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Making the Enrollment Process Easier

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We continue to make measurable progress to improve HealthCare.gov, and to clear items from our punch list that will have a positive impact on consumers applying for and enrolling in quality health coverage.

As of this morning, we’ve completed fixes for two-thirds of the high priority bugs that our tech team working with issuers identified as being responsible for the issues with 834s transactions and Direct Enrollment. 

For example:

  • We’ve undertaken a fix that ensures a user can select the appropriate relationship to a dependent, such as mother, father or step-parent.
  • Additionally, when a user checks family eligibility, the system now returns the primary tax filer as the primary applicant.

Other fixes that went in last night enhance the user experience by improving the Plan Compare function on Healthcare.gov.

For example:

  • We’ve improved the filter for the “annual deductible” section so that it properly shows the minimum and maximum plan deductibles for the plans the user is considering.
  • And we improved the user interface for when users click on the “Details” button of their selected plan.

We expect to make further progress in resolving high priority issues in the coming days, and we know that the work we’ve done will help consumers and issuers complete enrollments accurately and efficiently.

When we talk about enrollment, I want to remind consumers that one way to enroll is by going online directly to Healthcare.gov, but alternative pathways are available – by phone, in person with an assister, and by paper application.

For those who are not subsidy eligible, another way to enroll outside the Marketplace is to work exclusively through an insurer’s website, and never be connected to HealthCare.gov or the Hub.  A calculation of subsidies would need to be reconciled and secured through the Hub.

We continue to work with issuers to improve our system and leverage more ways for consumers to enroll in quality affordable coverage.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Floyd on
Why doesn't the Healthcare Website let its Users file a standardized Software Problem Report (SPR) that all large scale software systems I have worked employed. It would have a fixed set of fields to fill in (User Name, Contact Info, Problem Category, Assigned SPR Number, Application Number, Date/Time, Problem Description, Repeatability, etc...). This would allow the site to quickly identify the problem hotspots and also allow the site to present resolution actions taken to the specific Users of interest rather than let them wonder in the dark if anything was being done to resolve their issues or if others & how many were experiencing the same problem.
Submitted by Chuck on
If 834 transaction was broken until now, does this mean my "initial enrollment " status as of November 16 will not actually get sent to the insurance company? How many times do I have to start over from scratch? I had to abandon one email and username already because it was stuck as identity verification (uploaded passport) under review for 6 weeks. Do I have to start over again again because applications were not being transmitted to insurers when mine was completed?
Submitted by Totally Frustrated on
PLEASE NOTE .... the deadline for January 1st coverage has been extended to December 23rd. Let's hope the site is fixed way before then!
Submitted by Mark on
I need to delete my application. It is completely wrong. For some reason it is now in completed status-even though I didn't enroll. To make matters worse I'm pretty sure it is duplicated and that my info is incorrectly being sent to Medicaid. This needs to be addressed TODAY.
Submitted by carol on
OK,I have finally been able to fill out the ap, step 1,2 now I want to buy insurance?
Submitted by Anthony r leis on
Need help to find ins.right for me.
Submitted by Kathi on
I believe the cost sharing reductions are only found in the silver group plans. Try looking at those plans again.
Submitted by Glynis on
go to a navigator in your state to help you enroll. Walgreens, CVS and RiteAID pharmicies nationwide are helping people enroll. You can also go to localhelp.healthcare.gov to find others.
Submitted by Virginia on
Yesterday I applied for insurance online at healthcare.gov. I was approved for premium tax credits. But I was NOT approved for Cost Sharing Reductions. Our family income is 184% FPL. We are supposed to get CSR's!!! Healthcare.gov said they haven't heard anything about this "glitch". How we do we get this on the "punch list" to be fixed?
Submitted by Carl on
"The System is Down Temporarily, Please Try Again in 30 minutthees"
Submitted by Shaquille on
I started my application on 10/11/13, and have not been able to submit it because the system will not verify my identity. No one will give me a reference number so that I can call experian. I am so frustrated!
Submitted by Peggy on
I still can't get the application past the section for relationship info needed for taxpayer who the applicant is being listed on as dependent.
Submitted by Kel on
Filled out my application by phone on Monday - it took TWO HOURS. I was told to go online now and enroll since I was approved, etc. However, my account does not show the option to enroll - there is noplace to put in my application number. I have called several times - I'm told "someone" will call me back but nobody has. Meanwhile I lost my insurance through my husband's employer and I want to find out my options! I am being told conficting information every single time I call - one rep told me that they cannot enroll us by phone; I have two accounts open now as one rep suggested I try creating another one to see if it would sync with their information; and meanwhile, I'm getting no real answers. But I'm still told I'm "ahead of the game" since my applicaiton is done. What good is the application if I can't enroll?
Submitted by Spirit on
Agree with Anonymous poster. Let us delete the application and start over. My application status shows either "in progress" or "complete." I have never been able to read the marketplace notice "that is waiting" or view my eligibility results. Clicking on the eligibility results used to give me the http: website not found error. Now clicking on eligibility results yields nothing but a non-functioning button. And, I'm one of those individuals whose health care policy is cancelled as of 12/31. Just like lots of other posters I've spent many hours trying to guess how the system works!!!
Submitted by Glynis on
when you click to view eligibility results look for a pdf file in the bottom left corner of your web browser and click on the filename to open it.
Submitted by George on
I'm simply amazed that the American public has put up with this.
Submitted by Avis on
When you realize how much premium assistance you may be eligible for when applying, it makes any difficulties with the application process worthwhile. In some cases, $500 per month premiums may be had for a $1.00 per month payment by the applicant. Where else can you find this kind of payment help on something as expensive as health insurance premiums??
Submitted by Jessica on
Unlike most, I was able to fill out my online application without too much trouble. However, when I called the help number for a question about my eligibility results, the agent on the line was 100% USELESS. All he could do was read the website to me, which I'm fully capable of managing myself, thanks. Couldn't answer my question or point me to someone who could, and when I asked for his supervisor, hung up on me. Absolutely unbelievable how badly this entire system has been managed.
Submitted by Monica on
When is the verification system going to be fixed? I have entered my information for what seems a million times and whe I get to the end it says the verification system is down. This issue should be fixed in 24 hours. Well its been about a month and a half of the same thing. Come on!!!
Submitted by Lori on
I, too, am totally frustrated. I have filled out the Part 1 application --twice---very time consuming!!. The website acts like I'm ready to go on to the next faze--then nothing. It wants me to start all over again everytime. Oh dread. It wouldn't be so bad if that little circle didn't go around for 10 minutes each time you put in an answer. I have a ref. # that should take me back to where I left off--like other websites do, but NO I have to start over each time!!!!!!!!! . I started this process on 10-18 and I am trying and checking back. Very frustrating. I hear the phones aren't helping much either, so will wait for a few more weeks and try again.
Submitted by Heather on
So, my old application is still busted. I can't see the eligibility, I still have several phantom dependents, and it still wants me to enroll in multiple plans (for the real dependents and the extras!). I saw the recommendations to try a new account, and I did. I got through the new application in about 5 minutes. Now that I'm through it.... I can't view the eligibility, and there's no button to let me move on to choose a plan. I know I'm not subsidy eligible. I just want to pick a plan and get this done. I've spent way too much time messing with this site, blew my minutes up on the phone with service reps doing a paper application that it doesn't seem actually went anywhere. It's great that the second application went so much more smoothly, but what good is it if we still can't finish the process?
Submitted by Glynis on
to view your eligibility notice, click on the words "Individual and Family Coverage" on the "what would you like to do? screen next to where it says your application is "in progress". On the next screen click on "Eligibility & appeals" to view the eligibility document. If you click on view eligibility results and it looks like nothing happened, look for a pdf file in the lower left corner of your browser. Click on the file name to open it. Click on "Resume Enrollment" to go to the "Enroll To-Do List". Don't worry about what it says in the red bar, it's just a reminder. You set your subsidy credit on this page and click on the green "Set" to see and compare plans. After you select a plan click on "Confirm". The greyed out "Locked" buttons will unlock after you complete the preceding step.
Submitted by Phyllis on
Does anyone really pay any attention to what people are writing? It seems after all this time, it is never going to work for me.
Submitted by shirley on
I feel the system may be okay. It has human issues. My application has now been in stage of process for over 30 days. I have been trying to finish this since day 1, October 1th. Fini
Submitted by Nancy on
My online account is stuck and has said verification pending for a month. They say its a glitch in the system and will be fixed but "when'? I call often to ask. The last time I called she said I am verified and can pick out a plan over the phone instead but I need to SEE the insurance plans online before I can pick one so they said to "wait" until this is fixed on my account so I can proceed to pick my policy online. PLEASE get this fixed SOON, I need the insurance to go into effect January 1 for sure!