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Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund Operating Plan for FY 2014

Dollars in Millions

ASPR ActivitiesFY 2013FY 2014
Preparedness and Emergency Operations27.98428.029
NSSE/Public Health Emergencies, Multi-Year Funds (non-add)9.3764.950
National Disaster Medical System49.70850.054
Hospital Preparedness Program358.231255.060
HPP Grant (including administration; non-add)357.731254.555
ESAR-VHP (non-add)0.5000.505
Medical Countermeasure Dispensing0.0004.950
Advanced Research and Development (non-add)350.000353.711
Strategic Investor (non-add)0.0000.000
BARDA Operations (non-add)65.00059.782
Project BioShield0.000254.074
Policy and Planning (OPP)14.87714.877
Operations (IO, COO, AMCG, OFPA)31.30431.305
Pandemic Influenza0.000110.597
X-Year Funds (non-add)0.00082.597
Annual Funds (non-add)0.00027.890
ASPR Sub-Total897.1041,162.440

Other Office of the Secretary Activities

FY 2013

FY 2014

Office of Security and Strategic Information6.1186.118
Medical Reserve Corps10.67210.672
HHS Lease Renewals16.13116.131
Office of Global Affairs (annual Pandemic Influenza)0.0004.009
Other Office of the Secretary, Sub-Total70.80578.055

Totals for Activities

FY 2013

FY 2014

Special Reserve Fund Offset415.0000.000
Discretionary Budget Authority552.9091,240.495
Total, Program Level967.9091,240.495


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Content last reviewed on June 27, 2014