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Ongoing Software Fixes to Improve User Experience

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Last night, we added several dozen software fixes to the HealthCare.gov website, as we continue to make steady progress towards ensuring that the site works smoothly for the vast majority of users by the end of November. These fixes address key functions of the site:  improving user experience; improving the enrollment process; and improving the workflow for agents, brokers and call center representatives.

Here are a few examples of last night’s fixes in each category:

  • First, to improve the user experience we’ve streamlined the site by removing potentially confusing screens and displays and adding helpful icons and calendar functions.
  • Second, to improve the enrollment process, several fixes focused on ensuring that information is correctly provided to  users as they navigate through the site, so that people can move more efficiently and effectively through the enrollment process, and can be assured that the input they provide to the system is displayed properly.
    We’ve also made changes to the summary and the review sections of the application so that information is displayed in a more user friendly manner. For example, records now show which coverage is being cancelled for a member—something particularly important to ensuring accuracy of 834 notices.
  • Third, to improve the workflow for agents, brokers and Call Center representatives, we undertook further improvements overnight to make it easier for them to work through the site.  For example, now Call Center representatives can get to Plan Compare without going through the entire application, again.  Additionally, Call Center representatives now no longer receive error messages when a search result does not return any records.

We experienced a 3 hour outage on the site on Wednesday afternoon, as well as a brief outage of 10 to 15 minutes Tuesday afternoon.  We understand how frustrating this is for users.  But it’s important to note that while HealthCare.gov is working better every day, there will be times when, like every website, it will not perform as it should. These were examples of those times. But in each instance, the team was able to fix the issue and get the system back online. Such occasional slowdowns and unscheduled outages may continue. 

We expect to make further progress in resolving high priority issues in the coming days. We still have work to do, but as progress to date demonstrates, HealthCare.gov is getting better and improving performance and user experiences each week.  We will continue to make improvements, and we won’t stop working until every American who wants it gains access to new options for quality, affordable health coverage.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by jim on
Sorry, an error has occurred. Please try again. If that doesn't work, log out. Error ID:500.300588 at least i've only been at it 4 days.... guess gov is incapable of fixing this
Submitted by jim on
getting same error,,, been trying 4 days.... Error ID:500.300583,, have deleted and re-entered info 12 diff times,,, even had lady do one over the phone,,, same error.. a real embarrasment our government is!
Submitted by Sherry on
I have tried since 12-14-2013 to sign up. I tried today and can only get so far and I get Sorry, There's a problem with our system Error Id 500.000888. I have wasted more than 40 hrs with this site. Please fix it!!!!
Submitted by Jervis on
Still getting error code 500.300588. One hour on help line and was informed to keep trying- it is a glitch in the technical side of things which should be fixed........sooon? Perhaps a class action lawsuit filed against the fed govt would result in a legal decision in favor of all of us who are attempting to follow the law and enroll but are unable to because the federal govt website will not allow us to enroll.
Submitted by Marissa *Psalm 83:18* NWT on
I also encountered an error code, 500.300588. I solved the problem by reentering my application and clicking edit on the "Tax Credit" portion of the application. The error was because my tax credit amount had been reduced and I needed to accept the new amount. Upon accepting, I was able to enroll and confirm my coverage, which will thankfully start January 1st 2014. Hopefully i'll receive the rest of that credit in 2014 or 2015. If not, it's fine, i'm grateful to have coverage!
Submitted by Troy on
This. I got the same error code when trying to complete my enrollment and could not proceed. I went back in to the step where you set your tax credit amount and re-approved (the amount had changed). After re-accepting the tax credit amount, the enrollment went through and I was able to submit a payment.
Submitted by tony on
This is incredibly frustrating and not only will this not get fixed the representatives act like they don't understand or they say we will have someone contact you in 5 to 7 days. I hear nothing!! I have been hung up on by countless reps who either send me to survey or they say its a 'gliche' or soem act like its my fault. I am talking well over 15 plus calls trying to get this one issue alone and its always the same thing. Error ID:500.806- its all I ever get and this has been 2 months of this non stop! PLEASE, PLEASE Get this taken care of. its December 23rd! signed, headed to life with no insurance at all!
Submitted by kimberly on
Error ID 500.300.588 on the last step of Review and Confirm Plan Selections and I am still not enrolled after working on this since Oct. PLEASE HELP US! Multiple calls, holding and holding, to be told they can't help me.
Submitted by Barry on
Keep getting the same error code. anyone know of a fix or go around?
Submitted by Marianne on
I'm wondering if the improvements include creating a fix for the error that many people are getting at the very end when they try to digitally sign. Especially since Customer Service is getting the same error and can't fix it and now the end date is tomorrow.
Submitted by Patti on
I am all done with an application I started on Oct 3. On the very last page when I hit confirm, I get the Error 500.300.583. So far, tried several times and I tried from a couple of different computers too. I'm on hold with the help line right now.
Submitted by James H on
Continually receiving Error ID:500.300520 when trying to view premiums and plan options. Application says accepted and processed, but can't get any further.
Submitted by Harvey on
Can't get past this and getting tired of being helped on the phone , sometimes 2 -3 hours at a time. Some one please figure this out , very tiring and discouraging. This system was NOT thought through and tested properly! Now up to 20 to 25 hours of useless and wasted time.
Submitted by Mike on
Same situation, apparently the representatives on the phone have only the same access privileges as us...
Submitted by Ngoc Nguyen on
I've got the same error ID. Does anyone have experience to get through it? :(
Submitted by lh on
same here .can someone help
Submitted by Jeanne on
I too am getting the error message Error ID:500.300583 when I try to complete my enrollment. By the way, I am also using Windows 8. Please fix this.
Submitted by Jeanne on
I too am getting the error message Error ID:500.300583 when I try to complete my enrollment. By the way, I am also using Windows 8. Please fix this.
Submitted by Elena G on
You need to fix this: Sorry, an error has occurred. Please try again. If that doesn't work, log out. Error ID:500.300583 I have been trying to confirm for a week and still get the same error. No time left to complete enrollment for coverage starting in January. And I am at the final step!!!! This is terrible. Called couple of times, they have no idea what to do... You need to extend the enrollment deadline for coverage in January, may be coverage can start in February. And give us time to enroll and give yourself time to fix all this!!! Nightmare!
Submitted by Doug on
I have been trying to get confirmation of my enrollment since Wednesday, December 18. I need to start coverage by Jan 1 and pay premium. Error Code ID 500. 300588 is blocking confirmation. The enrollment process continues to be challenging. I check back several times each day to retry confirmation without success.
Submitted by Z Chen on
Having this error at the last confirm page where it shows your monthly Prem cost. Application ID: Date: 2013-12-21 10:53:31 Sorry, an error has occurred. Please try again. If that doesn't work, log out. Error ID:500.300583 Please help!
Submitted by Rachel on
Same error on the last page. Called and they get the same error too. All they could tell me was to try again in 24 hours, then delete my app and try to start all over. Ridiculous.
Submitted by Martha on
I've been getting that error for two days .
Submitted by Tonya on
I am receiving the same error code. I will not be able to enroll by the 23rd. The people at the call center are totally helpless. They read from a prompt and if it is not on the prompt "uh-oh" they are incompetent in my opinion. I submitted an application in October, so much for health insurance.
Submitted by Stuart on
I have no idea if this will help anyone, since I don't know anyone's particular technical situation, but I kept getting Error ID:500.300588 constantly at the very end of the process while using our Windows 8 laptop. It didn't matter which browser I used or how clean the cache was, it just wouldn't work. So for kicks and giggles I logged out and logged into my same account on my old Vista laptop (using Chrome, if you're wondering), and it worked just fine, while using the same Internet connection. Maybe the server isn't communicating with certain operating systems? Have you tried it on a different computer perhaps? I don't know if it will work for everybody, but it would probably be worth a try.