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HealthCare.gov: A Progress Update

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Three weeks ago, we announced a technology surge as part of our commitment to fix Healthcare.Gov. Yesterday, entrepreneur and management expert Jeff Zients said this about the status of our efforts: 

“We’re making good progress on the punch list overall.  We’re constantly tiering the list to make sure that the most important issues are at the top and we are making progress across those priority areas.

I want to emphasize, however, like any website, there are new issues that crop up and you’re continually improving.  So we’ll be getting better each week in the month of November and we’ll continue to do so in December, January, February, just like you do with any website.”

As Jeff has said, HealthCare.gov is fixable and we are on a path to do just that so by the end of November, it will be working smoothly for the vast majority of users.

To help you understand some of the steps we’ve taken to improve the site over the last three weeks, we wanted to highlight the major fixes we've put into place:

  • We brought in management expert Jeff Zients to help lead the surge. We also named QSSI as the general contractor and brought in additional staff from each of our contractors.
  • We structured 4 core teams to fix and monitor software and infrastructure issues in real-time.
  • We’ve doubled the number of servers and enhanced system redundancy, improving site architecture and increasing capacity to better meet the high consumer demand and site traffic.
  • The account registration process was completely overhauled. We can now handle nearly 17,000 potential account registrants per hour. 
  • Robust performance testing was implemented to identify fixes for our punch list—prioritizing those that have the most impact on the consumer experience.  
  • A virtual database was replaced by a high capacity physical database to improve system efficiency.
  • We reduced the error rate -- the frequency, on a per page basis, of system time outs or failures that prevented the user from advancing from 6% to 2%. 

While we’re still not where we want to be with HealthCare.gov, the site is getting better each week.

Millions of Americans are already seeing benefits from the Affordable Care Act. As we continue to improve the site, more and more Americans are finishing their applications through the site. Here are some of their stories:

  • Deborah L in New Hampshire, is saving hundreds of dollars a month for better coverage, despite having a pre-existing condition.
  • Lissie S of Atlanta site exit disclaimer is saving 50% on both her deductible and premium.
  • Daniel, a 22 year old Floridian, is thrilled to get coverage at just $70 a month.
  • A family in Utah site exit disclaimer is getting coverage for $123 a month.
  • Folks from Chicago site exit disclaimer to Philadelphia site exit disclaimer are still excited to get covered.

To read more stories about Americans benefiting from the Affordable Care Act, visit hhs.gov/HealthCare.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by sally on
What a joke. I have been trying for over a month to get coverage, finally i picked the plan I wanted, needless to say the plan I was enrolled in was not what I got. Now no one will help me. Keep getting the run around. Last person I talked to (Joe Green) who knows if that is really a person. All I want is someone to help me and put me in the plan I requested. Oh by the way, I did get a payment coupon in the mail with the wrong plan and NO ID card or documents about the insurance plan..What is going on!!! The marketplace will not give me a phone number to the (Advance Resolution Center in London KY) Joe claims this is the only place that can help and his sooooo sorry for the inconvenience.
Submitted by Dominique on
I have had nothing but nightmare experiences from all the errors made by the people at the market place and now have no insurance because they entered my birth year incorrectly. I have been told several times I would get a call from ADVANCED RESOLUTION but they never called and it's now 3 weeks. I am at my wits end.
Submitted by Wilson on
I began the process as soon s=as the web site opened. I created an application, but could never log on to it. After several weeks and multiple calls to help line, I was told to create a new account using my wife's as the applicant. That worked in that I was able to create an application and can log into that application. The problem is that now, it appears that the site is pulling information from both applications and will not recognize the correct income data. Since I cannot loft on to the original application, I cannot, nor can the people that I have called for help delete the first application. I was told last friday that an ARC person would contact me in 3-5 days. Now 8 days later I am still waiting for that return call and remain unable to purchase a plan.
Submitted by Nicole on
Have been trying to complete my application since October 1st. Could never get to the next step of where the plans are. I believe the people who are probably getting to complete their application are the ones who are not getting any assistance. Have stayed off the site for a couple of weeks, and tonight was able to apply my credits. The next step was to check out the plans, but they did not come up. Hopefully they fix this glitch soon.
Submitted by Robert on
I've been stuck at the identity verification step for five weeks. The people at Healthcare can't even view my profile. The website will not give me a reference number which the people at Experian want.. The advance resolution team hasn't called in two weeks. This is a disaster since I really, really need insurance Jan. 1.
Submitted by ed on
Site down for maintenance. Have not been able to login since Oct 1
Submitted by Fred on
On healthcare.gov I successfully created my account in early October/2013, I successfully completed and submitted my application in late October, and I successfully enrolled in my insurance plan by early November, all set and done, for less than $180/month !
Submitted by Steve on
We were able to create an account, but the web site did not enter the information correctly. It enter my wife and my self as 1 individual instead of 2 individuals. Calls to the 800 number to fix the problem has been worthless. They say that Account Resolutions will call me back in 3 to 5 days. Day 10 no call back, no resolution. Our former insurance was just fine, but was cancelled. Thanks healthcare.gov for nothing _ literally!!!
Submitted by MJ on
My application is completed and has been for over two weeks. However, the site does not allow me to click the next step which is"view eligibility results", a requirement before being able to choose a plan. It keeps circling me back to other screens .Also, one CANNOT opt to continue enrollment via telephone once you have begun online -they have said this to me over and over when I tried. Why not remove this block, allow us to put in an app via phone, using the same app number? This would make sense and free up the online backload. The "chat" line is not helpful at all and keeps talking about removing popups, cookies and caches!Don't even know what these mean. I do not have to do this with any other site and am not looking to to take a computer course to get healthcare!
Submitted by Jim on
The problem with trying to create an account and getting an email that is gibberish is still there for me. I used a new email @ and account name and did get 3 email messages, but can't activate the account and can't login. Not useful. How about a list of problems we can search, find ours, and see status? If it's here already, I haven't found it or received word of it existing somewhere. --Jim, a Navigator
Submitted by victoria on
I have not been able to confirm . I left the site sometimes for days and went back to it still being stuck before conformation. Anyone else had this problem? If so what did you do?
Submitted by Michael on
Please stop telling people to call the 800 number to correct or complete your application. I have called once a week beginning 10/10. They cannot correct your application. They cannot access your application. Advanced resolution will not call back. AMEN
Submitted by Joey on
I shouldn't have to give you ANY information to see available plans in my zipcode!
Submitted by Amanda on
There are at least 2 plans that I have discovered to have inconsistent data on the website. They are in the state of Georgia. These are two plans that I'm specifically looking at so I'm not sure how many more are in error. The specific plans are Humana Silver 4250/6250 and the Kaiser Silver 2500/30 plans. The website shows lower per group deductibles and out-of-pocket amounts than the actual amounts shown when you click on the link "Summary of Benefits". This is going to cause some folks to be in for a rude awakening when their deductibles go up $2000 and their OOP goes up $3500 and $2,300 respectively. Some data integrity verification seems in order!!!
Submitted by Roger on
I am in FL. Cannot register online. Do you have a timeline for when FL will be working
Submitted by Brenetta V on
I had no problem applying. Actually I applied and then found out that as a retiree my company, also, started a plan for me. Both much better than what I was paying COBRA. Now I have to cancel one.
Submitted by Will on
I got through the whole application on Oct 17. Signed it and submitted it. But got a faulty eligibility determination back from the site which says I can't purchase with my wife on the policy. Now I am in a paper Appeal process through snail mail! Got a call from the Advanced Resolution Center. Lady said that a "glitch" caused the computer to show the wrong birthdate for my wife but she couldn't fix it! Be glad you can't submit an application right now. Wait till it is totally fixed.
Submitted by Anonymous on
I completed the email setup,then I did all the steps in internet options in account setup, and completed application process. I am now looking carefully at all the plans in my state; in addition to my work insurance i got last week. I haven't picked a plan yet, but I did save the ones I am considering after checking the drug lists, doctors, and hospitals I prefer to use. I had a fast and easy process. It took 30 to 45 minutes to get to review application and compare plans. I will come back to check my saved plans tomorrow (yes they are still saved) to consider my plan.
Submitted by Anonymous on
Each and every time I check the status of my application it says "in progress". That they needed to verify my identity in order to continue the application process. On 10/08, I mailed the document they needed to London, KY and I uploaded the document as well. Today, I uploaded the document again!! My application always says "incomplete", even though I have completed all the steps of the application process. The information entered never gets saved! How much longer are we going to have to wait for this to be resolved!!
Submitted by Chris on
When I get to more about this Household question I push save and continue and it does not advance tried hundreds of times it is still stuck!! They need a better way to report problems
Submitted by June on
PLEASE stop wasting space telling us about all the happy minions who are THRILLED about their new insurance policies! The rest of us haven't even been able to complete enrollment or applications since Oct 1 and don't seem any closer. Spend your time answering people's specific questions and problems instead of being a cheerleader for Obamacare! Thank you!
Submitted by James on
After 3 weeks I was successful in creating an account and completing enrollment in BC of NC. BC states they cannot process new enrollments until web site fixed. They have failed to acknowledge my enrollment more than 2 weeks later. Also noted and reported coding error on web site page that shows enrollment summary with company, policy type, premium and subsidy. The field reporting net premium has incorrect formatting of 14 decimal places rather than 2. This appears to be inexcusable error and suspect may be deliberate sabotage to data handling and transmission.
Submitted by Judy on
Things have really improved! I began 10/1. I let it rest until Nov. After speaking to my insurance company of choice this morning, I decided to finalize my application. I did this all on my iPhone. We need this folks! Go for it and make it a success.
Submitted by Gerry A on
I've completed my enrollment on Nov 1 but to date have not received any confirmation from either Healthcare.gov or from the Provider that my application has been processed. There is nothing on Healthcare.gov to indicate that the Provider has even received my application for processing.
Submitted by Jerry on
PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE , MARKETPLACE DID NOT HELP, SAID TO WAIT TILL FRIDAY AND TRY AGAIN, I AM FED UP TRYING TO FILL OUT A APPLICATION WHEN THE WEBSITE IS SO MESSED UP. I HAVE BEEN TRYING SINCE OCT. 1 Sorry, our system is temporarily down There's a problem. Try logging in again after 30 minutes. If you continue to get this message, call the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596. TTY users should call 1-855-889-4325. You'll need the Error ID and Application ID shown below. Error Id: 7fbbe396-9ff3-438b-beba-6838eaa6b7c0