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Progress Over the Weekend

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Over the past few weeks, we’ve made measurable progress to improve HealthCare.gov, addressing both software glitches and hardware upgrades–all of which will make a meaningful difference in the consumer experience. 

I’m pleased to say that, as of today, we’ve cleared more items from our punch list that will have a direct, positive impact on consumers using the site. The pace and quality of execution on bug fixes and hardware upgrades intensified when QSSI came in as general contractor and thanks to their management and coordination with CMS leadership and our other contractors we made progress over the weekend implementing important fixes.

Nearly half of the fixes resolved issues specifically related to issues within the application and another set of fixes focused on improving Plan Compare shopping functionality. 

Some of the most consumer-facing examples of improvements are:

  • Issues that were preventing some users from proceeding through the income information of the online application have been fixed.
  • Users can now select “weekly,” for the frequency they receive unemployment benefits.    

In the Plan Compare shopping:

  • When consumers choose a Catastrophic coverage plan, the available dental coverage for that plan now appears properly. 
  • When users save plan information in the Plan Compare section, those results now display correctly.

In addition to these software fixes that significantly improve the user experience, we also increased system capacity. This upgrade is part of an ongoing hardware improvement process that will help keep the system stable with growing volume, improving overall system performance.

We have a lot more work to do but as this work to date demonstrates, HealthCare.gov is getting better and improving performance and user experiences each week.  We will continue to make improvements and we won’t stop working until every American who wants it gains access to new options for quality, affordable health coverage.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Philip on
I thought nothing was happening too until I noticed a box down in the lower left corner of the border of my web browser that had the name of a pdf file. After clicking on this file name, the results were displayed.
Submitted by g on
Try getting them by clicking on the "Eligibility & appeals" link. You get there by clicking on the words "Individual and Family Coverage" on the "what would you like to do? page.
Submitted by LORI on
things just keep getting worse now because of market place employees{ive done everything on phone starting oct.1st. Now there telling me me they have the wrong street address of where I live in which I verify every time I call ,12 times. and the mis spelled my e mail address. so now I gotta wait for them to re submit there corretions and they will call me in 2 to 5 days but really longer because they are busy. I don't really know much how to use computers is why I called them and I told them this. I really don't know what to do next at this point.do they really have my phone no. or not? I even have an insurance navigator that cant get me on because of the market place employees mistakes not the intrernet.
Submitted by Glynis on
call the 800 number and tell them you want to do a new application. If you never got as far as selecting a plan then they should be able to do start over. your navigator could help you look at plans on the valuepenguin.com website. It will give you details about the plans like deductibles and copays.
Submitted by deb on
I agree. A great part of "customer service" would be having one of the expert IT authorities at least acknowledge the specific, common problems raised on this site by hundreds of people, and letting us know when it's a waste of time to repeatedly re-enter data that will not resolve our issues. Or, if it is true, as several people on the blog have noted, that abandoning the original attempts & starting with new email, password & username will work, then please let us know in one of the weekly or daily updates.
Submitted by Nat on
Someone needs to inform the public that if their "old" applications are "stuck" and they have been getting "no where" for weeks with log in problems or identity verification problems, that they would be better off starting over! I'm sure there are thousands of people out there who do not realize that they will probably "never" get their "early" applications fixed, yet they spend hours each day trying, as I did, until I started over.. with success!! When is this issue going to be made public so that the American people know that they may need to start over to get signed up? It's not a matter of pointing fingers anymore, if this is going to succeed, SOMEONE must PUBLICALLY address this. I am a supporter of healthcare reform and feel that the public needs to know that if they create a new account, username, password and e-mail address, clear out cookies and start fresh, they would probably get through this time, smoothly!! I hope someone has the guts to publically admit this......This would save everyone much time and stress!! I am still hopeful, but it seems like time may be running out here, people are getting so very discouraged.......
Submitted by James Wimberley on
HHS do say this on their tip sheet: https://www.healthcare.gov/blog/3-tips-to-remember-when-you-create-a-marketplace-account/ I agree it should be broadcast more loudly. Healthgov. com isn't a database but a post office. You don't lose anything by trying again in a virgin setup. This means a new email address, a dedicated browser, cleared history, cache and cookies (but with cookies enabled). Write down your data on a crib sheet before you start and double-check everything you enter: spaces, capitalisation, accents, the works.
Submitted by Robin on
I've been trying for over a week now to review and enroll in the Marketplace. When I click review and enroll it just keeps saying please wait and loops for hours. For some reason I can't submit my application. I called the Call Center last week and they said it is an issue on their end and they are sorry for the inconvenience. They sent a notice to the technical support about the issue I am having. The person at the Calll Center said to try logging into the site in a couple of days. I did exactly what she said and I still cannot review and enroll my application. I did a live chat and they said someone will contact me in 2 to 5 days about the issue so I'm waiting to see if this will get resolved. Unfortunately I have to get insurance before December 15, 2013 because My PCIP insurance runs out on December 31, 2013. I was jst wondering is anyone else having this same issue?
Submitted by Glynis on
also try deleting your cookies and temporary internet files before you make another attempt. You can also try calling the 800 number again because it is working this week and they have been able to help people review and confirm.
Submitted by Joanna on
Yesterday, I was able to have the questions I had answered by the telephone rep, who told me to "try again later" to log on and actually apply. The good news is, I am eligible for a subsidy that will significantly reduce the premiums I have been paying with savings for almost three years since my Cobra ran out. The bad news is, I have been trying to get onto the site for the past 24 hours and only a blank screen comes up each time I log in. I live in NJ. There are only three insurance companies offering coverage. Why can't they handle the ACA process for their existing customers? They seem to have the programs to "upgrade" sub-standard existing policies to the minimum standards automatically, and to bill accordingly, why not give them the ability to adjust their billing according to the policyholders' eligibilty for supplemental payments? These insurance companies will directly profit from the ACA, and MUST have computer capacites that exceed the limits of this site. It would seem to be in their best interests to facilitate the ACA applications of their own policy holders who will be cancelled as of January 1st, since directing them to the government site may result in the selection of an alternate provider. I am totally in support of the ACA, and am totally shocked that some of the simplest solutions for orderly kindergarten registration in a large public school system (like using odd/even birthdates, alphabetical order, location of residence) were not employed by the government site, particularly in high population states like NJ. I don't know how other states work, but given their virtual monopoly of the health insurance market in NJ, my advice at this time is to give Horizon a powerful incentive to "transfer" their eligible current policy holders (seamlessly) to ACA coverage, and your statistics for NJ participation will quadruple within the next two weeks.
Submitted by Glynis on
try a different computer or a different browser. Delete your cookies and temporary internet files. Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies. if you use IE make sure you set browsing history from "automatic" to "check for newer versions of stored pages every time I visit the webpage" (you do that at the same place you delete the temporary internet files except instead of the delete button you click on the settings button).
Submitted by paul on
I would like to say that I have experienced very similar performance from our beloved Federal Government as the 91 year old veteran below! I am a 55 year old aerospace engineer. The use of a laptop is not unfamiliar to me, However, this website is DEBACLE! It is not intuitive, it loses data, takes you back over the same questions ever time you return to it, refuses to accept my SS numbers, locks up, kicks me out etc, etc. After screwin with this for a month, I too have contacted their phone and chat folks and found that they are really good at apologizing (and that's it). I too have requested a paper app and received nothing. Then found there is an application that can be printed and mailed. DID that last week. Now am trying to get status on that app and no one has anything on it....probably lost!....My observation.... this is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars, an embarrassment to the President and our elected officials, and a slap in the face to veterans and working class folks. VOTE THE BUMS OUT!
Submitted by Stormin on
Your frustration is understandable as the website has been uber-troubled thus far. As an aerospace engineer, though, you should be sympathetic to the idea that initial releases are just that...initial releases, and they don't always work as planned. How many of your work documents or products are still sitting and working at "Revision -"? Not many, I'd bet... they're at Rev C, or Rev W, or Rev AA....don't lose hope! It's going to work.
Submitted by Glynis on
People who started applications in October should start over by creating a new account with a new username, new password, and new email address. Delete cookies and temporary internet files first. The Oct accounts got corrupted by system errors. People are now successfully enrolling in a plan when they create a new account. If you get stuck in your new account with a new application the phone reps are able to get to them and help complete them.
Submitted by Fred on
I still cannot view my Eligibility Results. The link goes nowhere. I've tried what Glynis suggests, but it does not work. How can we be penalized for not having insurance, when several weeks have been wasted on a website that fails in almost every respect?
Submitted by Glynis on
another suggestion from someone who thought nothing was happening when clicking on view eligibility results. Look for the name of a pdf file in the lower left corner of your web browser after you click. Click on the name of the pdf file to open it.
Submitted by Glynis on
Sounds like you have a corrupted account if you click on the "Eligibility & appeals" link on the "Account Status" page and it isn't working. If that's the case then create a new account with a new username, new password, and new email address and start over. Delete cookies and temporary internet files first.
Submitted by Lori on
please help all of us ... I am still having more problems logging in with my user name, wont let me log in.I have done all my apps on the phone and have called at least 10's to do that which means starting apps. over &over. I get a differernt answer every time I call about what to do and what went wrong , lots of wrong info.I have no ins. I can fall back on because I was already in a market place plan that expires 2014,program ends. I need ins. by jan. because I take certain meds everyday. please tell your employees to quit giving false info. and stop saying today is the day we'll fix you. they said oneday after I answered all there questions that I don't even qualify and that was a lie that had me in tears. nent day a whole new story and that someone will call me and never has. I started all this on oct. 1st. and nobody has called or written by mail or by email and I could go on on about all the stupid reasons I get.
Submitted by Glynis on
You should be able to complete your entire application on the phone. Have you tried going to a navigator in your state to help you? I know that Walgreens and CVS pharmacies are helping people enroll. There's also a link on the healthcare.gov homepage that says "Get in-person help in your community".
Submitted by Dana on
After many attempts, I have never succeeded with the website. So I called in my application. After 3 weeks and not receiving any mail as promised, I called to check the status. I was told the representative failed to get my County so my application had not progressed since my original call. The person taking my information lacked the ability to complete the application properly. I had to correct them several times as we went through the application. They had little to no understanding of the questions they were asking. Anyone who processed their application over the phone should check their data carefully before completing the insurance purchase. I can understand system glitches but the service personnel are doing little to assist with the process. The phone in process seems to take your information, incorrectly, and then let it sit in an incomplete status. As many writers have stated, I also believe they just want to take your call, get you off the phone, and have you believe you have made some progress. The ACA is so very important to this country, I can't believe that the efforts to get the nation signed up have been so substandard. Let's get this working!
Submitted by Jim Buie on
The site seems to be improving. After all the negative publicity, I thought I wouldn't even be able to visit the site at all, much less log in. But on my very first try, I did log in, without any wait whatsoever, and successfully completed the financial information form for myself and my family. There's a lot of information to absorb, so I will be back to select a plan later. To reduce frustration, I recommend that people try this site in stages, rather than try to complete everything at once. This site certainly seems to work better than the (private-sector) online tax-filing sites, which I always have to visit several times before filing taxes.
Submitted by Carolyn on
Over a month ago I started my application. It took several hours and I was almost done (just had to review and sign), but I ran out of time and had to save it and log off. Now every time I log in it tells me I have to complete the application, but it makes me review and gets stuck at the family information section. It just loads and loads until it times out. Please fix this so I can complete my application and move on.
Submitted by Glynis on
Anybody who has an application from Oct and is stuck like you are is finding that they have to create a new account with a new username, new password, and new email address and start over. Delete your cookies and temporary internet files first. Accounts created in Oct got corrupted from system errors. It is a hassle but there isn't any way to fix a corrupted account.
Submitted by Wanda on
Finally got my insurance after trying twice a day since Oct 1. Due to errors that no one could fix, I used a 3rd email account and started my third healthcare.gov account. This time everything worked and in a half hour I had my insurance.
Submitted by Diann on
Thank you for your service. As a former IT manager, IT systems are never perfect nor are they ever completed. They must be stable but they improve over time. God's blessings to all as you keep moving forward. We need ACA.