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Working Better Articles

The Digital Government Strategy is confronting content duplication as it applies to websites, but we need to consider how it applies to our social networking efforts as well.

When HHS began publishing digital shorts, recording press events, and holding video contests, it was natural for us to use YouTube. We want to meet the public where they are.

Recently HHS launched a department-wide social networking tool to help employees better engage with one another, and we’ve already seen some ‘wins.’

Usability testing equipment for mobile devices is improving. HHS conducted a study on two mobile user-testing tools and the results are in.

How do you coordinate 18 Staff Divisions and 11 Operating Divisions employing hundreds of public affairs experts? The HHS Center for New Media is here to help.

The HHS Center for New Media is a growing community that connects people, shares best practices, and works together on those social media projects.

HHS is working together, sharing resources, and delivering better services at a lower cost. Find out how HHS is working better, including by how its streamlining how it monitors and reports on the accessibility of its websites.