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Ongoing Software Fixes to Improve User Experience

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Last night, we added several dozen software fixes to the HealthCare.gov website, as we continue to make steady progress towards ensuring that the site works smoothly for the vast majority of users by the end of November. These fixes address key functions of the site:  improving user experience; improving the enrollment process; and improving the workflow for agents, brokers and call center representatives.

Here are a few examples of last night’s fixes in each category:

  • First, to improve the user experience we’ve streamlined the site by removing potentially confusing screens and displays and adding helpful icons and calendar functions.
  • Second, to improve the enrollment process, several fixes focused on ensuring that information is correctly provided to  users as they navigate through the site, so that people can move more efficiently and effectively through the enrollment process, and can be assured that the input they provide to the system is displayed properly.
    We’ve also made changes to the summary and the review sections of the application so that information is displayed in a more user friendly manner. For example, records now show which coverage is being cancelled for a member—something particularly important to ensuring accuracy of 834 notices.
  • Third, to improve the workflow for agents, brokers and Call Center representatives, we undertook further improvements overnight to make it easier for them to work through the site.  For example, now Call Center representatives can get to Plan Compare without going through the entire application, again.  Additionally, Call Center representatives now no longer receive error messages when a search result does not return any records.

We experienced a 3 hour outage on the site on Wednesday afternoon, as well as a brief outage of 10 to 15 minutes Tuesday afternoon.  We understand how frustrating this is for users.  But it’s important to note that while HealthCare.gov is working better every day, there will be times when, like every website, it will not perform as it should. These were examples of those times. But in each instance, the team was able to fix the issue and get the system back online. Such occasional slowdowns and unscheduled outages may continue. 

We expect to make further progress in resolving high priority issues in the coming days. We still have work to do, but as progress to date demonstrates, HealthCare.gov is getting better and improving performance and user experiences each week.  We will continue to make improvements, and we won’t stop working until every American who wants it gains access to new options for quality, affordable health coverage.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Jerry on
Experiencing the same problem. The call center is no help - this is not a technical call center as they could not explain what the error code actually meant, in fact they did not care what the error code was. Live chat is even worse. I don't understand the purpose of the call center if they can not force the application to get to the next step or tell me what I am doing that is causing the error message. If anyone has found a way to get past the Summary section, please post the procedure.
Submitted by Katherine on
I have exactly this same problem (Error Id: 500.108107, telling me to try again in 30 minutes), and it has been going on for weeks. I made every attempt to sign up on time, but it doesn't look like it's going to be possible. I won't have insurance in January because of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act -- even though I did before. That's just great.
Submitted by I hate healthcare.gov on
Yes, I get the EXACT same issue on the government website Healthcare.gov. It is THE SINGLE WORST website I have ever have ever had to use and has infuriated me to an extent like no other. After about 5 hours of trying again and again I called them, for the fourth time, and finally did it over the phone. Someone dropped the ball on this one hardcore.
Submitted by Bill on
I've been getting the same error and codes for the last month at the same point in the process. What really irritates me is that I completed the entire enrollment process with the help of the Marketplace Rep in early November and it never completed processing so I had to start all over again. It's a broken app and they won't fix it with Band-Aids - it will have to be totally re-written whether they want to admit it or not.
Submitted by Margaret on
yes steve i agree with you. the most frustrating thing is to have to redo all your answers. it is very time consuming and when you have done that over and over again, it makes you ready to give up. sorry, i have no answers.
Submitted by Dee on
"An error occurred while getting your premium tax credit information. Please try again. If you continue getting this message, call the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596. TTY users should call 1-855-889-4325. Error ID:500.806". The exact landing page this happens: https://www.healthcare.gov/marketplace/auth/FL/en_US/planCompare?a=107xxxxx1#aptcAllocation (I changed the application number in this example above).
Submitted by Robert on
2 Days to apply for coverage by January 1st and the website still doesn't work. Unbelievable! This administration should be ashamed at themselves for rolling out a product that just does not work. You have no one to blame but yourselves.
Submitted by Seth on
Error ID:500.806 is coming up for me for 3+ weeks now, called, chatted, tried lots of stuff and no one has a clue what is wrong. Really hard to comply with this mandate for insurance when the deadline is a week away and we can't physically sign up. So crazy.
Submitted by Dulce on
I have called several time, and my account has been flagged as needing help from ARC (Advanced Resolution Center).....after 30-40 waits, my calls get dropped and no one calls back. Last night they refused to send me to ARC altogether because they are aware of this glitch and don't have a solution yet.
Submitted by Freddy on
I've the exact same issue. Does ANYONE know what to do about this. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
Submitted by Maureen on
After multiple attempts to enter my application every time I go to review my status it tells me that my application is incomplete. I initially entered my SS number incorrectly but no matter how many times I try to change correct it the system will not allow the change. This has been going on now for well over a month. The system takes me all the way to verifying my identity and allows me to sign the application but will not accept the application. I have also called but got absolutely nowhere with the person I spoke to. They had no idea how to help. Why can't someone help me??
Submitted by Nancy on
I have an application that is shown as "in progress" I get a notification that I have a message about identity verification, but there is nothing to click on. I seem to be stuck in a Catch-22. Any idea when this will be fixed?
Submitted by Justin on
This same thing is happening to me. I can't seem to progress on my application. The site is just sending me in circles.
Submitted by Chester on
My health Ins. has cancelled me effective Jan1, 2014. After much trouble, with less than 3 weeks to get insurance effective before mine ends, I get to the very end and then get this: "Error ID:500.300588 There's a problem getting this plan's information. Please try again. If you continue getting this message, call the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596. TTY users should call 1-855-889-4325." No one can help me at the website's number, "it's a known bug for some time".
Submitted by Brigitte on
and apparently still is, 3 months later.
Submitted by Anonymous on
Did you ever get a reply....? I am in the same predicament...exactly. It's Dec. 23rd and I've been fighting this for over a week.
Submitted by Robert on
Same here. Application complete but won't confirm. We need tech support and updates on what is being worked on, and what happens when deadlines can't be met!
Submitted by Brandie on
Same problem here! Called the help center, tried live chat.....no answers available and time is ticking by
Submitted by Bob on
I get the same error.
Submitted by Jack on
I have been stuck at this ID: 500.300588 error for three days. Calling the Help Line did not help, because the good people who were very willing to help could not get thru the same error. One gentleman suggested to START OVER with a a brand new record. He got through. I might try that, since I have been stuck at this "very last step" for too long....
Submitted by Jack Kerins on
I have same problem but they have upgraded the message by telling us to logout and try again in 30 minutes.
Submitted by Corey S on
I got the same thing! Any resolution?
Submitted by Tina on
I experience issues progressing past the Privacy Policy when logging in as an agent recently. I select that agreement with the privacy policy and the page does not progress. Secondly, when selecting who will be covered the same issue occurs, make the appropriate selection and the page does not progress. Will there be updates to correct this issue?
Submitted by Cj on
Error code 500.806 ...stuck at a section I already complete. On another problem (I was further in the process at that point) I had my daughter originally on the policy I chose and saved. Logged back in and daughter disappeared. was told would get a call in 2-5 days. It has been 7 business day (not including weekend just to clarify since the representative was sure to bring this up when I called back on the additional problem.) Now I have the error code that I mentions which is a part of the process that I already completed. I am so confused. They say to try logging back in after December 15. I have to decide to cancel the awful policy my insurer chose for me since mine is no longer available by Dec 23...Is this going to be fixed by then? Ugh!!!
Submitted by John on
I have had the same problem for over a month. I put in my username and password, then the screen goes blank and finally appears with a blank log-in page again. I was able to log in to my account in early October. I completed the application process three or four times already. A couple of times on-line when I could log in and a couple of times by phone. I saw what financial aid I was eligible for, knew what plan I wanted but never could finish the process. Now, I can't even log in anymore. Thank You