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Glad You Asked: Information on Smartphones and Social Media

Thursday, October 18, 2012

So we are making information more accessible on Smartphones and Social Media, how does this help me if I don’t use these technologies?  Several have asked us such questions.


I have neither a "smart phone" or a Tablet. I am 70 yrs. of age and "home bound", I have a normal dumb new cellphone, I also have a MacPro Desktop Computer. I spend all day on this computer doing important things.

Medicare is very important, it is astounding that so called smart phones are being catered to, and astounding to me that now that includes such importance regarding anything Medicare! I did not read that Mac's were mentioned above. Anyone who bothers to even read these comments need to know so called Smart Phones are not safe, and totally inappropriate for information regarding Medicare. So what is coming soon for all of those like myself? As for Social Media, nothing important should ever use the so called Social Media. We are in a time where hackers already are doing well. Social Media for all important things is totally inappropriate.

My mind is totally fine, please get some sense and do not use either Social Media or Cellphones. Your wonderful new plan is quite Scary!


I find the web articles invaluable. I do not use Twitter. It's on my iPhone, but being a baby boomer I have never been shown how to use it effectively. I know technology is rapidly inserting itself into emergency management and public health, but many of us seasoned vets haven't fully embraced it.


The government shouldn't require us to use social media in order to comment on health care programs.

We should have reliably neutral information on choosing health care programs


The mobile friendly updates we’ve made to Medicare.gov and Cancer.gov don’t mean new information can only be accessed on a smartphone. The great information that is on these traditional desktop sites can now just be viewed quicker and easier on smartphones. We have not separated the information by any means. We are working to bring that information to the broadest audience possible, so we’re making it viewable across all platforms. Designing a website so it can be viewed well on a desktop computer, table, smart phone, and anything else in between just means we’re optimizing the great content on that one site for all users. This actually saves the government money by not requiring us to double and triple efforts based on specific technologies.

The same can be said for our moves into social media. Offering “Twitter Townhalls” and Trending Illnesses in Social Media doesn’t mean that this information is only accessible in these formats. If you have a question about bullying, you can still call the StopBullying helpline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Exit Disclaimer. If you have questions about trending illnesses around the country, you can still get that information from the CDC. We are just offering new opportunities to talk with subject matter experts across the digital landscape. This doesn’t mean traditional avenues are no longer available.

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Submitted by Anonymous on
I think your effort to deciminate information to the public has been outstanding! I've have been using many website, government and. non-government, and this is by far the most benificial and informative, I can't begin to comprehend how your team satisfies your varied audiences! Keep up the good work team!