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Making the Enrollment Process Easier

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We continue to make measurable progress to improve HealthCare.gov, and to clear items from our punch list that will have a positive impact on consumers applying for and enrolling in quality health coverage.

As of this morning, we’ve completed fixes for two-thirds of the high priority bugs that our tech team working with issuers identified as being responsible for the issues with 834s transactions and Direct Enrollment. 

For example:

  • We’ve undertaken a fix that ensures a user can select the appropriate relationship to a dependent, such as mother, father or step-parent.
  • Additionally, when a user checks family eligibility, the system now returns the primary tax filer as the primary applicant.

Other fixes that went in last night enhance the user experience by improving the Plan Compare function on Healthcare.gov.

For example:

  • We’ve improved the filter for the “annual deductible” section so that it properly shows the minimum and maximum plan deductibles for the plans the user is considering.
  • And we improved the user interface for when users click on the “Details” button of their selected plan.

We expect to make further progress in resolving high priority issues in the coming days, and we know that the work we’ve done will help consumers and issuers complete enrollments accurately and efficiently.

When we talk about enrollment, I want to remind consumers that one way to enroll is by going online directly to Healthcare.gov, but alternative pathways are available – by phone, in person with an assister, and by paper application.

For those who are not subsidy eligible, another way to enroll outside the Marketplace is to work exclusively through an insurer’s website, and never be connected to HealthCare.gov or the Hub.  A calculation of subsidies would need to be reconciled and secured through the Hub.

We continue to work with issuers to improve our system and leverage more ways for consumers to enroll in quality affordable coverage.

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Submitted by Anon2 on
Have been dealing with this specific error for three days now. Just as reported, the call center did not have a solution to this error - they cannot perform the "Confirm" step either.... Repeated trying does not seem to be going anywhere. Based on the text associate with the error (ID 500.300588), it might be server overload or collision of submissions... but agree that the tech team should provide an explanation to the call center, so the good people who are willing to help could get some clues! I am stuck at this moment, as the Call Center is unable to resolve this particular error.
Submitted by Denise on
I too have been dealing with this for two and half days with the same error code. Phone rep unable to assist me, recommended that I call the insurance co directly to enroll? Insurance co rep said they can enroll me but it won't be through the marketplace? What the heck?! Which information to I rely on? Yes, please get some reliable information to the call center people and.. am I imagining it or is the live chat really a robot? The answers to my questions or the information I typed was entirely random, repeated itself more than once and did not make logical conversation sense. Three attempts at live chat got me no where. I really do not want to start this process over when I am on the last confirm step. I started this process at the very beginning and have spent hours these past few weeks trying to trudge through the system getting no where for days at a time. Don't get me wrong I am a real supporter of the ACA but come on folks.... let's get it together already.
Submitted by Rob on
When I click on " VIEW ELIGIBILITY RESULTS ", I get blank pages. I have called the phone line, they could not see the results either. They said they would escalate the problem and have someone call me back in a few days. No one has called. This is a known issue, when is this going to be fixed?? My old insurance will be discontinued Dec 31st because it does not meet minimum standards for ACA. If this is not fixed in time, I will have a lapse of insurance. I qualify for tax credits, so I can not apply through the insurance company website, I must apply through the market place,
Submitted by Virginia on
I can't view my eligibility results. I get a blank page or an error page. I tried on different computers. The chat help was useless and the person on the phone couldn't help me either.
Submitted by Mandy on
Over time I was able to progress all the way to the three step enrollment process. However, step one, "Set premium tax credit usage" doesn't function. There is a "Use this Amount" button but it is non-functional, and it sits next to a white rectangle that also doesn't do anything. I check back at least once a day to see if anything on the page ever becomes "clickable". Beginning to hate that white rectangle and green "button".
Submitted by Kathy on
I set my account up way back in August. I have yet to be able to complete all the way through. Goes back to verification over & over. I have uploaded documents over & over. I was told to send in document to London, KY which I did a month ago - still nothing. Called the 800 and was told to set up with another email address - tried that - now all I get is the following error msg after a certain point. Error Id: 35f32c9e-eb83-4aec-b766-c8d8421404b0 Application Id: 156008967 2013-11-21 15:48:11 I have tried everything anybody has suggested. Countless phone calls with no answers. My insurance is being discontinued and I can get anywhere with this site. Discouraged beyond belief. Keep hearing that things are improving but I sure don't see it.
Submitted by Glynis on
If you're getting error messages on pages delete your cookies and temporary internet files, logout and restart your browser. Make sure you don't have any ad or script blocking set in your browser, firewall, or antivirus progams, update java (uninstall old version first). Close other applications. Try using a different browser. Internet explorer, chrome, and safari are working better than firefox.
Submitted by Brenda on
Glynis, you are wonderful. Please try to help everyone. Yours is the only useful information I have seen.
Submitted by melissa on
I created and account and received a welcome e-mail, but I can't log back in to my account. The link to verify my e-mail keeps giving me the error: "Oops. The Marketplace couldn't verify your email address. Please wait and click on the link in the email we sent you to verify your email. (If you're copying and pasting the link, make sure you copy the entire link). If you're still having trouble verifying your email address, call the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596. TTY users should call 1-855-889-4325." I've reset my password, since that's what I thought the problem was at first BEFORE I got the e-mail verification, but that also leads to an error: "Important: We can't process your request." I called and gave all of my info, but now I would like to see everything on the screen for myself and continue to the shopping portion.
Submitted by Suzanne on
I have filled out the application and now how do I buy the insurance???????