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Progress Over the Weekend

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Over the past few weeks, we’ve made measurable progress to improve HealthCare.gov, addressing both software glitches and hardware upgrades–all of which will make a meaningful difference in the consumer experience. 

I’m pleased to say that, as of today, we’ve cleared more items from our punch list that will have a direct, positive impact on consumers using the site. The pace and quality of execution on bug fixes and hardware upgrades intensified when QSSI came in as general contractor and thanks to their management and coordination with CMS leadership and our other contractors we made progress over the weekend implementing important fixes.

Nearly half of the fixes resolved issues specifically related to issues within the application and another set of fixes focused on improving Plan Compare shopping functionality. 

Some of the most consumer-facing examples of improvements are:

  • Issues that were preventing some users from proceeding through the income information of the online application have been fixed.
  • Users can now select “weekly,” for the frequency they receive unemployment benefits.    

In the Plan Compare shopping:

  • When consumers choose a Catastrophic coverage plan, the available dental coverage for that plan now appears properly. 
  • When users save plan information in the Plan Compare section, those results now display correctly.

In addition to these software fixes that significantly improve the user experience, we also increased system capacity. This upgrade is part of an ongoing hardware improvement process that will help keep the system stable with growing volume, improving overall system performance.

We have a lot more work to do but as this work to date demonstrates, HealthCare.gov is getting better and improving performance and user experiences each week.  We will continue to make improvements and we won’t stop working until every American who wants it gains access to new options for quality, affordable health coverage.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Graham on
I did it! Some how I struggled through to the end, gave up a couple times, fought buttons that didn't look like buttons, and got enrolled in the end! Wheew.
Submitted by phil on
I have a completed verified application in since 10/14. Still cant see my plans, my credit , the amount of the co-pays, my price after the credits are applied. Nothing. No fixes apparent to me.
Submitted by Glynis on
Your eligibility notice will tell you how much subsidy credit you're eligible for. You didn't mention you couldn't login so here's a quick primer on what to do after you login. click on the words "Individual and Family Coverage" on the "what would you like to do?" page. On the next screen click on "Eligibility & appeals" to view the eligibility notice. Click on "Resume Enrollment" to go to the "Enroll To-Do List". Don't worry about what it says in the red bar, it's just a reminder. You set your eligibility subsidy on this page and click on the green "Set" button to see and compare plans. After you select a plan click on "Confirm". The greyed out "Locked" buttons will unlock after you complete the preceeding step. You have to complete each step to enroll. If you are unsure what to do next or have a question call the 800 number and a phone rep will walk you through each step. If you have a problem completing the dental section, call the 800 number and the phone rep can get around the problem and complete your enrollment.
Submitted by Tim on
The use of terms, software glitches and hardware upgrades were so wore out in the 90's. Be honest, the failure was a lack of an architectural plan and proper prioritizing what problems needed to be solved first. This resulted in a system that could not possible be successful and wasted US tax payers time/cash on software development and time wasted by testing. No quick fixes in system development, December 15th of 2014, if you are lucky. Someone needs to be fired! EX-KS governor for a start. Maybe Obama for lack of oversight.
Submitted by Linda on
If I create a new account with a new email, etc,. can I delete the original account? I really don't want two accounts floating around. How do I delete my account before creating a new one?
Submitted by Glynis on
you don't have to delete the original. Nothing will happen if you don't. It's not really in a database it's just kept in a cache the way temporary internet files are kept on your computer.
Submitted by Linda on
I was able to create an account on Oct 31, but for every day since then I get to the page to choose a plan and there is nothing there. I have the checkboxes for type of plan (Silver, Gold, Bronze, etc.) and the sort drop down box is there, but nothing shows up. I have a red box which says something about 'be sure you application is correct', but doesn't give me any more information. I have talked to the Live Chat people and they just say to wait for the web site fixes. Or they tell me to turn off the popup blocker and clean my cache. I am a programmer so I know how to tweak my browser. I have tried on other browsers and other computers. I get same result. I even tried on my iPad and the result was the same. Its not my PC or browser. There is no way to see and review my application data. Nothing tells me what, if anything, is wrong. I can't be the only person with this same problem. Please figure out why the screen stops providing information. I live in Illinois and I have received the document saying I am eligible for the healthcare exchange. My insurance is being cancelled Dec 31. I have a very short window to get insurance coverage.
Submitted by Rick on
This blog entry says - 'Some of the most consumer-facing examples of improvements are: Issues that were preventing some users from proceeding through the income information of the online application have been fixed.' I beg to differ. Every time I try to complete my application, I get to the point of entering income info and I get an error message saying 'Sorry our system is temporarily down. Try again in 30 minutes'. When I try again, I have to start at the beginning of the personal information. THIS HAS NOT BEEN FIXED. When I call the phone number contained in the error message, the representative says there is nothing she can do because if I can't get in then she can't either because she uses the same system. Try again later. I have been trying for a week at least three time a day at different times and have the same result. To err is human, to really mess things up takes the government !!!!!!!!
Submitted by Heather on
My October account still has extra dependents (three of my son, two of my husband -- husband doesn't even need coverage!!) and is still trying to get me to purchase duplicate plans. I still can't access eligibility results or see what these notices are it keeps telling me I have. I tried following the advice to set up a new account and start over... can't get past eligibility. When I click the verify link on the new account, I get: Sorry! This page cannot be found. Why can't the old, screwed up application just be deleted so I can start over? What happened to the paper application they took over the phone weeks ago?
Submitted by Glynis on
Did you delete your cookies and temporary internet files before you set up your new account? I'm assuming you're having trouble with the link in the email to verify your account? Try a different computer. Or maybe the system was down when you tried it yesterday. I did have some problems I hear. When you call the 800 number can they see the application that you did over the phone? You should be able to complete an entire application over the phone. Also, if you apply by phone first go to valuepenguin.com to compare plans and decide which you want. It has plan details on that site.
Submitted by Concerned on
And what of the Medicaid gap? 5 million people are up s!@# creek. we need action.
Submitted by Denise on
If your application has been submitted and accepted by the system (before enrolling in a plan) you cannot make a new one, even by using a another email and username.The customer service rep tried for me on the phone, and I tried myself 5 times yesterday. It crashes the system and the error "error unmarshalling the system" appears. The customer service rep and I spent two hours on the phone yesterday with this problem and she confirmed that once submitted, there is NO WAY get a new application in. You can't have two applications under the same SS number! This makes sense, in a way, but it leaves those of us who have done this basically screwed. The rep said all I could do was mail an appeal in and that she and the other reps had been told the problem will be fixed...but no date has been given to them.
Submitted by Dan on
Update: I contacted customer service on Friday and was told my application was submitted but I couldn't see it. Was told to wait another few days. I had hope!!! Well, I still can't get the "in progress" message and called customer service again today. This individual doesn't see what they saw on Friday. So, I asked how to get my case submitted to someone above the supervisors as they have been of no use. They indicate I will get a call back in 2-5 days but can't give me a ticket number or anything. I strongly believe nobody is working on any of these problems. Does anyone have any idea on who I can call in our wonderful government to discuss these problems? They stated on the news yesterday that the media is making the problems worse than they really are - I DON'T THINK SO!!!!
Submitted by Patricia on
Success!!!!!!! I solved my problem by reapplying with a new email address, new user name and password. The process from beginning to having my application processed and results sent took just an hour. What a difference from when I initially used the site back in mid October. I have chosen my plan on the marketplace. Wow!!!! I now will have premiums of only $600~ compared to the $1,700~ premiums of my old plan. Thank you, President Obama. I am a very happy lady.
Submitted by Mark on
I have to agree with everyone else. The website is definitely not fixed. Tried the 800 number again just now. That rep could see my approved eligibility (which I cannot see), but could not get any further. Kept throwing him back into an application. That is what I get as well. I've had numerous promises of having the advanced resolution team call me. No one has called. This has been going on since Oct. 7. I think we are all finding this extremely frustrating. Please hire a team that can fix these issues.
Submitted by Vanessa on
We are having issues that are preventing applicants from proceeding through the income information portion of the online application. Has this been fixed as of 11.19.13? It looks like this has been an issue in the past and was "fixed" as of 11.18.13. Should we play it safe and use the old fashioned paper application or continue to set up appointments to assist people using the on-line app.? Thank you for your feedback.
Submitted by Karl on
I think you are misleading the American People. I am a STRONG supporter of the ACA and strongly support the ACA -- However clearly Healthcare.gov is a "WEBSITE TO NOWHERE" I had an account before Oct 1st and it was a no-brainer that there were problems in setting up an account for me before Oct. 1st. I have an application, subsidy calculated, and plan picked out. HOWEVER the Enrollment button does not work, it wants me to pick TWO plans for one person. Mr. Obama if you are reading this: Please ask your people "why don't you have a way to MANUALLY enroll someone and send that info to the insurance company?" So stop the propaganda -- FIXES mean nothing to a person who has spent 30 hours trying to ENROLL in coverage. I still believe in the ACA but don't believe in the implementation to date. So don't kill the ACA just make it easier for us to ENROLL. Karl
Submitted by Beverly on
I too was having issues trying to complete my original application. I took Glynis' (you rock!!) suggestion to start over with a new email account, user name and password. I was able to complete my application and sign up for a medical plan. Several times I did get a "sorry we are temporarily down" message but was always able to log back in where I left off. Keep up hope, the system is getting better and don't delay starting over.
Submitted by Ling on
I have finished my application by 10/15. After 11/6 I call 1800 318 2516 report income will change. They told me someone will call me 2-5 day. More than 13 day still no one call me. When I log in. I see I cant report any change after 11/15/13 but it's not working. Today log in again still not working.
Submitted by Ben Heyer on
No, you have NOT solved the problem with proceeding through income!!!!!! I been stuck there for the pass 6 weeks. As of today November 19th, 2013, it still doesn't work.
Submitted by 55 on
This is all nice, but for applicants the bottom line is it still doesn't work. I have waited 49 days submitting a phone application multiple times because each time the previous one had multiple spelling errors and missing information after it has been, checked, "saved and submitted" and still no word. Don't count on Advanced resolution to call. Even when told multiple times they would call within 3-5days I never received a call. My partially filled out an abandoned web application still lists me three times and can't be edited, or restarted. One still can't view emails sent by the affordable care on the web site. The list goes on and on.
Submitted by Wayne on
As an insurance agent trying to help my clients, I have been to the website 5 times today. It is worse now than ever.
Submitted by Jim on
My application was submitted and identity verified on Oct 4. My adjusted income is very simple and easy for me to estimate. According the subsidy calculator at Kaiser, I should have a premium around 250/mo for my wife and I. Here are the problems I still have: 1. I have never been able to view the eligibility results. I have tried IE11 and Chrome, blown out all caches, turned off virus and firewall protection and pop-up blocker. I called in and they could not see it either from the help Exchange help desk. 2. My set premium tax credit only shows for my wife. Both my wife and I split our income 50/50 so we both should be getting equal split on the subsidy. It makes no difference if I choose to apply the max subsidy or zero to my wife's subsidy on the premium amounts shown for the plans. The plans always show the same premium amount. 3. My wife is 2 years younger than me and her premium is 250% higher than mine for the same plan. When I add her premium to my premium for the silver plan I want, it totals $635.15. Again, Kaiser calculator says I should be closer to $250 for both of us. 4. I have the three messages about "eligibility results" notification, but cannot find any mail in my account, nor the results. 5. I called one week ago for one of those 2-5 day calls from the experts and have not have a call yet. I have been home at the appointment window of hours for the last 7 nights. I do not wish to complicate matters by creating a new application, email, etc. as suggested because I know that they are tracking by SS number. Therefore, my plan is to wait and check each day and hope these issues get resolved. I think the ACA is a great achievement for America and hope that these problems will get fixed soon.
Submitted by Paul on
I've never been able to find out if we're eligible, therefore; never able to view the plans available. In another part of the sight, you can see the companies that are offering plans, and the prices, but there isn't a summary page attached. How hard would it have been to attach a summary page to each plan?
Submitted by Christina Sias on
I have been trying to create an account at least 3 times a day since October 1st and have yet to be able to create an account. I got different responses, but still haven't been able to create an account. Initially it was "your account cannot be created at this time." Then it was "system is down." Then it was "The user name is taken or the email address you entered is already associated with an account." Okay, if it was the email address... I typed it in and it said that "an email has been sent to you with your log in information," except no email ever showed up despite doing this numerous times. So then I tried a bunch of different user IDs... some totally ridiculous so that they couldn't possibly be taken... and still the same message. So frustrated!