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Medical Loss Ratio

New Hampshire Request for an Adjustment of the Medical Loss Ratio Standard

The Affordable Care Act allows the Secretary to adjust the medical loss ratio (MLR) standard for a State if it is determined that meeting the 80 percent medical loss ratio standard may destabilize the individual market. In order to qualify for this adjustment, a State must demonstrate that requiring insurers in its individual market to meet the 80 percent MLR has a likelihood of destabilizing the individual market and could result in fewer choices for consumers. This page contains materials related to this State’s application for an adjustment to the MLR standard for the individual market.

A State’s request for an adjustment to the MLR standard is a public document. The Secretary invites public comment regarding a State’s request. All public comments must be submitted electronically by midnight on the 10th calendar day after the posting of a complete State request. When the application is deemed complete, the webpage will be updated to reflect the deadline for public comment on the State’s application.

To submit a comment regarding this adjustment application, please email Please include New Hampshire in the email subject line.

State: New Hampshire

Application Status: Undergoing review for completeness

Comments Due: TBD

Application Materials:

Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in this file. For assistance, please email

This document contains New Hampshire’s request to adjust the MLR standard to 70 percent (received by HHS on 01/12/11).