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Adding Capacity

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Over the weekend, we implemented software fixes focused on enhancing the user experience, improving enrollment, and streamlining the workflow for agents, brokers and call center representatives.

Additionally, we added storage capacity in the CMS Data center. This infrastructure improvement will enable increased processing power as more users move through the system. 

It’s likely that as we move forward we’ll find additional glitches and experience intermittent periods of sub-optimal performance, when the system may be slow or not responsive. Just this morning, due to parts of the system not communicating effectively, the application and enrollment tools on HealthCare.gov was unavailable for approximately one hour.  Our tech team quickly resolved the issue and got the system back on track. The Data Services Hub remained fully operational.

We’ve made measurable progress in addressing two issues:  Improving the user experience and managing capacity shortfalls and volume.

In terms of improving the site experience, the vast majority of users will not experience the slow response times, error messages, and system outages that characterized their experience in October.  The system will not work perfectly on December 1st, but it will operate much better than it did on October 1st.

In terms of capacity, by the end of the month HealthCare.gov will be able to operate at the capacity that was originally intended: a rate of approximately 50,000 users on the site at the same time. This means the system will be able to accommodate more than 800,000 visits a day from consumers who are seeking information, filling out applications, shopping, and enrolling.

There will be times that volume on HealthCare.gov will exceed this demand, and we are preparing for that. If we experience extraordinary demand, consumers may not be immediately able to complete the application. They will be queued, in order to ensure a smoother process, and will experience some wait time.

We will continue to work every day to ensure that every American who wants it has access to these new, quality, coverage options.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visit hhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visit https://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by K on
Just give us the option to delete an application if we are stuck anywhere in the process to apply for health insurance.
Submitted by Glynis on
you don't have to delete it to start over. Just create a new account with a new username, new password, and new a different email address. Delete your cookies, temporary internet files and history first. Make sure your browser is the most current version and that the java plugin is up to date.
Submitted by K on
I cannot view my eligibility results and cannot view my marketplace notices.Nothing works and the all the call center tells me to keep trying, and that nothing can be done until the website is fixed. This is ridiculous.
Submitted by Spandan on
I will bet anything most of the "things are still not working" comments are from right wing trolls who are flat out lying and never even tried to complete an application. Healthcare.gov is working pretty well lately. Great work, team!
Submitted by jdf on
Is working pretty well good enough for you? It isn't for most people.
Submitted by Sam on
From Penn.Blair co. Why don't the Geisinger plans have my subsidy deducted from their plans.All the other plans have it deducted! Go figure!!!
Submitted by Patty on
Boy, I bet Geisinger insurance co. isn't very happy about not having the tax credits attached to their plans.(In Blair County Pennsylvania) Geisinger said they were aware of it and it was supposed to be fixed.Man, if is not one thing it's another with this website. Come on guys this seems like it should be an easy fix. Seems like you want people to choose other plans over Geisingers.
Submitted by Cheryl on
Pulling my hair out. Applied on the phone and my entire application was lost. Finally got online, started a new app and then was kicked off -- only partially completed. Became unable to log back on. Got my user name and now I have a new temporary password. Have been trying for two days and when I go to log in, same original log on screen keeps popping up with no errors. I have spent a total of 12+ hours and still can't get on successfully!!
Submitted by Laurie on
Try creating a whole new login account. Clear cookies before you start. That worked for me and went smoothly.
Submitted by Glynis on
If you keep going back to the login screen it is possible you can't get in because the system has reached its capacity of 20,000-30,000 at the same time. They are working on that this week to increase it to 60,000 at the same time. If you keep trying to login over and over you might end up locking yourself out. If that happens you'll have to use the 'forgot your password' link to reset your password.
Submitted by Chris on
People do not call when they are supposed to. I was ready to select a plan on October 2nd. I had me and my daughter set to hit enroll. I waited to make sure I wanted the plan I chose. I tried to complete the process 2 weeks ago. My daughter was no longer on the policy. I called and chatted 4 different times. Finally, the person who was trying to help said that a higher up would call me in 2-5 days. No call. I tried logging in a week later to find that I was now stuck on the set credits portion I think with error 500.806. The lady who I called had no info on why no one called me on the other issue but also said she saw the error to try back after Dec. 15. I can't wait that long. I need to cancel my other policy by Dec 23. I can't trust that my account will be all situated after December 15th. 4 days later I still have the error and can't get any further. This site is ridiculous!
Submitted by Glynis on
If you are still trying to complete an application from early Oct start over with a new one by creating a new username, new password, and new email address. Delete your cookies, temporary internet files, and history first. The applications from Oct got corrupted and can't be fixed.
Submitted by Ann on
Time is running out to enroll and the website is still not working. This is the first time in all my life that I want I have insurance and I am terrified. I called my current insurance company and effective 12/31/13 my policy is being cancelled due to ACA. I have been trying since October to apply with no success. I have called the MarketPlace so many times for help and they keep saying the same thing "keeping trying to apply. Also why suggest we call the MarketPlace for help because clearly they don't know what to do nor can they help get you enrolled. THE BIGGER QUESTION IS WHAT ARE WE TO DO WHEN OUR CURRENT INSURANCE IS BEING CANCELLED AND THE ACA WEBSITE IS NOT WORKING BY THE ENROLLMENT DEADLINE. WHAT IS THE BACK-UP PLAN!!! IF I CAN'T ENROLL IN THE MARKETPLACE THAT MEANS I WILL HAVE NO INSURANCE. "NO INSURANCE IS NOT AN OPTION"!!!
Submitted by Tina on
You can fill out a paper form, apply by phone or talk to an authorized broker. It's pretty clear on the splash page that there's more than one way to apply.
Submitted by Kathy on
Still getting the Error ID:500.806 when trying to set my tax credit amount that I want to use. No one in customer service can get into my account to fix it, they are getting the same error. They have made notes about it twice. Does anyone check on the accounts that are flagged as having errors?
Submitted by Brian on
And now, started yesterday, I can't even get the login page to even attempt to login me in. Instead of merely refreshing when I enter in my login info and pressing login, the login button does NOTHING. I applaud the breaking of this website with each passing day. I guess I will just be filing for an exemption if I get turned down for Medicaid.
Submitted by Glynis on
Delete your cookies, temporary internet files, and history. Make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari. If your IE is not up to date then you might want to install Chrome because it's faster than installing IE. Also make sure that your java is up to date (uninstall old version before installing a new one).
Submitted by Rose on
I was on the phone for over 2 hours with a rep. and she tried completing my application and she kept have to start the application over and over again it was torture. She could not complete it. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix this. I NEED INSURANCE!!!!!!
Submitted by Sara on
After weeks of trying to get signed in, I finally got in and started filling out the initial info. I got just past the income part and got kicked out. Each time I sign in again, I have to "save and continue" on all the questions previously answered. Then it kicks me out before I make it to the income page again. I get the message "Sorry, our system is temporarily down. Try to log in again after 30 minutes or call ..." This is crazy! I've printed out about eight of these messages with different error ids. If I call the 800#, they have no clue. There is no way everyone can sign up between Dec 1 and Dec 15 for Jan 1 coverage.
Submitted by Totally Frustrated on
Julie Bataille .... I understand that people are working round the clock on getting this site functional, but as I see it it's far from functional ... and I question whether or not the site will be working by the new deadline of December 23rd. Although it's great that you are updating us on the improvements and fixes, I think it's time to begin telling everyone the best method to obtain health coverage via other means thru the marketplace. For example, can we go directly to the insurance company in our state, obtain a plan from them AND then apply the credit AFTER the fact?! I don't have a clear answer on that question and would like one. No one seems to know! I've been at this since October 1st, much like many who have voiced their concerns and problems here. Many of us have wasted way too much time on a process that should have never been rolled out without [from my perspective] any beta testing. Hindsight is everything ... As for me I'll wait to contact the marketplace on December 1st and hope that by then someone, ANYONE will come forth and begin to tell all that is in limbo our choices of getting coverage. In the meantime ... take a step back and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday! I remain "totally frustrated"!
Submitted by Amy on
You and me both. I am having exactly the same issues, and have went through application process over the phone now 3 times and reassured it is completed and I will hear from my new "Insurer" to make my first payment by the 12/15/13 deadline to start the coverage on 1/1/14.... BUT. I have been going through this since 101/1/13, and have contacted Humana and Anthem and they have nothing on me still... I even got transferred to a so-called "Supervisor" named "Emily" and she told me to call the Ohio Health Insurance department to escalate my issues.. Of course they said "They have NOTHING to do do with OHIO'S marketplace because Ohio wanted the Federal Government to handle it all... I am needless to say extremely worried and ridden with anxiety that my son and I will have to pay extremely high premiums or have no coverage and get penalized because we did not make the deadline. :(
Submitted by Glynis on
If you live in TX, OH, or FL as of last Friday there is a pilot project to enroll directly with insurers and still get your subsidy credit. You can also go to online brokers like ehealthinsuance and GetInsured to do the same in early December. I confirmed that in an online chat with ehealthinsurance.
Submitted by Will on
When are you going to fix the thing, so I can actually enroll my children in a healthcare program - I keep getting error 500.300517 - and calling like the message says. The support staff don't even know what that error means. How can they possibly help without knowing what the error means. They politely say the system is down, which directly contradicts your updates. You keep touting that the system is getting better... it is not!!!!
Submitted by Amy on
I had the same error 500.300517 for a week and a half. Called once and the rep had no other suggestions after trying many different browsers and browser settings. Finally today I called again and the rep deleted my whole application and put in a new one over the phone (my previous one had been done by myself online). After that the plans were viewable by the rep on my account and I was able to register.
Submitted by Wilber on
Don't waste your time with the live chat. All they can do is tell you to give them your number so someone from the Advanced Response Team can call you in 2 - 5 days. Apparently "who sets my rate" is too advanced of a question.