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Gathering Insurance Information

Under the Affordable Care Act, was established on July 1, 2010 to assist people and small businesses in identifying affordable health insurance coverage options in each State. The consumer information includes:

  • Individual health coverage offered by health insurance issuers,
  • Medicaid coverage,
  • Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) coverage,
  • State health benefits high risk pool coverage,
  • Coverage within the small group market for small businesses and their employees. will evolve over time and begin to include pricing information in October 2010 on insurance available to individuals and small businesses.


Health Care Reform Insurance Web Portal Requirements:
This interim final rule 1) adopts the categories of information that will be collected and 2) establishes the data we will require from issuers and request from States, associations, and high risk pools in order to create the content to be displayed via the website.

Data Entry Instructions and Forms

Content Management Portal (CMP)

Health Insurance Oversight System (HIOS)


The Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) hosts training for States and Issuers of health insurance in the individual and small group markets on data collection to support the web portal. States, representatives of State-run High Risk Pools (does not pertain to PCIPs under the Affordable Care Act), and Issuers are strongly encouraged to attend training on data collection.

Presentation Materials

Letters to Issuers from HHS/CCIIO

Letters to States from HHS/CCIIO