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Adding Capacity

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Over the weekend, we implemented software fixes focused on enhancing the user experience, improving enrollment, and streamlining the workflow for agents, brokers and call center representatives.

Additionally, we added storage capacity in the CMS Data center. This infrastructure improvement will enable increased processing power as more users move through the system. 

It’s likely that as we move forward we’ll find additional glitches and experience intermittent periods of sub-optimal performance, when the system may be slow or not responsive. Just this morning, due to parts of the system not communicating effectively, the application and enrollment tools on HealthCare.gov was unavailable for approximately one hour.  Our tech team quickly resolved the issue and got the system back on track. The Data Services Hub remained fully operational.

We’ve made measurable progress in addressing two issues:  Improving the user experience and managing capacity shortfalls and volume.

In terms of improving the site experience, the vast majority of users will not experience the slow response times, error messages, and system outages that characterized their experience in October.  The system will not work perfectly on December 1st, but it will operate much better than it did on October 1st.

In terms of capacity, by the end of the month HealthCare.gov will be able to operate at the capacity that was originally intended: a rate of approximately 50,000 users on the site at the same time. This means the system will be able to accommodate more than 800,000 visits a day from consumers who are seeking information, filling out applications, shopping, and enrolling.

There will be times that volume on HealthCare.gov will exceed this demand, and we are preparing for that. If we experience extraordinary demand, consumers may not be immediately able to complete the application. They will be queued, in order to ensure a smoother process, and will experience some wait time.

We will continue to work every day to ensure that every American who wants it has access to these new, quality, coverage options.


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visit hhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visit https://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by George on
What is the GOP doing for you nowadays? LOL!
Submitted by Tom on
Submitted by Deana on
It has taken me over a month to create and account, I did get to get the form fill out over the phone then was able to create and account. The newly made account asked me for my ID# that was made over the phone when I tried to enter it, it would tell me the ID number was invalid. I tried again and because I tried to many times I have been locked out at the at the place I need to enter my ID not out of the system. It tell me I have to wait 24 hrs in fact it been well over that time. All so when speaking to one of you call center personal they do not understand the location of the lockout!
Submitted by Glynis on
Delete your cookies, temporary internet files, and history, restart your browser and see if that helps. Make sure you are using the current version of the browser and java plugin is up to date.
Submitted by Steve on
58 days and counting. That is how long I have been trying to get insurance through the Affordable care site. My phone application first put in on 12 October after fruitless attempts at the web site had to be updated repeatedly owing to spelling errors and omissions by the phone personnel and was finally submitted on 11 Nov. Still no word. But the application number is the same as the old uncompleted web application which lists me three times and can't be edited. Each time I have asked about this I am told they are separate but there is no other application. From what I read on these pages, others can't edit their applications, had to submit multiple applications by phone and still haven't received word. It is only 3 days until it is supposed to be ready again but still can't edit the page, can't start over on the application, can't get an honest answer from phone people and the chat persons can't release any information. How do you plan to register 1 million people by 1 March when you can't even deal with those that have been doing this for two months?
Submitted by Lisa on
Give an answer to people who have an application stuck in limbo. Last night I thought I might actually be getting some where. Logged in same old application came up same questions that were answered come up but a surprise some of the questions that previously didn't not have an answer (even though I answered them at least 100 times but the next time they wouldn't be there) now were answered correctly. Great maybe this thing is actually going to work nope nope nope same loop get to income even though that was answered the first time, can't get pass system down. Today the site is slower than yesterday and I thought it was extremely slow then and now a new pop up leave this page and your answer may not be saved. Rep can't help she just does the same thing I do TICK TICK TICK time is running out and millions will no longer have insurance thank you President Obama... I may have had crappy insurance but at least I had something. I wanted Obamacare to work, for people I know in the construction industry who could not afford private insurance, for friends who have pre-existing conditions, for people who lose their jobs and can't afford cobra and for myself who was starting to wonder with the price increases if I would be able to stay in business and continue to be able to afford health insurance until I am 65.
Submitted by Susan on
I feel sorry for you. Obviously your republican governor did not care enough for you to set up his own exchange. States that have set up their own exchanges are doing just fine.
Submitted by Glynis on
Start over by creating a new account with a new username, new password, and a different email address. Delete your cookies, temporary internet files, and history first. Make sure you are using the current browser version and the java plugin is up to date. Chrome is working the best for people. I would suggest deleting cookies each time before you login. Don't use a wifi connection because any interruption in the signal causes it to crash.
Submitted by John L on
Every health insurance broker every is able to quote multiple plans at their fingertips without all this complication. Private industry has built quoting engines for both individual and group markets. MILLIONS of policies are sold, renewed and changed using existing tools every day. At some point I think many of us on the website realize the call center agents are lying. The system is "overloaded" please try again in 30 minutes. In many cases the website is BROKEN not overloaded! I know the government can only think in terms of torturing people by making them enter and re-enter data a million times. But many poor clients can not repeatedly take off days from work. To take a day off from work to deal with the total BS that this site is impacts their families DIRECTLY. I was tremendously excited about the potential of this program. But god, does this illustrate the total nightmarish incompetence of the federal government. I'm looking forward along with many others to the updated, reliable and smooth website on December 1st without all the errors, lockouts, and applications getting stuck. After the total pack of lies we've been fed so far I was doubtful, but have decided to TRUST the government on this promise. If, after all this, you mess up the December 1st launch as well, total SHAME on you.
Submitted by Debbie on
Please clarify what processes have been implemented for brokers and agents as I am an agent and am not aware of any new processes.
Submitted by SChealthconnector.org on
I have called in with 2 different clients to have my agent info added- as the subsidy application did not retain my agent info when it arrived last the carrier (NPN, FFM ID, and name). Both times was told t would be handled by the escalation team and the applicant would receive a phone call confirming the correction in 2-5 business calls. So far neither applicsaant has received a followup call!!!
Submitted by Dave on
I get a kick out of the government saying the web site is better every day. To me if it doesn't work, how can it be better??? Just be honest with the people and say this web site stil l sucks!
Submitted by Amy on
I applied not ONCE but TWICE, heard the representative say "Your Application is COMPLETED and you should hear from your INSURER to make your FIRST PAYMENT by 12/15/13... WELL That was 1st on 10/11/13, then again on 10/31/13 then for the THIRD time on 11/19/13 !!!! NOTHING yet and to TOP IT ALL OFF... The INSURER-HUMANA has NOTHING ON ME or MY FAMILY from the HEALTHCARE MARKETPLACE as of today 11/26/13... SO HOW AM I SUPPOSE to have HEALTHCARE IF I CANT get ANYONE who ACTUALLY KNOWS what they are doing ?? Oh and by the way, "SUPPOSEDLY" talked to a SUPERVISOR named "EMILY" who told me to go STRAIGHT TO OHIO to file complaint -gave me a # and they THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS... WHAT A JOKE... so NOW no insurance for my family and myself.. WAY TO GO OHIO HEALTHCARE MARKETPLACE.. FOR FAILING 3 TIMES... I would call that INEPT !!!
Submitted by James Wimberley on
That sounds to me as if the 834 form the website sent to your insurer has errors in it. Humana should be able to find the corrupted file by searching their database using different keywords, but it looks as if they are stuck. So I suggest you try a new application.If the old one surfaces, the duplication is their problem not yours, as long as you only make one payment!
Submitted by Michael on
I completed an application on line 11/8/13. From then to the present time, when bringing the application back up I get a message that application is incomplete, finish app. However, when I try it stops after the summary with a message that the system is down. I have called the Healthcare.gov phone number provided three times and each time when the person tried to complete the app, they got the same message. How can the system constanly be down? I need to complete this application. Please help!!!!!
Submitted by Glynis on
For tips and tricks on how to move through the screens to enroll in a plan and help troubleshooting the common problems being posted here, Google: "my obamacare success story: It was worth the wait!"
Submitted by G on
Don't give up! I finally got all the way through today. I began applying on October 2nd. 9 applications and 5 healthcare.gov accounts later it went through correctly. The reason there were so many applications and accounts was because I had kept trying while the glitches were still being fixed. Starting over with a new account (MUST be a different email than you used before) and all cookies cleared after so many more glitches were fixed, seemed to do the trick for most of the glitches that I have encountered. I expect it to be even better next week. But for those of you with existing "stuck" applications, I would create a new account with a new email address next week and try again. If you created an application over the phone and have the Application ID Number (if you don't have the application number, you might be able to phone healthcare.gov to get it), you can now link it to your healthcare.gov account and see it. I saw this capability for the first time last week. Do this by going to "My applications and Coverage". On that page you will see the following: "Need to find your application? If you applied for coverage with a paper application or over the phone, you can take the next steps online and shop for plans. Find my existing application." Click on "Find my existing application". It bring up a new window that will allow you to enter your application ID #.
Submitted by Ann on
I didn't give up and I've been successful. I enrolled, paid for my plan and received my letter of confirmation from the insurance company that I have insurance on January 1, 2014. I currently pay $540.00 per month for an individual policy. In January, I'll pay $168.00 for a better policy. I am so happy!
Submitted by G on
We were also warned by a Blue Cross Marketplace Advocate in TN that once we selected a plan, to NOT click "pay now" because healthcare.gov was getting "stuck" with this. But instead to say "pay later" and then phone Blue Cross in a couple of days with our information and pay them then. Hope this helps.
Submitted by Anonymous on
You can still get insurance by going through a private company. If you're desperate for the tax credit, it's worth the wait to apply through the marketplace. You still have 4 months to apply and enroll. They're working hard on the glitches. Give them a little slack.
Submitted by Disgusted on
NOT SO! My policy cancels 12-31-2013. Stage 4 CANCER. Now I have only 18 more days to get the website to work. Been trying since Oct 2. Now on 4th application. Same problems many are having: cannot move past View Eligibility Results. Nothing occurs when click the green button. And Yes, I do have Adobe Reader, clean cookies, java cache is cleared, latest browsers (doesn't work in FF, Chrome, Waterfox, or IE). I've wasted HUNDREDS of hours trying to make this work.
Submitted by G.W. on
give them some slack? they have had over three years since they rammed this down our throats. give them slack? they need given the boot! what a joke. this will cripple this country, yeah, give them some slack.
Submitted by G on
We have a workaround for couples who qualify for cost-sharing reduction but are told they are ineligible at healthcare.gov. This is for the situation where one spouse is applying for coverage, but the other spouse isn't (in this case, spouse has medicare). It might also be a workaround for other problems, I don't know. The person at the Advanced Resolution Center had seen this problem before and found this workaround. And it worked for us. He said that when you are asked if you expect your 2014 income to be the same as your 2012 income, to say NO. (We had been saying yes.) And then when prompted for your 2014 income, simply enter your 2012 income. Hope this helps some people.
Submitted by Anonymous on
For tips and tricks on how to move through the screens to enroll in a plan and help troubleshooting the common problems being posted here, Google: "my obamacare success story: It was worth the wait!" or here is the link for the cut/paste http://www.leftinalabama.com/diary/10716/my-obamacare-success-story-it-was-worth-the-wait
Submitted by Donna on
Great info..another tip. My Identity did not get verified until I changed my email address on my profile to the same one I originally entered. In other words, I reentered my same email address as if I was editing the profile to show a new one. 24 hours later I "had a message" which I could not read on the Healthcare site; but, I had a green Identity verified check on my profile.