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Best Practices for Improvement

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Improvements and enhancements for HealthCare.gov and the Health Insurance Marketplace continue to advance every day.

Yesterday, we reported slowness on the site and some difficulties with users being able to effectively log in.  Today, the system is stable but remains slow for users.  The tech team continues to work to troubleshoot items as they arrive.

Yesterday we experienced new stresses on the system further downstream in the application than we have previously experienced, revealing new capacity issues.  Overnight, the team added hardware to help alleviate that pressure. QSSI, our general contractor, is further assessing overall capacity needs throughout the system as part of our ongoing effort to make improvements.

In addition, QSSI has established a new protocol for addressing items on the punch list. The new protocol includes focusing integrated teams on specific software issues within the application and enrollment process – this includes things such as eligibility, enrollment, and plan compare in particular – prioritizing the fixes in each category and fully testing them prior to implementation.

The performance teams are planning multiple software releases per week going forward.  This will help us execute fixes with the necessary pace and precision.

Because performance teams are dedicated by category, they are becoming increasingly proficient in developing fixes quickly and building an ongoing pipeline of improvements for implementation.  If a fix becomes too complex to deploy rapidly, it is assigned to a dedicated escalation team to address.

This protocol is a best practice approach from the private sector that will help us make progress on our punch list and continuously improve the functionality and performance of HealthCare.gov.


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Submitted by Max on
You promote your fixes but after 42 days of trying and filing a phone application in early October, I was told today, something was missing. No income! I told the operators my income at least 6 times. We checked further, my name was misspelled three times on the form and twice for my wife. Almost all of the yes/no answers were empty. This is on phone application that was submitted and completed 1st on 12 Oct, then corrected on 21 Oct, checked again on 24 Oct (and corrected) and finally today corrected again on 11 Nov. How do you explain this incompetence? The web application has me listed three times and one can not remove the extra listing because there is no edit command. Even your phone people can't do it. You don't call people back when you say you will and you don't fix things such as the email. Your sent me 8 emails on 21 October. To see the email one must go to the web page but there is no place to see emails from the gov on the web page. It goes on and on.....
Submitted by chiachia on
I just heard on the news that the website is not protected from easy access to members personal information such as SSN, salary, etc. How is this being addressed?
Submitted by Katya on
So, you sent me a verification e-mail, but further down the application line told me that the e-mail address at which I received the verification email and responded to it from, is not a valid e-mail address. If its not a verified and valid e-mail address how did you allow me to receive e-mail from your site to it. You will not allow me to not add my husband as an applicant even though he has insurance through an approved coverage plan and unlike me will not be losing his coverage on Jan 1. How can I budget a new cost into my already tight fiscal situation if I don't even have the faintest clue how much I will need to pay for health care that will need to start in a little over a month. I was asked various and many questions two and three times, some of which have absolutely nothing to do with my health or insurance needs, only to find out I cannot complete the application. How is it I cannot be verified if you know a street on which I lived in the past but moved from in 1991. How much more verification do I need than close to 30 years of addresses, all of my vital information and my employers EIN? Close to 2 hours later, I give up.
Submitted by Anonymous on
It asked if my sons (7, 5,& 2 years old) are going to be married next year? I don't think so! Then I got stuck at a question where it is asking me a yes or no question and says that I have to input an amount??? with a big ERROR across the top?
Submitted by grizz on
six weeks and still hear the same old thing try back in a couple of days we will have the system fixed , you know this is getting old. i do not have no insurance i sure feel sorry for the ones that are losing their insurance they have now, the system started it out not being able to handle all the people then now 3 million losing their insurance they may not get the system working till sometime in 2014.some may say that that statement is crazy BUT is it working?
Submitted by SriniP on
After many attempts i was able to complete my application on 10/26. But the view eligibility results does not bring any results for enrollment. When i click on the continue enrollment button it comes with a blank page. I contacted the customer service but in vain. I need coverage starting 01/14. I need help in getting coverage through affordable health care act.
Submitted by Robert on
Hello, wake up, can anyone hear me!! Very soon we'll be at the end of the month when website is supposed to be fixed.I still can't create an account. Wow, I never dreamed this roll out would be so much trouble. Most likely the people working on this stupid thing have insurance so they don't care if it gets fixed or not! Maybe they are working by the hour and I bet it isn't minimum wage.
Submitted by Sandy on
I am stuck at the "Enrollment To-Do List". I told it that I do not want a separate dental plan, but that selection is still showing green, that I have not done it yet. I tried to go ahead to the insurance coverage selection, which I had already chosen, and now it's gray and says "locked".
Submitted by Felix HAlpern on
I still cannot get to my application and insurance plan when I am directed to see my profile and insurance. I have been attempting this for weeks.
Submitted by cathy on
application process complete. keep getting check eligibility results before choosing plan. when I click on this it kicks me out of the screen and gives an error, wage page cannot be located. wrong ip address.
Submitted by Larry on
Cant get passed create an account?
Submitted by jeb on
It will not recognize my Username/Password. So, I tried to create a new account. I answered the security questions and it errored, saying that two of the answers to my security questions were duplicates (not true).
Submitted by Wendy on
Unfortunately, I dedicated myself to the healthcare.gov website for 2 weeks from Oct 1 thru Oct 14th. Under much duress and angst, I endured the slow loading of pages, being kicked out of the site, logging in during off-peak hours only to get an error message saying the site had too many visitors ,etc, etc, etc. When I finally was able to complete my application, my eligibility letter indicated only that I was able to purchase insurance thru the Marketplace--no mention of a tax credit.....according to all I have read, my family of 2 making less that $62,000/year should qualify for some tax credit. I'm not sure that the financial info I put on my application was accurate due to the extreme circumstances I endured when trying to complete it, nor do I have faith that if it was accurate, it was properly transmitted. I would like to cancel the application and start over with the help of a Navigator once the site is truly functional. I have been unsuccessful in trying to get someone at Healthcare.gov to advise me as to what I should do. How do I get in touch with someone with the Advance Resolution Department that was mentioned by Mark on 11/8/13????
Submitted by Don on
This website is embarrassing. It took me dozens of trys to get a log in. The it took dozens more for the system to accept the log in. Now every time I go in to "finish my application" It requires me to go back to step one. It is ridiculous to only have one question on a page. Then it takes an average of 1 1/2 minutes to go to the next page. It took five pages to say my wife has no income. It took four pages a piece to state that each one of my children has no income. Then I finally finish my application and it states that the verification is down. Then the cycle starts all over. There is no excuse. The plan estimates show the cheapest silver plan for my wife and I at $509 but the real price is $996. If I estimated like that in my business, I would not survive one day!!!!~ No excuses---fix it now!!!
Submitted by Joi on
Submitted by Joi on
I can get to logging in finally but only because I re registered. Prior to that, I kept requesting my login and after about 10 times of requesting and never getting a response I gave up and re registered. Now I get an error message after logging in and can't go any further and live help is useless like normal. Got frustrated, printed the application and mailing it in. If I wait for this darn website, im afraid I won't have insurance by Jan 2014. This is ridiculous and I don't want my application to fall into a huge mass of applications once it finally works...if ever.
Submitted by Jerry on
To paraphrase Ronald Reagen, "Mr. OBAMA, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!"
Submitted by TMartin on
This is my 6th week and still waiting to be identity verified. When will I be verified
Submitted by Cheryl. on
OMG...I entered all my information to application EVERYDAY since it launch...it NEVER saves all the info...it keeps indicating my application is incomplete!!! I re-entered the information 5x's TODAY only to have it STILL not save...UGH!!!!!! I'm beyond frustrated. I called the 800 number and they were no help!!!!!
Submitted by Gloria on
Have been waiting for ARC to call for the past 2 weeks. First time, I was told that ARC "has to call within 5 days (excluding weekends)". Of course, that didn't happen. I called customer service again and learned that there was an error on the application that made the determination erroneous. The rep explained that ARC is the only authority that can change information on an application once submitted. That rep sent an "escalated" summary of the issue to ARC and, once again, I was told that ARC is required to call within 2 - 5 days. Well, strike 2 for ARC. If ARC isn't doing its "required" responsibility, then maybe someone should be looking at putting people in that position that can actually do the job. There are obviously more problems with this process than the website itself. If ARC is "required" to return calls within 5 business days, then why isn't it happening? Is ANYONE being held accountable for not doing their job?
Submitted by Barbara on
I started Oct 2. Have used different browsers and even two different computers. I have finally gotten to "set my premium" which should pull up my plans to compare but now I am getting an error message "unable to connect to hub". It has been a slow go. I am now in the advanced resolution call center but they seem unable to correct anything on their end. Hopefully it will get resolved. I will keep working on this. I suppose I have a higher threshold of frustration compared to the average computer person. I have learned that you need to keep going thru the app even tho you are answering the same questions before it sets. Clear your cache and try other browsers. Good luck.
Submitted by Debbie on
I have been stuck since October 1st. I submit and sign the application- it says it has been received and says hit NEXT to verify my identity and it takes me right back to my application and says my application is incomplete. I talked with experian - they say my identity is verified- under my profile it has a green check that says I am verified but I keep getting a white box that says I have a notice about my identity and NO WAY TO GET THE NOTICE. This is DAY 41 of trying-- COME ON people!!!
Submitted by Emily on
When I log in, I get a screen that says my application is "in process," but when I talk to the Advanced Resolution Center, they say it has completed process and lists us as "eligible." They say, if I happen to call in when they're system is more functional, they can provide me with insurance plans and quotes. However, I haven't been lucky enough to catch them when their system lets them access this information. When will my log-in provide me with the correct status of my account? In the meantime, when can I get plans and quotes from a representative? Thank you, Emily
Submitted by Jerry on
Please address the LOG IN issues. I have read many of commits and nothing has changed.
Submitted by Brian on
Since they have been making "improvements", I am no longer able to login to healthcare.gov. Everytime I enter my login information, and click submit, the page just refreshes and clears out my info. I have cleared my cookies, history, and cache and tried this in 3 different browsers and it is the same thing everytime. I seriously doubt the system is going to be up and running by Nov. 30th.