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Thursday, October 31, 2013

As part of the “Tech Surge,” we’ve added key personnel from the government and private sector, including expert engineers and technology managers. These dozens of people are strengthening and reinforcing the team we have working 24/7 to address the problems around Healthcare.gov.

They come from leading technology companies such as Red Hat and Oracle; and include individuals with expertise on site reliability; stability; and scalability.

Two of these key personnel are Michael Dickerson and Greg Gershman.

Michael is a Site Reliability Engineer on leave from Google. He has expertise in diving into any layer of the tech stack, from the metal to the application code to the people that write it, in order to deliver some of the world's most reliable online services.  

Michael is onsite working with QSSI, the general contractor, leveraging his experience stabilizing large, high throughput applications to improve HealthCare.gov's reliability and performance.

Greg is a developer and entrepreneur with experience running agile development teams and creating better user experiences when interacting with government.

Greg is working with CGI, focusing on optimizing the site to improve HealthCare.gov's performance, and helping the development process be more agile so HealthCare.gov can release improvements more rapidly.

Besides these two, there are dozens of software engineers, developers, designers and analysts, who are methodically working around the clock on performance and functionality of healthcare.gov.

And lastly, as the general contractor, QSSI is making sure there is a coordinated approach to the punch list, and that the experts are being used as efficiently and productively as possible.


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Submitted by Jerry on
I can still not get verified after 6 weeks. I worked with computers all my life. I can not enter a request for assistance. I have talked with operators and with the chat line. I keep getting the same run around. Someone should be entering information bout my call so a trouble log would get started and someone would work on an individual problem. This would show where the problem lies. You must attack the problem one item at a time. They are not looking beyond there paychecks. The longer it takes the more money they make. Lack of supervision is evedint. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was put on hold for 1 hour and 45 minutes and no one came on the line i hung up.
Submitted by Noyb on
Take the site off line and don't put it back until it's completely fixed. And delay the mandate.
Submitted by Warren on
What about the move to single payer that is underway? Notice that 10-20 people are enrolling in Medicaid for every 1 that even gets a quote for Obozocare. Notice that the "reporter" is a Medicare administrator. You tell this guy No, you can't make Medicaid universal, and he just makes his own back door. Same thing on Cap and Trade for CO2, tell Obozo no, and he just jacks the EPA into becoming their own legislature. Single Payer is here, and this is just the opening salvo. If you don't believe me, ask anybody on the "teams" if they believe single payer would be better than private insurance and free markets and see how many will tell you the truth about their intentions. In Oregon, we are giving anybody that breathes a shot at Medicaid coverage as a test bed for the Feds for the massive expansion of single payer that is planned nationally. They don't call it Medicaid though, it is the Oregon Health Plan. Another lie on top of the rest.
Submitted by Virginia Swann on
I'd applied by phone and it says it has my results but once I hit the but it show nothing. What do me and my husband do to find out our options? This is a big concern since it has been so long and can't get any answers by phone or mail. Can someone help me and my spouse so we know what to do? Thank you, Virginia Swann
Submitted by Laurie on
Let me tell you, as an IT Project Manager, that a dozen defects fixed over the weekend is nothing to brag about. I worked for a telecommunications company with a team of about 40 developers, with a total team size of 140, and we could turn around more fixes than that for our small group. This website affects millions of Americans. Shame on you, the team working on the fixes, for your numerous inadequacies. The importance of this website dictates that hundreds of people should be brought in to fix the problems. Speaking in terms of dozens of additional resources is pathetic!
Submitted by Donna on
those of you having problems with the website should apply by phone. 1-800-318-2596. And no, contrary to what Eric posted, it does not spell out a derogatory message.
Submitted by Noyb on
The people on the phone are useless all they tell you is to try the website at 3 AM.
Submitted by Roger on
I am trying to find out how I can keep my existing insurance. The new plans triple my deductible, double my premium and forces a co pay. It would be cheaper for me to pay the penalty and self pay my medical bills.
Submitted by June on
Just tried to start a new application since I have been stuck on the Additional Information page for over a week (the "next" button is inoperable). Now I'm told there can only be 1 application per state and since I can't delete the old application or move forward in it.... Tech surge my Aunt Fanny!! And PLEASE all of you IT geeks: stop making excuses!!! They had 3 years and a billion dollars to get this right!
Submitted by Bobby on
Not grate it's great!
Submitted by Manuela on
I was able to create an account , I was able to compare many healthcare plans and I am almost ready to enroll .I am very happy and excited . Think about the children and people that are self-employ !!! This is grate
Submitted by Mud on
Fair is foul and foul is fair, hover through the fog and the filthy air. Curse ye who steals from his neighbor. Doom is upon you!
Submitted by Ron on
I'm scared. All this talk about penalties of $100's of dollars, inefficient health care, even jail time if I do not apply in time and refuse to pay the penalty.
Submitted by Anonymous on
You're not going to jail if you don't have health insurance. Don't be ridiculous.
Submitted by Steve on
Do they have an official log to report problems. If you call the help desk you get some untrained person who implies that someone will call you back, but they never do. You don't even get a ticket/reference number. This site has some serious bugs. Some of the functionality just doesn't work. I tried to retrieve my application and make a change (i put the wrong birth date in for my spouse) and you cant get it. You can't delete your application to start over. Its just a mess.
Submitted by Michele on
Hi Steve, I called the 800# on 10-22 & was told I would receive a call back from a tier 2 person within 2 days I did not but they did call me on 10-29 & informed me that you can make changes come 11-15. So I am waiting till about 11-17 before trying again so I do not frustrate my self. Good luck hope this helps a little.
Submitted by charles on
Has anybody who signed up via the telephone been told which doctors are in each plan offered? That can be very important info.
Submitted by Beggar on
I guess bringing on expert engineers & programmers is yet another way to "save 3 million jobs".
Submitted by Fred G Sanford on
I wonder how much that's going to cost us? This admin is employing "the best and brightest" now? So are they saying they've already paid 600 million dollars for "the average and underachiever"? So much for healthcare going down by $2500. :( I hope everyone that believed the lies that were told by you know who, will remember this, and make use of your votes the next election.
Submitted by Niki on
I am becoming frustrated with this website. The website lahs after login and crashed when I get to Review and Confirm. Even though tech support has improved, I want to see more results this is a major problem.
Submitted by Christopher on
I called the 800 number and signed up in 30 to 40 minutes. There wasn't any hassles and I got to speak with a real person with in the first 5 minutes. I have never had real health care since childhood and even then it was medicaid. I was ineligible for health insurance before ACA because of pre-existing conditions from childhood. Anyone who wants ACA stopped should remember that Children and the Elderly need this, and if your against Children being insured, you've lost the moral high ground. If you don't want ACA then pay the fine and be done with it, the rest of us need it.
Submitted by bill on
Nice advertisement.. How much did they pay you?
Submitted by Rob on
I set up my account the day after K. Sebilius announced healthcare.gov was ready (sometime in September, I believe). On October 2, I was able to log in, complete the application, get verified, and browse the plans. Since then (or a few days after Oct. 2), I have not been able to log in: every time I hit the login key, the screen refreshes and there is no error message. I can do this over and over with the same result, although if I enter the user or password incorrectly, there is a message that there is a problem with the login, as I would expect.
Submitted by VillageIdiot on
Thinking... Deck chairs... Titanic...
Submitted by Anonymous on
Database is Pirated Software, from Spry Media, UK... Identical source code, with Copyright removed! What kind of a government STEALS software? Oh! A Lying, cheating one!