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Making the Enrollment Process Easier

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We continue to make measurable progress to improve HealthCare.gov, and to clear items from our punch list that will have a positive impact on consumers applying for and enrolling in quality health coverage.

As of this morning, we’ve completed fixes for two-thirds of the high priority bugs that our tech team working with issuers identified as being responsible for the issues with 834s transactions and Direct Enrollment. 

For example:

  • We’ve undertaken a fix that ensures a user can select the appropriate relationship to a dependent, such as mother, father or step-parent.
  • Additionally, when a user checks family eligibility, the system now returns the primary tax filer as the primary applicant.

Other fixes that went in last night enhance the user experience by improving the Plan Compare function on Healthcare.gov.

For example:

  • We’ve improved the filter for the “annual deductible” section so that it properly shows the minimum and maximum plan deductibles for the plans the user is considering.
  • And we improved the user interface for when users click on the “Details” button of their selected plan.

We expect to make further progress in resolving high priority issues in the coming days, and we know that the work we’ve done will help consumers and issuers complete enrollments accurately and efficiently.

When we talk about enrollment, I want to remind consumers that one way to enroll is by going online directly to Healthcare.gov, but alternative pathways are available – by phone, in person with an assister, and by paper application.

For those who are not subsidy eligible, another way to enroll outside the Marketplace is to work exclusively through an insurer’s website, and never be connected to HealthCare.gov or the Hub.  A calculation of subsidies would need to be reconciled and secured through the Hub.

We continue to work with issuers to improve our system and leverage more ways for consumers to enroll in quality affordable coverage.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Bin on
I have tried to put application information in, I found that for "if you plan file 2014 Tax return", it always put "No" and the "Married" also is with No value, at the end in the Review and Sign section even I put "Yes" at the beginning. I did this yesterday, today when I looked, both values became "No", I thought I may choose wrong value. But tonight, I did again, and I verified the value before logout, after login, it went to the Review and Sign section, I found both values become "No" again. You know every time when you tried to Edit one section, after that when you click "SAVE & CONTINUE", you need go through each every step after the edited section until the end. Why just Edit the problem section and let customer Save it without going through other section? FYI, this is a 2nd account created after the first account for the same application stuck at the certain step for two weeks. Now this new account got this problem.
Submitted by Jbs on
You guys rock! Keep it up! The bosses should buy turkeys for everyone!
Submitted by Oscar on
This is waste time in this site... I fill my application 5 weeks a go, almost 6 and this the date (today), I not receive inf. about my identity is verified... other think I upload the documents their request 5 Time and still the same... Everyday I log in for check is something happen is Nothing... I check everything in the site my application, when I see is incomplete everyday the same thing... I chat with the agents the only thing their say is you call that's all they say... Like say to all agents I talk I not have time for calls, the only time I have is online...
Submitted by Glynis on
If you started an application in October then create a new account with a new username, new password, and new email account. Delete your cookies and temporary internet files first. This is working for other people.
Submitted by Renu Sharma on
Extremely Poor job!
Submitted by Anonymous on
oboma care you said your fixing it nothing yet .the ones that are cut off how do they get to see a doctor your talking about people in the Usa there are looking for help. sames you people in congress don,t care. put i you in there place see how you would you would like it.. Every one in congress just talk ,talk, talkno help. for the people by the people not any more. govement is getting worst by the day Help,Help,Help
Submitted by Sue on
My identify verification has been "pending" since the second week in October. I think there is corrupt data in my application because it seems to just be stuck! Can I delete my application and start fresh? If yes, how?
Submitted by Glynis on
You can't delete your application. You can start fresh by creating a new account with a new username, new password, and new email address. Delete your cookies and temporary internet files first.
Submitted by Rosina Volpicella on
I was able to see the Marketplace's plan options and then went to an insurance company's site; the premiums for an identical policy from BCBS was a lot more than the Marketplace. Why would that be? If the individual insurance companies are going to charge more than the Marketplace, when there really isn't an option of going directly to them.
Submitted by Gray on
The Marketplace offers you the Premium Tax Credit which can be used to lower the cost of your premiums.
Submitted by Glynis on
they are lower on the Marketplace because they priced them like a group policy. If you go directly to them then they are priced as an individual plan and that costs more.
Submitted by Donna on
It still won't let me pic a way to make payments
Submitted by Ramon on
As a fellow techie, keep up the good work.
Submitted by Bonnie on
Just wanted to let you know that the part where users select dental plans is not working properly. When I click Set and choose I do not want dental coverage it just goes back to the enrollment steps. It does the same thing if I click Continue. I called the Marketplace toll-free number and the representative I spoke to had the exact same problem. Since I need to complete this step in order to get to the part where I confirm my health care plan this is stopping me from enrolling.
Submitted by Veronica on
My issue is that I get to the point where I'm asked if anyone applying is a full-time student, I answer, click Save and Continue...but nothing happens. I hope this is an error that is being looked into. :(
Submitted by Glynis on
try deleting your cookies and temporary internet files at that point. Log out and then login again and see if that fixes it.
Submitted by Glynis on
A tip for people clicking to view eligibility results and it looks like nothing is happening, look for a pdf file in the lower left corner of your web browser. Click on the file name to open it. another tip, for people who want to go back and change something, click on "change" on your Submit Checklist. I just saw this comment so not sure where that is but you can call the 800 number and ask about it.
Submitted by Jim on
I've had my application in and identity verified since Oct 4. I have had many of the same problems as others. I never have seen my eligibility results, but have seen the plans. As of yesterday 11/19 the set premium tax credit stopped working and I cannot get past that step (which I could previously). This morning I called the help desk to discuss my options. I wanted to know if I should keep waiting on my current application, start another application from scratch on line, or start another app by phone. The person I talked to looked at my application and advised my to NOT start another application because my problem is caused from known issues with the software and a new application would just duplicate the problem. I suggest that if you are considering starting another application that you call the help desk first to get their advice on your situation. I got the impression the there may be some times when starting over may be a solution for problems early in the application process. The help desk indicated that duplicate applications can also cause a problem in some circumstances.
Submitted by Anonymous on
While SOME people have started new applications and made it though, many are experience the same, and even new problems, by starting a second application. Not only can the same problem affect your new application, aditional problems can arise from having two in the system. I personally do not suggest making a second application to the consumers I speak with!
Submitted by Glynis on
They can only start a new application if they also create a new account. Some of the earlier applications are corrupted and will never be fixed so the only thing they can do is create a new account. If they call the 800 number and the phone reps can't find anything in the system then they should create a new account and start over. Sometimes the problems people are having are because they don't know what they are supposed to click on and then they shouldn't create a new account because they'll just have the same problem. In that case they should call the 800 number when they are logged in so they can tell the phone rep what they see on the screen and what they are trying to do so the phone rep can help walk them through it.
Submitted by Glynis on
I think you are correct that it depends on where you are in the process. If they can't see your application or you never got passed identify verification then creating a new account is working well. You can't just create a new application from the same account because that will cause more problems. Some problems people are having are because it's not clear what to click on and that red banner on the "Enroll To Do List" is really messing people up. It's misleading them into thinking there is an error they need to fix when it really is just a reminder. It isn't very intuitive or user friendly.
Submitted by James Wimberley on
Starting a new application is HHS' own advice here: https://www.healthcare.gov/blog/3-tips-to-remember-when-you-create-a-marketplace-account/ So it's up to them to fix any secondary problems that it may be causing. A good number of commenters here have tried it successfully.
Submitted by Judy on
I am trying to apply for coverage for myself and my daughter. The system keeps erroneously sending her application to the North Carolina CHIP program, even though my estimated income (which varies every year, since I work freelance and per diem) is ABOVE the CHIP eligibility level. I have now put in 4 applications, each time raising my estimated income and every time I am locked into a situation where only MY application is ready. Hers is sent off to the Medicaid never-never land and I can't delete it. I want to buy a policy for both my daughter and I, I DO qualify for a subsidy. Please help.
Submitted by Glynis on
Did the eligibility notice you got say anything about your daughter being eligible for CHIP? try calling NC CHIP program and ask them about it. Also, call the phone reps and talk to them about this. Did you complete those 4 applications and enroll 4 times because that will be confusing. Best advise is if something like that happens and you don't think it's correct, like what the eligibility notice says you're eligible for or the calculation of a subsidy credit seems off then call the 800 number before trying to do a new applications or finish a current one.
Submitted by Angie on
Calling doesn't help I've been waiting 3 weeks for someone to call me back with answers called like 9 times with no answer and no call back. My eligibility says eligible for credit for me & husband but the says $0 but more info needed sends my son to Medicaid but want to buy him ins too income not below 100% poverty. Can't get enroll page up either used to not load it all now says error. What to do need ins for Jan 1.