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Best Practices for Improvement

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Improvements and enhancements for HealthCare.gov and the Health Insurance Marketplace continue to advance every day.

Yesterday, we reported slowness on the site and some difficulties with users being able to effectively log in.  Today, the system is stable but remains slow for users.  The tech team continues to work to troubleshoot items as they arrive.

Yesterday we experienced new stresses on the system further downstream in the application than we have previously experienced, revealing new capacity issues.  Overnight, the team added hardware to help alleviate that pressure. QSSI, our general contractor, is further assessing overall capacity needs throughout the system as part of our ongoing effort to make improvements.

In addition, QSSI has established a new protocol for addressing items on the punch list. The new protocol includes focusing integrated teams on specific software issues within the application and enrollment process – this includes things such as eligibility, enrollment, and plan compare in particular – prioritizing the fixes in each category and fully testing them prior to implementation.

The performance teams are planning multiple software releases per week going forward.  This will help us execute fixes with the necessary pace and precision.

Because performance teams are dedicated by category, they are becoming increasingly proficient in developing fixes quickly and building an ongoing pipeline of improvements for implementation.  If a fix becomes too complex to deploy rapidly, it is assigned to a dedicated escalation team to address.

This protocol is a best practice approach from the private sector that will help us make progress on our punch list and continuously improve the functionality and performance of HealthCare.gov.

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Submitted by James on
Still can't log in anymore. Let in the insurance companies who are participating in the marketplace do the complete enrollment process. There plans, prices and subsidy estimates are on their website. They do everything now but award the subsidies. They can award tentative subsidies and adjustments can be made when the enrollee files his or her 2014 tax return. A 2014 tax filing will be necessary anyway to reconcile discrepancies .Get us off the website and let the insurance companies start the entire enrollment process.
Submitted by Cindy on
I am stuck at the view eligibility stage. I click on it and get a seperate popup browser window that stays blank. In the address line, it has a string with identifier=null. i have tried live chatting and they do not know what to tell me. They keep suggesting I download an application or call to apply. I am frustrated because I already took the time to apply and it has been approved. I just want to know what is available to me. Hopefully this information can help you pinpoint some of the issues that need attention.
Submitted by Phil on
You folks are doing great and important work for the good of America. Your service will be long remembered after the smoke and storm of today has passed. Having been part of implementing several multi user/web-based/GUI databases about 1 millionth the size of THIS site over my own career in public service, I see no significant problems that can't be addressed. It's just code. It will take time. Be patient. I have been certified Eligible since 10/05, and am only a step or two away from enrollment. Somehow there are two applications under my one app number, but that probably was my fault during initial steps of entering data bon 10/03. There should be no issue having advanced tech delete the bad application. I HAVE, however, selected a plan for my wife and myself under the other application and see that it is checked off on my Application ToDo list. Woo who. I see improvements every day. Again, thank you for your service.
Submitted by Andrea on
Tech guys- how do you know where the problems are? I cannot get beyond the Family Info section. Even though each section says "Save and Continue", it doesn't save because when I get to the end of section 5 and click "Save and Continue", it does nothing- goes no where. Log out, try later- same problem- re-enter or click through all the same information to come to dead stop! Wish there was a "Report a Problem" button. This has been my problem since Oct. 13th. Have talked to Live Chat three times- their solutions: call the 1-800 number (did that. Did entire application over the phone! Great. Never got eligibility confirmation and after third call to inquire about status, the agent tells me they can't find the application done over the phone, only the incomplete one started online. FYI- folks on the 1-800 are very responsive, but lost application is another issue you need to look into.) Next Chat recommendation- use Chrome. Did. Same problem. Next recommendation- do paper application. If the efiling isn't working and the 1-800 system loses my application, you can understand my hesitancy to believe the paper application is the solution.
Submitted by Jenni-ann Littsey on
I have been locked out of my account for more than 10 weeks, I need to access my application to make needed changes and I still can't get past the log in page. I have had my account unlocked at your end and still not able to access it at any time of day. I have been sent 2 new passwords and neither works. You need to improve the password controls so we can change them to what we desire.
Submitted by mike on
I give up.
Submitted by mike on
Published after approval??? lmao!
Submitted by mike on
I have tried so many times to just log on to the website. I even called and the person that answered the phone absolutely knew nothing about anything. Is this for real?
Submitted by Debra on
I am having trouble advancing on the website while trying to apply to see is my family is eligible for coverage. It stays in a loop and asks the same questions over and over again about my dependents. I now have about 20 listings on the left side of the application.....I would like to have it reset or start over again,but it won't let me....there is not a button to click to end the app.
Submitted by Paul on
Four days ago I FINALLY was able to get to the completed stage, selected plans, and the green buttons came up to pay. When I clicked on the green buttons, both sent me out to non-existent (error) pages on the Blue Cross Blue Shield website and Delta Dental website. So I haven't been able to pay. Sooooooo I once again called and once again put in a "ticket" to the advanced resolution center. Of course I had been referred to the advanced resolution center on October 22 regarding their non-response to the information I sent in to - in their words - verify my 2014 income (not to state the obvious here but one cannot verify their 2014 income they can only estimate it - which I already had done; in response I sent them a W-2 from 2012 which is the only thing I can do since we have no 2013 records yet; there is some mighty STUPID wording on a site which asks you to verify your 2014 income. I am grateful for this coverage and the subsidies sooooo much but this has, and continues to be a nightmare. Now all I need to do is pay for my first month's premium but they can't event come up with a way for me to do that.