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Best Practices for Improvement

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Improvements and enhancements for HealthCare.gov and the Health Insurance Marketplace continue to advance every day.

Yesterday, we reported slowness on the site and some difficulties with users being able to effectively log in.  Today, the system is stable but remains slow for users.  The tech team continues to work to troubleshoot items as they arrive.

Yesterday we experienced new stresses on the system further downstream in the application than we have previously experienced, revealing new capacity issues.  Overnight, the team added hardware to help alleviate that pressure. QSSI, our general contractor, is further assessing overall capacity needs throughout the system as part of our ongoing effort to make improvements.

In addition, QSSI has established a new protocol for addressing items on the punch list. The new protocol includes focusing integrated teams on specific software issues within the application and enrollment process – this includes things such as eligibility, enrollment, and plan compare in particular – prioritizing the fixes in each category and fully testing them prior to implementation.

The performance teams are planning multiple software releases per week going forward.  This will help us execute fixes with the necessary pace and precision.

Because performance teams are dedicated by category, they are becoming increasingly proficient in developing fixes quickly and building an ongoing pipeline of improvements for implementation.  If a fix becomes too complex to deploy rapidly, it is assigned to a dedicated escalation team to address.

This protocol is a best practice approach from the private sector that will help us make progress on our punch list and continuously improve the functionality and performance of HealthCare.gov.

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Submitted by Kathy in Texas on
As others have said, verifying identity is broken. This should not be a problem, given that local, state, and federal governments have had me on file for 58 years. Now I can't be found in the system??? I bet the IRS could find me in a heartbeat. As requested, I uploaded a copy of my driver's license and social security card. And then I waited. And waited. And waited. It's been a month, and my application is still Pending. Where did my email go? Do you have it, or does some criminal? I called for assistance and was referred to the credit agency that verifies identifies. They sent me right back to you for a reference number. I was told there isn't a reference number, just mail in my information, because the email may not have been received. How about a "resubmit information" button on the site? I support Obamacare 100%, but this is a disaster.
Submitted by Rob on
Why not just fix this stupid, worthless, frustrating site so I COULD JUST CREATE AN ACCOUNT!!! I'VE TRIED CLOSE TO A THOUSAND TIMES and the results are the same!! CANNOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT AT THIS TIME. People say the site is getting better, but for who!! I guess its better for the republicans because they want it to fail. I know if people can't even create an account it will definitly fail. I know I've wasted so much time on this I'm starting to think it is going to fail!!
Submitted by Lillian on
Please fix the display problem: review eligibility results button displays a blank page: URL is showing www.healthcare.gov/ee-rest/auth/OH/en_US/DocumentManagementEE/DocumentFromECM?fileIdentifier=null The fieldentifier is showing as null insteald of the unique identifer of the requestor. When will this problem be fixed?
Submitted by chas on
I am another one who is stuck at the view eligibility button. Clicking this brings me back to my application, Third time i filled out all inf and keeps bringing me back or say your app. is complete please come back another time to get in to site i am really frustrated by this filling all this info out time and again and they can not show me any plans. Last week did call them and they said they would rush me some paper work out but still waiting.
Submitted by Chuck on
Accounts created way back in the beginning of October are still not able to log in...receive an invalid login data response. When using Forgot Your Password option for that account, it prompts for username and correctly sends email to the associated email account. However, the link in the email to rest the password does not work...it takes you to a page that says the marketplace was unable to locate a profile that matches the information you entered. These accounts are still locked up.
Submitted by Carolyn on
yes there has been problems but who ever thought that you would receive the numbers the first day.the computer does not care if you belong to either party. this has never been done in our country before. it would have helped if everyone was for it. we may not all like it but there are many that need it and those that don't will be glad it is here if they lose their jobs.I HAVE READ THE OTHER COMMENTS AND AS FOR AS EVERYONE HAS STATED IS TRUE BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY ARE NOT TRYING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS.IFTHEY HIRE MORE PEOPLE TO KEEP YOU FROM WAITING THEN THEY ARE WASTING TAXPAYERS MONEY AND IF YOU THINK IT IS SO BAD DONT PARTICIPATE GET THE PENALTY. YOU ARE STANDING UP FOR YOUR BELIEFS. IF IT HAD BEEN BUSH OR REAGAN IT WOULD YOU BE MORE UNDERSTANDING. LET US MEET FIVE YEARS FROM NOW AND SEE HOW WE FEEL
Submitted by Daniel on
Can't even get the "create account" button to work... Smh
Submitted by Kat on
I admit I am starting to freak out right about now. I have tried, and failed, to submit a completed application SEVEN TIMES in the last month. Five online, twice by phone -- even better, the sixth time (by phone) I was told the application had gone through, but when I received no info by mail as promised, I called back to discover that it hadn't, and in fact it wanted me to answer additional questions which I wasn't asked the first time around. I either lose my coverage (individual plan, self-pay, no employer to cover me here) or face a hike in premiums that I can't afford at the end of the year. I NEED new coverage by then, and I will need the subsidies only available through the marketplace. Is there any estimate for when the application process will be working? Would I be better off opting for the Luddite version and submitting the paper application? Can you even process a paper application? My most recent attempt-by-phone failed because the rep's computer wouldn't let her verify and submit my application, either.
Submitted by Anonymous on
Saw "You have a notice available about your identity verification." when logged in, but nowhere to find the notice, WTF. Stuck on the ID verification for a week.
Submitted by Kelly on
Tried 100 times or more with help from professionals and on my own . I have yet been able to set up an account. Times tried have been every possible hour even setting an alarm to do it in the middle of nite. Fix What fix and when I' m trying in the state of Michigan. So unworthy is this.