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HealthCare.gov: Improving the Account Registration Process

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We continue to improve the overall user experience each week on HealthCare.gov, so that by the end of November the site will be functioning smoothly for the vast majority of users. 

As you know, one of the places we’ve seen a lot of consumer frustration is in their ability to successfully create an account.  This issue was identified on October 1 and we’ve made significant progress since then to deliver a much smoother process for consumers. 

In combination, the following fixes are allowing users to successfully create an account and be able to continue through the application process.  We can now process nearly 17,000 account registrants per hour – or five per second – with an error rate near zero:

  • We replaced the virtual database with a high-capacity physical one, which allowed more efficient, effective processing and significantly reduced the error rates, or account registration failures;
  • We’ve optimized software configurations to increase efficiency in system interactions;
  • We added capacity by doubling the number of servers;
  • We swapped out a directory component for another that can process more transactions simultaneously;
  • We improved the efficiency of database look-ups through software changes;
  • And we pushed through a patch release with four software fixes to address users that were having a hard time logging in to their accounts. 

We are moving through the rest of our punch list to make more performance and functionality improvements as our work to improve HealthCare.gov continues.

Thanks to these fixes, people across the nation are shopping for and signing up for coverage. Deborah L., a New Hampshire native, enrolled online for a plan that “will save us hundreds of dollars each month. It has better coverage, lower deductibles, and lower copays.”  She says she “couldn’t be happier.”

To hear Deborah’s story visit: http://www.hhs.gov/healthcare/facts/blog/2013/10/affordable-coverage-deborah.html


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Ro on
Get a grip people. It happens, there are humans behind the machine and are there fore subject to limitations. Do not let the fear mongers get to you. There is time to get everyone registered.
Submitted by Jim on
Now that my comment went in for "review" I don't expect it will ever be published. This is becoming a dictatorship instead of a presidency.
Submitted by Jim on
It is 10:59 am EST and the web site is still "DOWN" temporarily for technical difficulties. In reality this means (we don't know what the hell we are doing!) that our tax dollars are not only paying for this garbage system, we are also paying for the do-over! Way to go Slo-Bama.....just like your system.
Submitted by Mark on
If we are now on the road to a single payer system as Obama has been on the record as stating, and if this website roleout is any indication of how the federal government is going to run our heathcare, then we are in BIG trouble.
Submitted by Michael on
If someone did manage to create a user account and begin the application process during the first two or three weeks of the website going live, is there account still usable? It seems that re-engineering of the website to solve problems may have changed the data schema to make the older accounts essentially unusable. For example, someone stuck at the identity verification stage, back when then part of the system refused to let anyone through, may be stuck in a zombie state.
Submitted by David on
How often are software components released? How much downtime, if any, does this incur?
Submitted by Nicholas on
Tried logging on at midnight last night system down and still down at 8:30 wed morning what a messed up system. I don't have any faith that you will ever fix this mess.
Submitted by Bryan on
I don't consider replacing the login with: "The system is down at the moment. We are experiencing technical difficulties and hope to have them resolved soon. Please try again later. In a hurry? You might be able to apply faster at our Marketplace call center. Call 1-800-318-2596 to talk with one of our trained representatives about applying over the phone." for the last 15 hours an improvement.
Submitted by Lynn on
Web page is down now. Still trying to view my eligibility so I can see accurate prices.
Submitted by Carol Flinn on
I'm stuck on the eligibility part also. Did anyone actually upload a document and get an email back? I'd like to know the address the email came from. I lost my email. Now you need it to call in to get past the verification process
Submitted by Kathy on
I have been stuck on that since Oct 2nd i have uploaded MY information I have sent it to them via mail and I still have not heard a word. I tried calling and noone can give me a answer they will have someone call within 48 hours guess what no calls
Submitted by JOHN on
Submitted by Bob on
System is still constipated waiting for "verification". Uploaded driver's license 4 times. Sent copy to London, KY address. Still hung!
Submitted by kevin on
just tried to register and couldn't even start. it is 3 am. i don't think there are that many people signing up this early in the morning.
Submitted by Nick on
It is still not possible to log on with an account created before October 1 in the pre-registration phase. When a user tries to log on with such an account, she is being returned to the logon screen without any error message or hint of the problem. Why have you not addressed or at least acknowledged this issue?
Submitted by Peter on
I have the exact same problem!!! I too created my account before Oct 1st. As of (Approx) 10-16.... I can no longer log in to my account. I keep getting looped back to log-in continually! I have e-mails from the marketplace, but cannot see them, as they want me to LOG-IN first, to read them...But the problem is.. I CAN'T LOG IN!! YES..I hope someone reads this and addresses and acknowledges this ...better yet, REPAIRS this log-in issue!!!
Submitted by Nick on
Did you fix the issue where the the error message on the screen said "Important: You account has not been created" while the actual error returned by the registration server was "Username is already in use", as revealed by Firebug?
Submitted by barry york on
just tell the truth. just how much extra does this cost the TAX payer?
Submitted by Mike on
How much did it cost the Tax Payers when the Government shut down?
Submitted by sonia pratts on
I have been since October 1st trying to open an account with healthcare marketplace and I got no results. I am tired of trying and I badly need a health insurance. At least get an account, I got applied on the phone and said I was going to be called or send me a letter and I got nothing.
Submitted by Robert Crenshaw on
Please check the healthcare.gov Subsidy calculations again to ensure they're accurate. Our organization has several 23 to 30 year old volunteers who earn under $35,000, yet NONE OF THEM qualify for a subsidy to help offset these expensive premiums. That can't be right, can it?!? (Chicago, IL)
Submitted by Kent Lai on
I want application for health insurance Obama care plan
Submitted by jack on
this sucks and doesnt work....
Submitted by Delores santizo on
I need insurance, but I have low income I'm not working.
Submitted by Maureen on
It's down again :(