but still lead to a successful conclusion of eligibility and enrollment. My income (MAGI) is less than 150% FPL(federal poverty level) and I have been very pleased with the large subsidy available to people at or near my income level. I think Obamacare is the best thing to come along since the wheel or sex or anything that one could appreciate. Opinions are sure to change as more people discover the large subsidies ( both APTC & CSR) that have been included in the Affordable Care Act for middle and lower income Americans. I have already heard" too much" from people who make" too much" to qualify for subsidies. I hope to hear from more happy healthcare applicants as time progresses.
Submitted by Bob on
I have tried for 53 straight days to create an account. Nothing but error messages. Not sure how anyone in Texas could have signed up!
Submitted by Glynis on
Perhaps you should work with a Navigator in your state. To find someone in your state go to localhelp.healthcare.gov and you can search by city and state or zip code. Walgreens, CVS, and RiteAid pharmacies nationwide are also helping people enroll.
Submitted by An on
After several weeks of trying I have finally created a log in. Now when I try to sign in I cannot get past the Accept/ Decline option to accept the terms.
Submitted by Glynis on
Delete your cookies and temporary internet files before trying again. Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies. Make sure you don't have any ad or script blocking running. Try a different browser. IE, safari, and chrome are working better than firefox.
Submitted by Dan on
I completed my application Nov. 3 and promptly received notification that I can't shop for ACA-subsidized coverage because I "may" be eligible for state Medicaid. I am sure that determination is in error because my wife and I file taxes jointly and our combined income is well above the Medicaid level. After three weeks, I've heard nothing from my state despite my calls and e-mails, and the ACA website will not let me see my original application nor will it let me cancel and start over. (My original application was only for me, but now we've decided to shop for my wife, too.) I've tried the Live Chat feature twice with sadly unhelpful results. Finally—at the urging of my Live Chat helper—I called and spoke with an ACA enrollment rep today. After first believing she could help me modify my application, she decided she could not and promised a specialist will call me in 2-5 days. I'm not giving up yet. My main questions for the Healthcare.gov web people: 1) Why not make it possible for me to SEE my submitted application so I can double-check my work? 2) Why not make it possible to cancel or amend an application ONLINE?
Submitted by Mike on
Dan from Friday. I have the same problem. I've also been notified that my wife qualifies for medicaid. She does not. They tell me to file a protest. I did not cause the problem, and I could not access my application. Why is it our responsibility to undue a mess beyond our control. Thats the bad news. The good news is she now has health insurance.
Submitted by linda on
I also need to update/amend my application online..... No one can help me and the website will not let me. Please..... I just need to correct my income. Please fix!! Why can't your representatives go in and perform an update for me?????
Submitted by Kathy on
Error ID:500.806 This is the error ID I'm getting today when trying to set my tax credit amount. I don't even see anything in the box. The customer service rep said there should be a sliding scale to pick my amount. I spend so much time on this, it has become my hobby. I won't know what to do when I get to pick my plan!
Submitted by John on
I have the same problem what is the fix
Submitted by Jeff on
Awesome. I have been waiting for the plan picking part too!
Submitted by Jim on
I have also been stuck at this point. Any suggestions?
Submitted by John on
Same problem here.
Submitted by Barbara on
i am getting the same message. At first I was able to see the amount in the block over USE THIS AMOUNT now it is blank. No one has an idea at the 800 number. Still waiting for this to sort out. Almost two months and counting.
Submitted by Karen on
I am having the same problem! I used to have mine set and i had a plan chosen but not confirmed. The next day when i went to resume my enrollment i have to set my tax credit amount again and am getting the same error. Did you get yours fixed? I called in several times but they don't seem to understand what i am saying.
Submitted by john on
There is always next year!
Submitted by Glynis on
Delete your cookies and temporary internet files then close and reopen your browser and see if that helps.