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Best Practices for Improvement

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Improvements and enhancements for HealthCare.gov and the Health Insurance Marketplace continue to advance every day.

Yesterday, we reported slowness on the site and some difficulties with users being able to effectively log in.  Today, the system is stable but remains slow for users.  The tech team continues to work to troubleshoot items as they arrive.

Yesterday we experienced new stresses on the system further downstream in the application than we have previously experienced, revealing new capacity issues.  Overnight, the team added hardware to help alleviate that pressure. QSSI, our general contractor, is further assessing overall capacity needs throughout the system as part of our ongoing effort to make improvements.

In addition, QSSI has established a new protocol for addressing items on the punch list. The new protocol includes focusing integrated teams on specific software issues within the application and enrollment process – this includes things such as eligibility, enrollment, and plan compare in particular – prioritizing the fixes in each category and fully testing them prior to implementation.

The performance teams are planning multiple software releases per week going forward.  This will help us execute fixes with the necessary pace and precision.

Because performance teams are dedicated by category, they are becoming increasingly proficient in developing fixes quickly and building an ongoing pipeline of improvements for implementation.  If a fix becomes too complex to deploy rapidly, it is assigned to a dedicated escalation team to address.

This protocol is a best practice approach from the private sector that will help us make progress on our punch list and continuously improve the functionality and performance of HealthCare.gov.

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Submitted by Robert on
I got the eligibility OK however the next two buttons are locked and can not proceed forward with the application. I called the 800 number and they said they could not help with the issue.
Submitted by Max on
Yesterday, we went to our pharmacy to fill a routine prescription for levothyroxine, on of the cheapest medications, for a routine thyroid problem. The cost went from $7.86 to $35.50 for the same quantity overnight; manufacturer is Sandoz. The pharmacist told us some medications went up over 1000-2000% overnight and this was independent of company supplying the medication. He suspected this was due to price gouging by pharmaceutical companies in anticipation of the Affordable Care implementation. Please make someone aware of this.
Submitted by Cindy on
I am stuck in the enrollment with time running out on a very bad policy by Dec 15th. I have talked to several who are unable to help me. Before the system shut down I had everything ready to go and since then the computer has lost my husband and now I cannot enroll! Very,very frustrating! I have been told to wait 2-5 business days for a call; like before and figure they cannot help. So I guess we will not be insured and it is not our fault!
Submitted by Max on
I tried signing up on 1 Oct. Set up an account and could never get on again until I set up another account on 10 Oct. That didn't work so they had me do a phone application on 12 Oct. That was filled out incorrectly, spelling wrong, income wrong etc etc. This was updated on 21 Oct. I was sent 8 emails on the 21 Oct from affordable care but when I clicked on the highlighted line it brought me to the sign in and there is no place to view emails on the website. Then on 24 Oct they checked my phone application again, discovered some of the same errors and then after checking and refiled it said all was OK. I tried to fill out one online but that never worked, it listed my name three times and my wife once. It would always put in my SS number for my wife. Half of the things saved were left empty when I signed in again (it never allowed me to finish). After doing this for 10 days, I gave up on the online; even today it shows 3 of me - nothing has changed. I was told advanced resolution would call me three times. I received one call 9 days after they said they would call. I have never received the other calls. I support universal care, having lived in Germany and Japan where health care is truly affordable for all people, costs the same for everyone and everyone must participate. It would really be a pity if the US is the only industrialized country that doesn' t have affordable health care. Even this health care is not affordable compared with all European countries, Singapore and Japan. It still costs 6x-10X as much for vastly inferior coverage, limited selection even with the best plans and enormous deductables. Why don't you just copy Singapore or Japans health care methods. They are the most efficient and least costly but in both countires people live longer and have healthy lives even when aged.
Submitted by Heather on
I love the way you are professionally and methodically moving forward on resolving this problem. I wonder if there's a way to give preferential treatment to those people who have received those frightful letters from their insurers. Apparently it's not a huge number, so perhaps they can be tracked down and made aware of their insurance company's responsibility in the cancellation and subsequent price increase. They would be surprised to learn the true value of their plan that they "love." Then they could be guided through their actual options for getting a better plan on the Marketplace. Several journalists have gone to the trouble of following up some of those bandwagon-jumpers and found that they never even investigated their options. Searching them out to give them help might add a bit of appreciation where there is now only distrust. Here in Central Florida we are doing all we can to inform and assist folks about the realities of the ACA. Keep up the good work. You have many people singing your praises.
Submitted by Rick on
I keep trying relentlessly to login but the login page times itself out within seconds. I phone in my application on October 10th and when I call back to check on it all I get is a line of BARF. I went to BCBS of Florida and they were able to log in and check my status, only to find out the exchange is waiting to see if I qualify for Medicaid. With a $42,000.00 income, I know I am NOT eligible for Medicaid. A friggin JUNK YARD isn't this screwed up! My current policy runs out December 31st also and the medications I require cost over $2,600.00 per month, NOT TO MENTION IT'S A QUESTION OF LIFE OR DEATH. Not that's a comforting feeling to deal with day in and day out.. My next stop ... bankruptcy and then death. I just want to extend my thanks to all the MORONS for diligently designing the exchanges website.
Submitted by Jane on
It is still not working
Submitted by John on
Still waiting for my identity to be verified, by the uploaded doc's and the mailed in doc's. ( I mailed them in too, since God know's if they get the uploads. ) Waiting for a MONTH now ! Calling the Marketplace number OR even the " Advanced Resolution Center " is a waste of time.
Submitted by Frank on
Someone should be responding to these comments!
Submitted by Mark on
I am another one who is stuck at the view eligibility button. Clicking this brings me back to my application. Also, I received a request 10/15 to verify my income. Did so electronically and via US Mail. Nothing has changed, and neither chat or help line has any access or visibility. Promised a call from "Advanced Resolution Dept" on Oct 31. Nothing. Called Marketplace today, they transferred me to Advanced Res, and I sat on hold for over 45 minutes. Gave up. WOW! Is this broken or what? I need coverage, as my present plan goes away on 12/31.