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More on how We’re Improving HealthCare.gov

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Over the last few days, we’ve shared updates with you on our tech surge and the steps we’re taking to ensure that HealthCare.gov gets better.  Starting tomorrow and moving forward, we will also provide updates through regular blogs and CMS press telebriefings.  We know how critical affordable health coverage is, and as I’ve committed, we won’t stop improving the site until every American who wants it gains access to these new options for care.

Today, we wanted to share an infographic that provides a snapshot of where we are—including technical issues we’re addressing and solutions that our team is putting into place to improve the consumer experience on HealthCare.gov.  Please take a moment to look and feel free to share the graphic with anyone you know that may have questions about the site in your own social networks.

We are committed to continuing to update you on our progress as we improve the site. As always, your feedback is critical to this process. Please feel free to submit comments about your experience, either complimentary or critical, at https://www.healthcare.gov/connect/

Tech Surge Problems & Solutions Infographic


This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Christine on
You should really have a clear place where people can find out how to cancel their policy if they get employer coverage! I've spent the last month on hold with blue cross trying to find out how to cancel and finally got through today and was directed back to the marketplace phone line, where I was told that I couldn't cancel effective the date my new coverage started. Meanwhile, I logged into my marketplace account multiple times to try to find information on canceling to no avail. Now, I am out $300 for my April premium because they refuse to back date my cancellation.
Submitted by Hugh on
Signed up 11 Dec 2013. Deemed eligible. Selected Anthem Healthkeepers as well as dental plan. Effective date was 2 Feb 2014. Received dental plan premium bill - paid. Never received anything from Anthem. Early March I called Anthem to see where my bill and information was - was informed my effective date had passed and payment could not be made until I had a new effective date. Contacted Healthcare.gov - my situation was sent to Case Worker. This was first week of March. On 5 Apr 2014 received first correspondence from Anthem - informed me my plan was cancelled due to failure to make payment. However, I could use the open enrollment period to re-apply. Sounds OK - however, Anthem letter dated 20 Mar 2014, in my mail box 5 Apr 2014, open enrollment ended 31 Mar 2014. A little bit of a problem. Having made additional calls to Healthcare.gov (BTW - folks are very nice and understanding, but powerless) I was told it was easy to resolve my issue - change the effective date in the system. But I was told today, 10 Apr 2014 that this could not be done. No explanation. Anthem can't do anything unless the effective date is changed. It is my version of "Groundhog Day." In summary: 1) I applied and was approved (have documentation; 2) I want to make a payment but can't; and 3) My family and I will not have health insurance due to no fault of our own. Any ideas folks?
Submitted by Ken on
As of today 3/3/14 it's still a mess. My story: I submitted an online App on 2/6/14 thru the exchange and paid my premium online by credit card for March 1st enrollment. The insurance company Got my payment but not my App. They blame healthcare.gov for not forwarding app. The insurance co. cannot allocate my premium because my account is not setup. They do not admit that I have coverage. Healthcare.gov 1-800# says app is stuck and they don't know why and have said they have forwarded problem to "escalation dept." who will take 30 days to call me back. I'm still waiting!!! You cannot speak to escalation dept. Phone reps are nice but completely useless and powerless to do anything but keep telling you to wait. They ought to all be fired for incompetency including the President. Oh I forgot, he's already been reelected . . . Not sure what to do if they don't call me. I guess I could try canceling the app and starting all over, but I already did that once and it didn't work. welcome to government healthcare...they can't even forward an application those morons!!!
Submitted by John on
i have been trying to get a statement from blue cross for health and dental since late Dec. I was assigned to ARC AND THEY NEVER CALLED ME BACK
Submitted by Michelle on
I was also assigned to the "advanced resolution center" to a "case worker" and was supposed to get a phone call back… it has been two months. This is a joke! I need help as well. When I call they just say that I have to wait for the caseworker to call me back. Meanwhile, we are paying for all our prescription drugs out of pocket. HELP
Submitted by Rene' on
The 'Advanced Resolution Center' assigned me a 'Health Insurance Case Worker' ,( HICW ) on January 27, 2014. They were to call within 2 - 5 days. It's now Feb.7, 2014. HELP!
Submitted by oscar on
What is the phone number to call, to have an ARC representative contact me, regarding changes to my wife's birthday on her application???
Submitted by john on
After filling out my application i am told the websites verification system is down. My application can not be verified therefore my application can not be processed. The issue should be fixed in 24 hours. After waiting 24 hours i check back in 24 hours having to go through the entire application process again. When i reach the end of the application process i am greeted with the same message. verification system is down. this time i call customer support. i am told the average wait time is 30 minutes. after waiting for over an hour i am given a survey about my experience with the customer service representative. I NEVER SPOKE WITH A CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE!!! This whole aca is a sham. How can i get health insurance when the whole process is impossible to get through? I am beyond frustrated with this whole process.
Submitted by CJ on
I had the same problem as well. The government told you that you must apply for coverage by certain deadline or pay a penalty. But the healthcare.gov website does not work, nor does the ACA call center. It is the government to be punished if not doing its job. Congress please postpone the whole ACA until the government can do its job!
Submitted by Bernie on
Is there an actual advanced resolution center. Twice I have had problems forwarded to this so call "ARC" and no response. No one should be told they will call you in 2-5 days when they have no intention of calling at all. I wish If I ran my life/ business this way I would and should be dead. End this shit now!
Submitted by steve on
my brother has been in the escalation department since december and has heard nothing. His son has an emergency surgery tomorrow. Still haven't heard from anyone. It is friggin unbelievable.
Submitted by Joanna on
Unable to get payment to insurer. Application are not getting to the insurer on a timely manner. Too many glitches. Online payment system does not work. There is a deadline and a week has past and no response from the insurer and they cannot accept my payment. Please help....
Submitted by Rhonda on
I have the same issue. I started this process on Dec 30 and I still do not have coverage! Have received the runaround from everyone from the government to the insurance co. Now, I had an emergency which included an ambulance trip to the ER and no coverage! All because I couldn't get through the glitchy system or speak to a live person to pay the premium. It's horrible when you try everything possible for weeks just to get a company to take your money!
Submitted by Daniel on
Does anyone from the Department Health and Human Services even monitor these replies, or are we just all frustrated citizens who can not get anyone to be accountable for this mess. I started this process September 15th before the web site even opened. Here it is December 6th and I have spent so many hours talking to so many people that I understand how some people finally loose it and go postal. I have spoken with the Advanced resolutions team so often I think my phone number has been flagged for them to just hang up on me. Three calls so far this morning and again I was hung up on. Of course they all say that if we are cut off, they will call back. I'm ready to call and email every elected official and news media outlet until someone, anyone will take responsibility. I even sent an e-mail to President Obama for which I received a response that the his emails were not longer being viewed. PLEEEEASE SOMEONE SHOOT ME AND PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY !!!
Submitted by Chuck on
Waiting to hear from the advaced resolution center to fix the problems with my app. that was taken over the phone, cuz the online version kept locking up. Trying to stay upbeat about this thing, but, it's getting late in the game, and Santa will be here before they call me back.
Submitted by Micheal Nolan on
was wondering if this is the Obama care plan?
Submitted by Zac on
I've applied for coverage via the healthcare.gov website twice, and then over the phone with agents 7 more times. Each time I was told that because of system issues, prior applications were most likely lost, and to just do it again. Called again today and they insist that ALL applications have to be redone due to system Glitches. Asked to be transferred to the ARC team, and they could do nothing. Useless, aggravating process.
Submitted by DELOIS on
I was told six weeks ago I would receive a callback. I have not. How can I speak with a supervisor?
Submitted by William on
On October 13 through the healthcare.gov marketplace I applied for coverage with Anthem. A month later I had not yet heard from Anthem. The help desk at healthcare. gov told me to call Anthem at 855 720-3502. When I called there they told me to call 855 748 1804. When I called there they told me to call 888 266 3016. When I called there they told me to call 855 748 1804. When I called there a second time they transferred me to a disconnected number. 11/12 the live chat at healthcare.gov could not help me at all. They supposedly filed a report, as follows: The Advanced Resolution Center has received your issue and is currently processing it. You will receive a response within 2 - 5 business days from the date of your initial request. Please call back after this time if you have not received a response. Marketplace call center at 1-800-316-2596. 11/22 I called 1-800-316-2596. I got this recorded message: The number you have called cannot be reached from your location.
Submitted by Sherice on
I've been trying to get insurance since Dec.15th. As stated in the previous comment......I've continued to get transferred from number to number without any success. I'm at this very moment on hold for about 50 minutes and counting. I'm sure nothing will be resolved today. I'm very disappointed with this whole process and it's a shame that a very sick person as myself has to sit wait.
Submitted by Linda on
Ditto same thig happened to me from Maine Only to be on hold for more than 20 minutes for each transfer only to get disconnected.
Submitted by Cindy on
Every Saturday for the last three weeks, I have got on line, gone to live chat and have asked for the Advanced Resolution Center to call me. I tell them briefly why I would like to speak to someone there, give them my phone number and best time to call and as far as I know, no one has called. If they have, they haven't left a message. All I want is to get my application deleted and no one can seem to do this. So a warning...do not electronically sign an application and submit unless you are 100% sure you filled out the application correctly, or even want to submit at this time. My present insurer decided to carry me for one more year and I want to stick with them for the time being...I plan my whole day around waiting for this call and it seems to just be a big waste of my time.
Submitted by JoeQPublic on
This whole law is an abomination and I hope the website will be fixed soon to uncover the lack of real choices and the higher cost of the plans. People should stop judging this administration and future politicians based on good intentions and assume everything that sounds good can be implemented or is the truth.
Submitted by Candy on
There are issues in the filing of phone applications. I submitted one several weeks ago and was unable to get answers from Marketplace reps and management as to the status of my application, when I would get "the mailing" they promised, what it would contain, etc. Bottom line they could tell me nothing. Further they told me The Advanced Resolutions Center (the escalation department) are the only ones who can answer my questions. And by the way, you can only get to that department if the Marketplace representative places a notation in your record for them to call you. And then they get 2 business days (Saturday, Sunday and holidays are not business days). They do not volunteer the existence of The Advanced Resolutions Center either. I learned of it b/c of the technical issues I was having with my account. Further there is problem with reaching this department. If you fail to answer the phone when they call you supposedly within the 48 business hours, they tell you to call from the phone number they called you on and that the Marketplace phone system will automatically direct your call to the Advanced Resolutions Center. Well, that automatic direction to them does not work. Four times I called and not one time was the called directed to The Advanced Resolutions Center. Further, even though the Resolutions Center told me to call them back (the system was unstable and so they were unable to help me) and that the system was so supposedly so notated, it was not notated and I was told I had to start all over. I was to receive my call back and never did. I had to call them again. Bottom line these systems too are broken and the Marketplace representatives are not armed with information to help you with the status of your "paper" or phone application.
Submitted by Bob on
I think I would really enjoy it if this whole thing collapsed under its own weight. It is too ponderous and too reliant on Government control. That cannot be a good thing.