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Best Practices for Improvement

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Improvements and enhancements for HealthCare.gov and the Health Insurance Marketplace continue to advance every day.

Yesterday, we reported slowness on the site and some difficulties with users being able to effectively log in.  Today, the system is stable but remains slow for users.  The tech team continues to work to troubleshoot items as they arrive.

Yesterday we experienced new stresses on the system further downstream in the application than we have previously experienced, revealing new capacity issues.  Overnight, the team added hardware to help alleviate that pressure. QSSI, our general contractor, is further assessing overall capacity needs throughout the system as part of our ongoing effort to make improvements.

In addition, QSSI has established a new protocol for addressing items on the punch list. The new protocol includes focusing integrated teams on specific software issues within the application and enrollment process – this includes things such as eligibility, enrollment, and plan compare in particular – prioritizing the fixes in each category and fully testing them prior to implementation.

The performance teams are planning multiple software releases per week going forward.  This will help us execute fixes with the necessary pace and precision.

Because performance teams are dedicated by category, they are becoming increasingly proficient in developing fixes quickly and building an ongoing pipeline of improvements for implementation.  If a fix becomes too complex to deploy rapidly, it is assigned to a dedicated escalation team to address.

This protocol is a best practice approach from the private sector that will help us make progress on our punch list and continuously improve the functionality and performance of HealthCare.gov.

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Submitted by Anonymous on
Take it one step at a time guys. I know you can make this work.
Submitted by James Wimberley on
A suggestion for other commenters. There's still (!!) no feedback from the site owners, but we can help ourselves a little. I'm pretty unqualified, but I've posted replies to people who don't know how to create a new email account or clean out an Internet cache. A lot of you are much more qualified than me and can answer more difficult questions.
Submitted by Jerry on
How do I create a new email account without having to start from scratch again on my application? THANKS, Jerry
Submitted by Marc on
WRT functionality -- how about using a working system (say California) and replicating it across the remaining 30 (or so) states. WRT scalability - how about an independent site for each state. the landing page would be the only common page redirecting the trafficto appropriate site based of the state selection.
Submitted by Michele on
Marcus and I will also be signing up for Obamacare. Hopefully the site will be up and running by then. I love Obamacare. Michele Bachmann
Submitted by Melinda on
I didn't bother to spend the time to write a reply-I just copied another one as below which applies to me as well. Very frustrating! "There needs to be something done to help speed up the "verify identity" glitch. I have been getting that notification since the first week of Oct. Even after downloading several documents to prove identity, sending in proof of identity and now waiting 5 weeks, my application remains in the "pending" state because apparently, the verification is under review?? "
Submitted by Tom on
I was in the same boat, applied 10/2 I.D. verification 'Pending" for over a month. This am I created a new account with a different email address, filled out the app again and answered their I.D. verification questions and it came back "identity verified". I think some of the early accounts/applications are stuck in the verification process and those people may have better luck setting up a new account with a different email address. This worked for me. YMMV.
Submitted by Don on
I will also be signing up for through covered CA.Keep up the good Fight.
Submitted by Trv on
Your IT staff failed. They should have planned for the capacity knowing millions of people would be using the system. Theres no excuse for this.