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Mobile Articles

Are you a physician on the move? There’s a new mobile way to connect with CDC during flu season.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) wants to leverage the popularity of smartphones to help people quit smoking with their new app, QuitPal.

We’ve been building mobile-friendly versions of HHS websites since 2010. Below is a list of current sites that have been optimized for smartphones and tablets

Today we have to meet the public "anywhere, at anytime, using any device." The CDC is at the forefront of this effort with their "one web" strategy and Million HeartsTM website.

Medicare.gov is the consumer website for Medicare beneficiaries, caregivers, and advocates. The site was originally going to be improved to implement a new content management system. Instead, we refined the plan after seeing an opportunity to rebuild Medicare.gov with responsive design.

Find out what health information has gone mobile. Help prioritize this work by making suggestions for which information HHS should optimize for mobile use next.