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Continued Improvements to HealthCare.gov

Monday, October 28, 2013

CMS is working through the punch list of items to improve the HealthCare.gov marketplace functionality. 

This weekend, Terremark, the company that operates the data center that hosts the HealthCare.gov website and the Data Services Hub, experienced a failure in a networking component that brought down network connectivity to the site, and other web sites as well.  We are pleased to say that Terremark resolved their outage issues last night, and as of 7:00 AM this morning, the Data Services Hub is functioning smoothly.  We continue to test one piece of the system impacted by the outage and are working as quickly as possible to allow consumers to again access the online application and enrollment tools on HealthCare.gov.

Working over the weekend with its new management structure in place the tech team has put into place fixes to address performance and functionality and will continue to make progress each week.  This nerve center for technical operations is diagnosing problems and making quick decisions with developers and vendors to analyze, troubleshoot, prioritize and resolve issues in real time.

This team has put in place enhanced monitoring and instrumentation tools for HealthCare.gov -- providing us with data that enables us to get a high level picture of what's going on in the Marketplace application and enrollment process.  We are now better able to see how quickly pages are responding, and measure how changes improve a user's experience on the site.  We’re also getting information on which parts of the application are causing the most errors--enabling us to prioritize what we fix next.

The following items were recently released into production in order to improve the user experience:

  1. We’ve tuned configurations to various system components to improve site responsiveness.  This has increased performance across the site.  As an example, viewing and filtering health plans during the online shopping process now responds in seconds, not minutes.
  2. We’ve resolved issues with how eligibility notices are presented to consumers so that those now display properly at the completion of the application process. 

This post is no longer accepting comments. If you want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act, please visithhs.gov/healthcare. If you have question about or need assistance with health insurance enrollment, please visithttps://www.healthcare.gov/contact-us/.

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Submitted by Elizabeth O'Connor on
You are doing GREAT while being grilled today. The work you are doing for all of us is so amazing! Thank you for rolling out the ACA. I know without a doubt that the ACA will be so wonderful for us all. Keep up the good work. Don't give up!!!
Submitted by Karl on
I am HUGE HUGE supporter of the Affordable Care Act. However, I have called two times to discuss my application to make adjustment on my estimated AGI number for 2014 and was told I would get a call back -- but Mr. Obama and Ms. Sebelius despite PROMISES NO ONE HAS CALLED ME BACK. You need to have integrity with your word -- If you tell someone you will call back then call back. DON'T MAKE PROMISES you can't keep. I understand there may be issues, but you need to have integrity wih your WORD. Tell it like it is and ban the word "Glitches" in all future communications. I am a strong supporter of the Affordable Care Act but you need to focus up!
Submitted by What A Joke on
BROKEN! SNAFU!! So typical of government these days.
Submitted by Donald on
How can we be sure that the information being sent to the insurance companies after someone "enrolls" at the end of the application and shopping steps accurately reflects the choice the user made on the website? Is there any confirmation (via printable pdf ) of the name and term of the policy purchased provided immediately, for the user to fall back on in order to correct mistakes that might be related to failure to transmit the enrollment to the insurance company or due to data corruption in the transmission.
Submitted by Dee on
Users cannot login at 9:00am Wed morning exactly when HHS Secretary Sebelius is being sworn in to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. One would think that there would be an effort to have the system up at this time, rather than providing further cannon fodder for criticism by the committee.
Submitted by Tom on
What about the people who are stuck in "identity verification pending" limbo on their on-line application? How and when will this issue be resolved?
Submitted by Julie on
I was stuck in the identity verification black hole for a week before I uploaded a photo of my drivers license. That document went into /dev/null, ie the bit bucket, - nobody is ever going to look at that. The call number claimed it was Experian's responsibility, and Experian said where is your (non existent) reference number. Then the healthcare.gov call center asked me to read off a portion of my profile where the missing reference number should have been, but it was not there. So I was told "Well that's a glitch with the site then." Great that really resolved things. There is just no path to completion, just diversions to provide the illusion that your application is "pending".
Submitted by Richard on
Let me make sure I understand this, you had 3+ years to develop this website but no one thought of testing the website months it not years before the launch date? Just a frustrated user...:(
Submitted by Anonymous on
The website is impossible to navigate if your having problems. The call center can not help you. They escalate you to someone who is suppose to call back in 24-48 hours. I've been waiting a week now. Even if the website is fixed by the end of November. I have no confidence I will have insurance Jan.1.
Submitted by Dave on
Hey, my application was taken over the phone on 10/3 minus the electronic signature which I was told I would have to do. The application was not properly linked to my account and I have been unable to view it on my account. No one at the help centers or this so called advanced resolution center have been able to help. I am only told that there is a "glitch" regarding the application process and it is affecting many people trying to complete an application. When the hell are you going to fix this????????????????? This is the worst system I have seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by william on
prices on health insurance
Submitted by R. Robertson on
Please be sure put on the front page of Healthcare.gov a daily thermometer to let us know what the throughput is. We need to know what percentage of people are finishing the process that started the process. That's the only gauge that matters. When I see that over 70% of front-end applicants have chosen a plan of insurance, I'll begin sending people to healthcare.gov and assisting those who need it. Before that point, the likelihood of a frustrating dead-end pretty high. Thanks!
Submitted by Anthony on
Thank you for keeping us inform about your progress. I wish the media would report what we are reading instead of hyping their stories or narratives.
Submitted by Barbara on
What kind of security to protect PHI from being compromised have got in place?
Submitted by Don on
WASHINGTON (AP) — Misstating the health care law she is responsible for administering, Kathleen Sebelius has asserted that the law required health insurance sign-ups to start Oct. 1, whether the system was ready or not. In fact, the decision when to launch the sign-up website was hers.
Submitted by Nick on
Where can we submit specific issues? We have some and we are not confident they are being identified. Will submit a complete report with steps to reproduce the issue (software tester). Inability to submit issues has been frustrating so far.
Submitted by Healthcare CIO on
When this happens in hospital and healthcare institutions across the country, and it does, there will soon be penalties associated with it. Please keep this event in mind when you are determining the amount of those penalties. Thank you! Healthcare CIO