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Recreating the Home of User Experience

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is launching a project to redesign Usability.gov—the federal website which provides guidelines, tools, and resources to make websites more usable and accessible to the public. We’re doing this to expand usability to cover new and social media and mobile web design, as well as to engage students and professionals in the User Experience (UX) and Web communities, Web designers and Web content managers.

Since the site was last revised in 2009, the online landscape has changed dramatically. Best practices have changed, mobile experience has grown in importance, and social media has exploded.

This redesign includes:

  • New and updated content
  • A refreshed interface
  • An updated and easier to navigate information architecture
  • Renewed social media and outreach activities
  • A library of templates, resources, methodology examples, and best practices for UX and Web professionals
  • New opportunities for user engagement and information sharing

With these updates, the Usability.gov aims to:

  • Continue its role in modeling best UX practices across all platforms
  • Become a resource for students and professionals to grow and expand their knowledge of UX best practices
  • Serve as the home of active UX conversation, exploration, and learning
  • Provide access to formal research and writings
  • Showcase examples of great UX and the processes for achieving them

As HHS’s Web team enters the planning phase of Usability.gov’s redesign, we want *your* input on how to make it even better. In the coming weeks, we will post a user feedback survey to get your initial input. Moving forward, we will organize focus groups and post polls, as well as request your feedback for designs and features on Usability.gov.

How can we make Usability.gov more useful to UX practitioners and others in the Web community?

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The current site is way too orange. Get rid of the color and focus on responsive design.