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HealthCare.gov: A Progress Update

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Three weeks ago, we announced a technology surge as part of our commitment to fix Healthcare.Gov. Yesterday, entrepreneur and management expert Jeff Zients said this about the status of our efforts: 

“We’re making good progress on the punch list overall.  We’re constantly tiering the list to make sure that the most important issues are at the top and we are making progress across those priority areas.

I want to emphasize, however, like any website, there are new issues that crop up and you’re continually improving.  So we’ll be getting better each week in the month of November and we’ll continue to do so in December, January, February, just like you do with any website.”

As Jeff has said, HealthCare.gov is fixable and we are on a path to do just that so by the end of November, it will be working smoothly for the vast majority of users.

To help you understand some of the steps we’ve taken to improve the site over the last three weeks, we wanted to highlight the major fixes we've put into place:

  • We brought in management expert Jeff Zients to help lead the surge. We also named QSSI as the general contractor and brought in additional staff from each of our contractors.
  • We structured 4 core teams to fix and monitor software and infrastructure issues in real-time.
  • We’ve doubled the number of servers and enhanced system redundancy, improving site architecture and increasing capacity to better meet the high consumer demand and site traffic.
  • The account registration process was completely overhauled. We can now handle nearly 17,000 potential account registrants per hour. 
  • Robust performance testing was implemented to identify fixes for our punch list—prioritizing those that have the most impact on the consumer experience.  
  • A virtual database was replaced by a high capacity physical database to improve system efficiency.
  • We reduced the error rate -- the frequency, on a per page basis, of system time outs or failures that prevented the user from advancing from 6% to 2%. 

While we’re still not where we want to be with HealthCare.gov, the site is getting better each week.

Millions of Americans are already seeing benefits from the Affordable Care Act. As we continue to improve the site, more and more Americans are finishing their applications through the site. Here are some of their stories:

  • Deborah L in New Hampshire, is saving hundreds of dollars a month for better coverage, despite having a pre-existing condition.
  • Lissie S of Atlanta site exit disclaimer is saving 50% on both her deductible and premium.
  • Daniel, a 22 year old Floridian, is thrilled to get coverage at just $70 a month.
  • A family in Utah site exit disclaimer is getting coverage for $123 a month.
  • Folks from Chicago site exit disclaimer to Philadelphia site exit disclaimer are still excited to get covered.

To read more stories about Americans benefiting from the Affordable Care Act, visit hhs.gov/HealthCare.

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Submitted by Sue on
I have been having this problem since 10/23 and have gotten nowhere :-( Last week (11/4) they took my info and said the Advanced Resolution Center would call me back within 2 to 5 business days. Today is 11/12 and I have not received a call so I tried again, still does not work. I called again and the support person tried it too. He was also unable to get beyond the Full Time Student question. We logged another issue with the Advanced Resolution Center ... lets see if they call back this time! Once it is entered, it has to be electronically processed by the Insurance Companies ... that should be even more interesting!
Submitted by Irving on
I am retired living in TX and previously had only one healthcare insurance option (only one company would write me coverage). Every year the rate went up and the coverage down. Now I have 39 options and signed up for a plan for less money and better coverage.
Submitted by Anonymous on
Illinois is expanding their Medicaid program next year so if you don't qualify this year you might in 2014. So, are you sure?
Submitted by De on
My status says initial application sent to IL. medicaid. I can not get any answers to why this happened, because I know I do not qualify for medicaid. I am stuck in limbo and no one can help me.
Submitted by Martt on
It would be nice if I could at least create and account. But your "Create Account" button is not active. It does not work in Chrome or IE.
Submitted by James Wimberley on
Could this be something to do with your computer? Have you tried deleting old cookies (programs that need them will reinstal them automatically), checking that cookies are enabled, clearing the history and Internet caches (a freeware tool called CCleaner makes these easy), turning your antivirus off temporarily, creating a new user account on your PC, downloading Firefox or Opera? See also the help pages https://www.healthcare.gov/blog/3-tips-to-remember-when-you-create-a-marketplace-account/ and https://www.healthcare.gov/help/i-am-having-trouble-logging-in-to-my-marketplace-account/
Submitted by Thomas on
I had to go directly to the insurance company to get my plan before Jan 1 2014. Why can't I get my monthly subsidy from the federal government or tax credits at the end of 2014?
Submitted by Anonymous on
Thomas, do you usually file your taxes at the end of the year instead of at the beginning?
Submitted by Patricia on
I'm at the last step before actually shopping for a plan on the marketplace. My application has been processed and I am told that I can now view my eligibility results. However, I am not able to do so. I get a blank page with the word /null/ as the last word the web address. Is this issue one that the team is aware of and moving to fix?
Submitted by Richard on
Been having the same exact problem since 10/23. Clicking the "view eligibility results" link either does nothing at all, or takes you to the blank "null" page. Twice tried "chat" support. They have no answers except "turn off pop up blocker". Talked to someone on the phone who also had no useful ideas. So, I will apparently have to wait until December or January when the site may work.