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More on how We’re Improving HealthCare.gov

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Over the last few days, we’ve shared updates with you on our tech surge and the steps we’re taking to ensure that HealthCare.gov gets better.  Starting tomorrow and moving forward, we will also provide updates through regular blogs and CMS press telebriefings.  We know how critical affordable health coverage is, and as I’ve committed, we won’t stop improving the site until every American who wants it gains access to these new options for care.

Today, we wanted to share an infographic that provides a snapshot of where we are—including technical issues we’re addressing and solutions that our team is putting into place to improve the consumer experience on HealthCare.gov.  Please take a moment to look and feel free to share the graphic with anyone you know that may have questions about the site in your own social networks.

We are committed to continuing to update you on our progress as we improve the site. As always, your feedback is critical to this process. Please feel free to submit comments about your experience, either complimentary or critical, at https://www.healthcare.gov/connect/

Tech Surge Problems & Solutions Infographic

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Submitted by Anonymous on
AMEN DAN! I guarantee that an AMERICAN (Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt) would have donated their services to create a website in order to save America $400 million but NO, let's send our money to a company in a different country with a history of failure!! Way to go King Barak!!!!