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HealthCare.gov: Improving the Account Registration Process

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We continue to improve the overall user experience each week on HealthCare.gov, so that by the end of November the site will be functioning smoothly for the vast majority of users. 

As you know, one of the places we’ve seen a lot of consumer frustration is in their ability to successfully create an account.  This issue was identified on October 1 and we’ve made significant progress since then to deliver a much smoother process for consumers. 

In combination, the following fixes are allowing users to successfully create an account and be able to continue through the application process.  We can now process nearly 17,000 account registrants per hour – or five per second – with an error rate near zero:

  • We replaced the virtual database with a high-capacity physical one, which allowed more efficient, effective processing and significantly reduced the error rates, or account registration failures;
  • We’ve optimized software configurations to increase efficiency in system interactions;
  • We added capacity by doubling the number of servers;
  • We swapped out a directory component for another that can process more transactions simultaneously;
  • We improved the efficiency of database look-ups through software changes;
  • And we pushed through a patch release with four software fixes to address users that were having a hard time logging in to their accounts. 

We are moving through the rest of our punch list to make more performance and functionality improvements as our work to improve HealthCare.gov continues.

Thanks to these fixes, people across the nation are shopping for and signing up for coverage. Deborah L., a New Hampshire native, enrolled online for a plan that “will save us hundreds of dollars each month. It has better coverage, lower deductibles, and lower copays.”  She says she “couldn’t be happier.”

To hear Deborah’s story visit: http://www.hhs.gov/healthcare/facts/blog/2013/10/affordable-coverage-deborah.html


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by mahalia on
How is it that the site is up and running? I dont see any type of improvement since I cannot acces anything, "The system is down at the moment" REALLY?! This is thus far so aggravating, I can't go anywhere to be seen, I'm in pain and this is the best the United States of America has to offer me?? Uncle Sam takes my hard earned money without glitches, I just need some coverage!
Submitted by linda on
This has been the most frustrating experience!!! I am an agent trying to help our clients who received cancellation notices. We CANNOT get on the website, were told by the call center to try the website at 3 am... and that if all of our clients could come back into the office they could give permission for us to speak on their behalf. Our home office has over 500 clients...I waited nearly 40 minutes the first time I called...we cannot expect clients to take half a day off to speak to someone...so much for "helping" he economy!!! There is no fax number, email address or even someone to contact if we send them all in!!! It's like black hole...I've been "chatting" and on the call center tonight for over 1 hour, they are trying to help...poor people, but also don't have the resources...urggghhhh!!!1
Submitted by Chris on
lol! 17k accounts per hour at peak speed? that's all?! shouldn't it be about 100 times more than that to have a chance at signing up the 50 million uninsured + the insured who want to go shopping before next year?
Submitted by Paul on
I have Two days to pick between employer sponsored coverage, or something from the Marketplace ? And the Marketplace is offline ?
Submitted by Mendy on
I still get the error "The system is down..." I seriously doubt I'll be able to meet the December 15 deadline for January 1 coverage if I can't even log in/apply!!! And I KNOW how the call center will be. On hold forever. No thank you!
Submitted by Donald on
If HHS CMS would release actual enrollment numbers right now (not in mid November), it would make clear exactly how well (or not) the system is working. If there are a number of states that only have single digit type enrollment numbers that indicates that more drastic measures are needed sooner rather than later.
Submitted by Marilyn on
And I know my comment will not be published because it reflects the reality of what is currently happening to millions of people.
Submitted by Marilyn on
I created my account long ago, and since 10/1 have not been able to sign on. This would not be acceptable in the public sector. I can't even see the details of the plans that I am interested in. When I call to apply by phone I am told to wait until the website is working. My current insurance expires on 12/31/13. I need answers now. I can't believe millions of dollars have been wasted like this.
Submitted by francis on
Thank god I live in Oregon. Oregons system works great. But I dont want to buy anything. I need a new truck not a healthcare bill. Iif I entered North Carolina it refers me to the federal system. WHICH IS DOWN.
Submitted by John on
I was able to create an account on the Marketplace, but due to not writing down the cryptic log in name required ( special characters). I have not been able to get into the system to update and create an application and cannot create a new log in ID due to first name, last name and email address are not unique to one in the system.... ( and the radio button that should send the Log in ID in the clear to the email address doesn't seem to work.....) And no one at the 800 number or the on line chat has been at all helpful, other than try again later.......
Submitted by John on
I was able to get through the application process on Saturday, But I haven't heard / seen anything back from the Marketplace with an offering of policies. When I spoke with a Rep last night they told me that I should expect an answer back in around 2 to 3 weeks not before.....
Submitted by Peter on
Would like to see the "Duplicate answers provided to two or more security questions" error resolved
Submitted by Greg on
Check your passwords for things they tell you not to include such as "?". I changed mine and was able to create an account after trying for days.