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Progress Over the Weekend

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Over the past few weeks, we’ve made measurable progress to improve HealthCare.gov, addressing both software glitches and hardware upgrades–all of which will make a meaningful difference in the consumer experience. 

I’m pleased to say that, as of today, we’ve cleared more items from our punch list that will have a direct, positive impact on consumers using the site. The pace and quality of execution on bug fixes and hardware upgrades intensified when QSSI came in as general contractor and thanks to their management and coordination with CMS leadership and our other contractors we made progress over the weekend implementing important fixes.

Nearly half of the fixes resolved issues specifically related to issues within the application and another set of fixes focused on improving Plan Compare shopping functionality. 

Some of the most consumer-facing examples of improvements are:

  • Issues that were preventing some users from proceeding through the income information of the online application have been fixed.
  • Users can now select “weekly,” for the frequency they receive unemployment benefits.    

In the Plan Compare shopping:

  • When consumers choose a Catastrophic coverage plan, the available dental coverage for that plan now appears properly. 
  • When users save plan information in the Plan Compare section, those results now display correctly.

In addition to these software fixes that significantly improve the user experience, we also increased system capacity. This upgrade is part of an ongoing hardware improvement process that will help keep the system stable with growing volume, improving overall system performance.

We have a lot more work to do but as this work to date demonstrates, HealthCare.gov is getting better and improving performance and user experiences each week.  We will continue to make improvements and we won’t stop working until every American who wants it gains access to new options for quality, affordable health coverage.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Mr-DJ on
Application - check. Verified - check. Eligibility viewed/printed - check. Enrollment - STUCK on To-Do List". First green SET button = NOT CLICKABLE.
Submitted by James on
I made it all the way thru to the "enrollment" phase. The enrollment page, however, came up null---several times. Also, now when I get to the "complete application" phase, my name occurs SIX different times. I cannot find anywhere to delete 5 of those---since I only need one plan. What do I do?
Submitted by Mark on
I had the same problem. They customer service escalated my call and I was called back. Today, they told me they do not yet have the capability to go into my account and fix that. I was told that by the end of the month, there will be a tool they will be able to use to fix that. The person was not sure if it would be made available on the public web site so that users could fix that themselves or if they would have to call in and have the call center people fix it for them. There is no way to delete the application. I was told that they were previously advising people to keep signing into the system and try to continue through the application, but that more recently they have been informed that that is making things worse and that at this point we would wait till they get this tool and then call in to have the problem fixed.They are advising against setting up additional accounts, although the only reason why was that "it might make things worse." I have been on the phone with them multiple times, but I have to say (and I am a supporter), my conversation today gave me the impression the site is working for almost no one (at least not to get them to the point where they can actually enroll in a plan--they talk about applications for subsidies processed, but not about people being able to see the eligibility results or actually enroll in and pay for a plan) and they really don't know what to do or when it will be fixed, other than to blindly reassure that it will be fixed by November 30. I have a second account where everything went smoothly, but I could not view the eligibility results, I called the call center and the person somehow misheard what I said when I gave my social, typed it in wrong, now the system is showing an incorrect social and they are waiting for the same "tool" to be able to fix that for me. I have a third account which I have not yet been able to get through to submit an application. Shockingly, today they told me since I had already set up that account and started the application, I should finish it. Thus, they don't like multiple accounts, but worse than that is an unfinished application. Personally, I think they should stop accepting applications on the site until they can get it working the right way. Fixing all these flawed applications will take more resources than simply allowing people to delete their applications and start over, but there are at this point apparently no plans to allow that.
Submitted by Glynis on
There is no way to delete those. The only way is to create a new account with a new username, new password, and new email account and start over. Delete cookies and temporary internet files first. If you created an account in Oct the system errors caused them to become corrupt and the only way to proceed is to create a new account.
Submitted by Brian on
My application is complete and I have received a letter indicating that I am eligible. I go to click o review results to see what plans I can buy and it goes to have me complete another application. Application show "in progress" it has been like this since the first week.
Submitted by Glynis on
on the page that shows you status: In progress, you have to click on the words "Individual and Family Coverage" in order to proceed. That will take you to a screen that tells you your enrollment is incomplete and has a green button that says "Resume Enrollment". To see your eligibility letter you click on the "Eligibility and appeals" link on the left side of the page. After your review your letter you can click on "Resume Enrollment" which will take you to an "Enroll To Do List". The red banner is just for information, it doesn't mean you have anything else you need to do. You set your subsidy level there. Then you can click on the green "Set" to see and compare plans. If you click on "apply for new coverage" and complete another application it will end up telling you to pick more than one plan. Once that happens you have to start over with a new account, new username, and new email address. You can't delete applications.
Submitted by Yane on
I have spent a total of 14 days trying to sign up. It never passes the income section. It also doesn't allow me to remove someone from the application or re-start the application. Because of the delay, one of the dependents decided to get insurances for himself. I get the Error Id: 1a0fde8c-74bc-4dc5-a69a-7128642acbda. I am glad to see a lot of progress but, I am self employed and I have only until December 15, 2013 to sign up or get penalized. Thank you.
Submitted by Tom on
Website for me is still junk!!!! Just as we'll be no site for all the good it has done me.....
Submitted by David on
I guess I sadly have to add my voice to the many on here who have expressed the impossibility of signing up for heatlh care using the website. I am never able to see any "eligibility results", I'm always shunted back to starting the application all over again. It's confusing as to what to put for income as I'm self employed. There's no clear sense of when this can get resolved for people like me. There's no indication as to whether the federal government can fix this or not. The inability to not know what will happen is ridiculous. I'd like there to be a functioning health care exchange, and I'd like to know that I can get reasonable health care at a fair price and that the price will stay fair, I won't qualify for subsidies. I'd like there to be clear explanations as to which doctors/hospitals will be available in any give health insurance care network. I'd like the federal government to do a better job with the website, and to manage the cost of these insurance plans.
Submitted by Glynis on
You view eligibility results from the "Eligibility and appeals" link that you get to by clicking on the words "Individual and Family Coverage" on the "what would you like to do?" page under the "View my current applications" heading.
Submitted by Denise on
There is no way to edit information (e.g. Change inome) or delete an application after it's been "accepted" by the system. If you attempt to start a new application with a different email, it doesn't work, as Glynis keeps suggesting, because there can only be ONE application associated with the same social security number. PLEASE fix this problem. There are many of us stuck in limbo, unable to choose a plan, because we cannot correct errors in our applications!
Submitted by Glynis on
I'm sorry but it IS working. Other people have posted here that it worked for them. I personally know several people that did it yesterday and it worked for them.
Submitted by Mark on
I have three separate accounts. My first two applications got messed up. I haven't been able yet to make it through the third application on the third account, but I am told my first two applications have been processed....I just couldn't view the results. It is possible to set up different accounts with different emails, user names and passwords all based on the same social security number. You cannot have more than one application per state per account. I do not know if you have multiple accounts, whether or not having them will ultimately prevent you from enrolling when they get the rest of the system working. If they really don't want people to have multiple accounts, they should tell us that it is not allowed. I don't think they even know how the system will deal with this situation and it appears to be far from the top of their list of priorities. That said, if they are not going to allow multiple accounts and not allow multiple applications per account, then they need to provide a mechanism to edit faulty applications which became bugged up or they need to allow people to simply delete their applications and start over. Here's to hoping it all gets worked out, but I am not optimistic at this point that it will be solved by November 30. Even now they are only saying the system will work by that point for only four out of five applicants, meaning 20% will be out in the cold. They should have just closed the site down until it was fixed or at least added a tool to allow people to delete their flawed applications and start over.
Submitted by Jospeh on
I'm going to wait until Dec. 1st to try again. P.S. The phone line is useless as they can't help if you are stuck. They say that they will call you back but never do.
Submitted by Paula on
I have been trying since Friday to get my application to go through. Did it on line then again on Saturday night on the phone. Of course the site crashed on them Still can't get the application to go through. I just want to look at the plans to choose!
Submitted by Dave on
Tried to enroll online for about 30 days, each time forgot portions of prior entries. With 3 kids, data input portion takes 20 minutes then freezes and data gets lost. Called in last night, did telephone application, now cannot login at all, says "authenticating, please wait" Worst software ever created. Wouldn't even bother except only way to get tax credit on individual plan is to enroll. Of course cannot enroll so may be forced to keep existing plan without tax credit and 30% higher premium.
Submitted by Sherry on
I can't even log in through the website. I sent in my information through the mail a month ago and have yet to receive word about it. Ridiculous.
Submitted by Glynis on
Did you give an email address to get notice of your eligibility results? Did you check your spam folder to make sure the email didn't go there? They can only handle 20,000-30,000 people at one time. If you try to login but it just bounces back to the login page without getting any error messages that might be why.
Submitted by Paul on
I have tried over 15 times to apply. I go through the household information ( it is never completely saved,) only to find that "the system is temporarily down". l called the marketplace number, and the person helping me gets the same message. Is it the system ever "up"?
Submitted by Ross on
No one at the phone lines can answer this simple question: When will an application be verified after uploading a document. I have been contacted on more than one occasion from a representative to answer the question (the answer is always wait) and today I was told there was no record of any contact. There must be some way to get through to the department in charge of verification. When I asked what will happen if unable to get to the marketplace before the deadline, I was told basically that there would be, according to law, no coverage. This is not just frustrating. This is unacceptable. There must be SOMEONE somewhere who has authority to do something other than apologize for the inconvenience.
Submitted by Glynis on
If you're waiting for verification start over by creating a new account with a new username, new password, and new email address. Delete your cookies and temporary internet files. Everybody I know that was stuck where you are were successful in completing an application and enrolling in a plan after they created a new account.
Submitted by Sleepless In EC on
I have tried both on-line and phone apps. Any hour of day or night does not produce results. Starting to worry about no longer having health insurance. Thanks to good ol Gov. Walker, I will no longer have my "affordable" HIRSP insurance. Beam yourself up, Scotty!
Submitted by Ann. on
I know your pain; I also lose my insurance and my monthly premium with this "affordable" health insurance will be over $450 a month, I currently pay $125! !! Thanks to Walker I lose that insurance!
Submitted by AAGL on
After countless times trying I still can't create a account. Continued error messages that change on any given day > 1.Can't create account because two or more security questions have same answer ( THEY AREN'T) 2. Can't create account due to there is a account with same email address ( IS NOT). 3.Can't creat account due to already used user name ( UNLIKELY).
Submitted by Sylvia on
I have tried since opening day in October to obtain coverage by completing the application. I have been told that I have been verified and can review insurance plans to gain insurance. The problem on my end is that I cannot bring up the info and move forward. I cannot view the choices. The reps at Marketplace can see the app is completed and I am ready to move to the next step but no one can help me! I am completely frustrated and waiting now for the second time for an advancement rep to call me back within the next 3-5 business days.The last call did nor change my situation and I do not know where to go from here. Is anyone else so close to coverage and yet like myself cannot review and choose the plan?